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The Music in Speech — Twenty Thousand Hertz
Great dive into the musicality of speech. Reminds me of the theory that language actually began sung, not spoken.
music  language  tonality 
april 2018 by jntolva
It's a crash. Not an accident.
"Planes don’t have accidents. They crash. Cranes don’t have accidents. They collapse. And as a society, we expect answers and solutions."
language  vision  zero  cars  accident  crash 
march 2018 by jntolva
How Capicola Became Gabagool: The Italian New Jersey Accent, Explained
"How can someone who doesn’t speak the language possibly have an regional accent?"
language  italian  dialect  southern 
november 2015 by jntolva
Where people speak Italian in America and what that means for pizza
"... to the extent that pizza skill follows the customer base, I'm intrigued."
italian  america  pizza  language 
august 2013 by jntolva
The Geography of Chicago's Second Languages
Fourth most frequently spoken second language? Tagalog. Kawili-wili!
chicago  language  map 
january 2013 by jntolva
"With algorithms subtle and discrete /
I seek iambic writings to retweet."
language  poetry  twitter 
march 2012 by jntolva
English Pronunciation | The Poke
"If you can pronounce correctly every word in this poem, you will be speaking English better than 90% of the native English speakers in the world."
poetry  pronunciation  english  language 
january 2012 by jntolva
I Was an Under-Age Semiotician - NYTimes.com
Steven Johnson, seemingly writing about my education and career arc (minus, you know, being Steven Johnson).
semiotics  literature  language  computers  media 
october 2011 by jntolva
Did you know that there is a programming language that uses MIDI files as source code? Now you do.
music  programming  language  sound  midi 
march 2011 by jntolva
A Very Data Christmas « Zero Intelligence Agents
Info vis showing the prevalence of words from Christmas carols used in everyday speech on Twitter.
ngram  google  christmas  language 
december 2010 by jntolva
Midwest phrase: "Come with"
I remember saying this to my freshman roommate from Georgia. He looked at me waiting for the object of the preposition. I walked out.
language  regional  words  midwest 
december 2010 by jntolva
My challenge to you: only speak like a human at work
"So try an experiment. For the next seven days, go monolingual and speak only human at work. Don’t say anything to your boss, your staff, your teammate, your supplier or your customer that you wouldn’t say to your spouse or your friend."
business  language  bizspeak 
july 2010 by jntolva
Colonoscopy: It’s Time to Check Your Colons
One of my favorite punctuation devices has gone mainstream.
english  grammar  language  punctuation  writing 
july 2010 by jntolva
Top 40 Chicago Words—Our Contributions to the English Language
My faves: Dopp kit, hootchy-kootchy, house (music genre), and -- best of all -- asswipe.
language  linguistics  words  English  Chicago  neologism 
june 2010 by jntolva
Unsuck It
This phrase thesaurus is for first step in detaching from the hive mind of corporate lingo.
bizspeak  lingo  language 
may 2010 by jntolva
All Sorts - a linguistic experiment
Coin your own collective noun, such as "a clot of vampires" or "a romero of zombies".
collectivenouns  english  language 
october 2009 by jntolva
List of Words it is NOT ok to ever say.
Prohibited words at a convo, at a tweetup, or even on staycation.
humor  funny  language  writing  internet 
october 2009 by jntolva
The Phrase Net
Oooh, Many Eyes gets a new visualization!
visualization  language  ibm  words  analysis  data 
march 2009 by jntolva
Interview Sarah Palin
This is what happens when you can't even understand the talking points, much less deliver them artfully.
satire  politics  parody  language  palin  president  us 
september 2008 by jntolva
Thsrs - The Shorter Thesaurus
This tool should be introduced on day one of freshman comp.
dictionary  thesaurus  words  economy  language 
july 2008 by jntolva
80 Million Tiny Images
Every noun in the English language in a semantic mosaic.
visualization  art  language  english 
january 2008 by jntolva
Multilingual translation site with wiki-style, CC-licensed open dictionaries.
dictionary  language  translation  wiki 
november 2007 by jntolva
Copy Is Interface
What a delightfully retro notion. (Audio available to accompany the slides.) See also Neal Stephenson's In the Beginning was the Command Line.
interaction  interface  language  design 
october 2007 by jntolva
"The half-life of an irregular verb scales as the square root of its usage frequency."
That is, the more frequently an irregular verb (to be, to have, etc) is used the less likely it is to evolve into a regular verb (e.g., the past tense of "chide" has become "chided" where in the past it was -- wait for it -- "chode".
language  verbs  irregular  linguistics 
october 2007 by jntolva
Why is "ass" considered a curse word?
Including an interesting discussion on whether Japanese actually contains language that is naughty no matter what the context.
language  naughty  curse  swear  japanese 
september 2007 by jntolva
Essential Tones Of Music Rooted In Human Speech
For some reason I'm skeptical (don't want to be), but if this is true it is fascinating.
music  language  sound  biology 
june 2007 by jntolva
If you text-message with a normal numeric keypad you'll understand. So book!
mobile  slang  language 
january 2007 by jntolva
Giongo Gitaigo
Huge collection of Japanese onomatopoeic words, but not just for things like dogs barking. Apparently Japanese have sound effects for things that don't make sounds. I love this.
japanese  language  onomatopoeia 
march 2006 by jntolva
Double-Tongued Word Wrester
Dictionary of old and new words from the fringes of English.
reference  language  english 
february 2006 by jntolva
Palindrome Connection
T. Eliot, top bard, notes putrid tang emanating, is sad. I'd assign it a name: gnat dirt upset on drab pot-toilet.
palindrome  language 
january 2006 by jntolva
b z z