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The Megaregions of the US
Browsable map of the way people really live.
maps  regions  megaregions 
22 days ago by jntolva
Planet parts
Nice collection of near real time earth (and extraterrestrial) conditions.
weather  maps  earth 
4 weeks ago by jntolva
Visualizing street orientations on an interactive map
Create polar histograms of any region (cities are most interesting) to see its overall orientation.
design  maps  cities 
10 weeks ago by jntolva
Ancient Earth globe
Plot your current address anywhere on our tectonically-shifting world any time from 750 million years ago to now.
geology  history  earth  maps  address 
june 2018 by jntolva
City DNA paintings
Using satellite maps of cities like Beijing, Athens, New York, and Los Angeles to create delightful labyrinths.
painting  maps  cities 
april 2018 by jntolva
Imaginary Soundscape
AI-generated audio derived from visuals in Google Streetview. Walk around and listen!
audio  google  maps 
january 2018 by jntolva
Google Maps’s Moat
Smart, beautiful analysis of the different ways Apple and Google extract urban metadata.
urban  city  design  maps  algorithmic  satellite  streeview 
december 2017 by jntolva
Radio Garden
Browse a map of the world for radio stations. This is what it must have felt like to be a HAM radio operator 50 years ago.
radio  world  maps 
december 2016 by jntolva
Urban Jungle Street View
The World Without Us meets Google Street View.
visualization  jungle  vegetation  urban  maps 
may 2015 by jntolva
Brick Street View
LEGO textures + LDraw + Google Maps: It was only a matter of time.
lego  google  maps  mashup 
may 2015 by jntolva
60 Years of Urban Change: Midwest
The cancer that is urban highways, intuitive and immediate.
cities  maps  midwest  urbanization  urbanrenewal 
december 2014 by jntolva
Promising mapping of internet-connected devices worldwide.
internetofthings  maps  smartcities  sensors  data 
january 2014 by jntolva
Urban Observatory
Compare cities using ESRI data. Not much there yet, but promising.
visualization  maps  cities  data 
july 2013 by jntolva
Chicago in Maps
Linking for future usefulness.
cartography  maps  chicago 
january 2013 by jntolva
Below the Boat
Gorgeous underwater topography maps carved in wood.
maps  relief  art  underwater 
january 2013 by jntolva
The End of the Map
In praise of imperfect maps.
maps  cartography  error 
january 2013 by jntolva
Do west side streets jog at North Avenue because of the curvature of the earth?
"Here's a city so vast and expansive — and also, frankly, so flat — that in simply deciding where the streets go one must take account of the geometry of the planet."
cartography  mcclendon  curvature  maps  chicago 
december 2012 by jntolva
The Real Reason Cities Lean Democratic
"There are certain things in which the physical nature of a city, the fact the people are piled on top of each other, requires some notion of the public good," he said. “Conservative ideology works beautifully in the suburbs, because it makes sense spatially."
maps  obama  policy  politics 
november 2012 by jntolva
Satellite Eyes
"Satellite Eyes is a simple Mac app that automatically changes your desktop wallpaper to the satellite view of where you are, right now."
aerial  maps  desktop  wallpaper  mac 
june 2012 by jntolva
BBC - Dimensions - Cities in History
Compare ancient cities to any modern location. Many other comparisons as well.
urban  comparison  maps 
september 2011 by jntolva
"Ties historical photos to Google Maps, allowing you to tour familiar streets to see how they appeared in the past."
history  photography  maps  photos 
april 2011 by jntolva
Growth Rings – Maps Of U.S. Population Change, 2000-2010
That "tiny, resurgent dot of blue" is my family and many like us.
maps  census  data  visualization  urban 
april 2011 by jntolva
Website that tells you what you are looking at outside the airplane window. WOW!
airplane  maps  view  aerial 
march 2011 by jntolva
River Maps « somethingaboutmaps
I'm a sucker for London Underground-inspired maps, I admit it.
maps  visualization  geography  river 
february 2011 by jntolva
World Family Names
Plot distribution of surnames geographically. Lo-fi genographic migration mapping!
maps  names  genealogy  visualization 
february 2011 by jntolva
It's a Dog-nosed World: Accidental Cartography Revisited
Things that look like maps. My favorite is the world map in beer suds.
geography  maps  found 
january 2011 by jntolva
Mapnificent - Dynamic Public Transport Travel Time Maps
Give it an address and a time limit and it will show you a polygon of precisely how far you can get via public transportation from the  point of origin. Amazingly useful.
maps  transit  radius  time 
december 2010 by jntolva
BBC - Dimensions
Overlay everything from environmental disaster footprints to the space shuttle runway on modern locations to get a sense of scale.
size  place  scale  maps 
december 2010 by jntolva
Cartographic Tales of Chicago History
Dennis is one of the most engaging speakers on Chicago history out there. All delivered through the lens of maps. Really fantastic.
chicago  maps  history 
september 2010 by jntolva
"An interactive map composed of multiple freely available, community-generated data sources." Read that last part again and you'll understand what makes these so special.
cartography  crowdsourcing  data  experimental  maps 
august 2010 by jntolva
Locals and Tourists
Fascinating visualization that plots photos taken by city locals versus photos taken by tourists.
density  geotag  locals  tourists  visualisation  maps  city 
june 2010 by jntolva
Using Flickr Geotags to Map the World's Cities | Fast Company
I'll admit I am sucker for this kind of visualization. But it is so right: the city mapped by how it is used for a particular purpose.
flickr  infographics  maps  geo  gps  visualization 
may 2010 by jntolva
"Tired of driving around looking for tennis courts in your town? TennisMaps uses satellite images to find them for you."
maps  mashup  tennis  satellite 
january 2010 by jntolva
SourceMap - Open Supply Chains
What a great site. At scale this will be indispensable for proving/disproving a product's claims to sustainability.
visualization  maps  technology  green  sustainability  environment  supply 
december 2009 by jntolva
The Mannahatta Project
Amazing reconstruction of the island of Manhattan circa 1609 with variable-transparency overlay of the current cityscape.
history  maps  nyc  visualization  geography 
september 2009 by jntolva
Bike path routing. Nice.
chicago  bike  maps  cycling  commute 
august 2009 by jntolva
What’s On Earth Tonight? « Strange Maps
Poor Formalhaut, they only JUST got Punky Brewster.
maps  space  time 
july 2009 by jntolva
Album Covers Map
Iconic album art plotted on a world map by where the photos were taken.
music  maps  photos  covers  art 
july 2009 by jntolva
Here & There, a horizonless projection map of Manhattan
Wonderful, detailed exploration of the ideas behind this work.
design  reading  maps  map  projection 
may 2009 by jntolva
Map Room Beer School
Mashing, maps, and nothing at all to do with the Interweb.
chicago  beer  maps  bar 
december 2008 by jntolva
Street With A View
Google's Street View as performance art.
street  storytelling  project  performance  maps  googlemaps 
november 2008 by jntolva
GeoCommons Maker!
Promising DIY map service will lots of cool data ready to go.
visualization  tools  maps  map  mashup 
october 2008 by jntolva
Nice timeline integration with Google Maps for reporting incidents of violence in Kenya.
geo  google  maps  africa  violence  election 
may 2008 by jntolva
CTA teams with Google Transit for map-based trip planner
Jeez, that was about as timely as the Brown Line. Welcome to 2006, CTA.
cta  chicago  transit  L  google  maps 
april 2008 by jntolva
Google Sky
Well, there goes the weekend. (Waiting for Maps integration so I can plot my route to Alpha Centauri ...)
google  maps  constellations  space 
march 2008 by jntolva
Searching data by geographic area
A little behind-the-scenes from teammate Rob Smart on the Meedan project.
meedan  maps  data  polygon  tool 
march 2008 by jntolva
Our Dumb World | The Onion
Now an annotated Google Map and Earth layer. A new country is "featured" each week. Hilarious.
onion  maps  humor  earth  mashup 
december 2007 by jntolva
Forgotten Chicago
Bookmarked so I don't, you know, forget.
chicago  history  past  maps 
november 2007 by jntolva
Google Stalker
Naturally, now that Chicago has Google Streetview images integrated into its maps, there's this handy site cataloging all the people the photo van also captured. A street-based portrait of summer in the city.
Chicago  google  maps 
october 2007 by jntolva
Tetris, but with US states. Not as easy as it seems. Blasted western quadrilaterals! Try Africa too.
games  geography  maps  usa 
september 2007 by jntolva
Festival of Maps - Chicago
Wow, several dozen institutions participating in an mega-exhibit of maps and such. But how to find it all?
Chicago  maps  Cartography  museum 
august 2007 by jntolva
Walk Score
How walkable is your house? (Our home is 83/100.)
street  urbanism  environment  walking  maps 
august 2007 by jntolva
Million Marker Map
Really smart overlay on Google Maps that allows you to "spray paint" an area and receive far more plotted data points than the normal app could give. Try it.
googlemaps  maps  flash  mashup 
july 2007 by jntolva
Google Maps Street View
Miss A9.com's block-by-block photo integration with their maps? I know I do. Or rather, did. Google takes it to the next level (of course).
maps  streetlevel  tour 
may 2007 by jntolva
Google Book Search meets Google Maps
Navigate "places mentioned in this book." Alas, only works for real places.
Google  maps  travel  books 
january 2007 by jntolva
Flickr adds geotagging
The inline context map pop-up is particularly nice.
flickr  geotagging  maps 
august 2006 by jntolva
CTA + Google Maps redesigned
L lines are now accurate at all city-level resolutions and stops include "find near this station" function. Lovely!
chicago  cta  maps 
july 2006 by jntolva
The New York Society for Acoustic Ecology (!) lets map-wanderers explore NYC aurally. Nicely done.
mashup  maps  audio 
july 2006 by jntolva
Navigate Google Maps by tilting your ThinkPad
Will fun with onboard accelerometers ever end? (But where's the MacBook version of this?)
thinkpad  google  maps 
june 2006 by jntolva
This "geographic text browser" parses literary works for geographic references and plots them all on a map.
literature  maps  geography  visualization 
june 2006 by jntolva
For those times when you forget your GPS watch ... or you're running exclusively in tunnels.
running  maps 
april 2006 by jntolva
Fully customizable map creation with sharing, annotation, and other compliant buzzwords.
maps  google  travel 
february 2006 by jntolva
Boundaries of the Contiguous United States
Cool animation showing the evolution of the manmade and disputed boundaries that give us the US puzzle.
USA  maps 
february 2006 by jntolva
China map lays claim to Americas
Or at least may show that Zheng He did in fact make it that far east in the 15th century.
history  china  maps 
january 2006 by jntolva
Chicago Bar Specials
Perhaps the best google maps mashup thus far. Where was this when I was in college?
maps  google  chicago  drinks  drinking 
december 2005 by jntolva
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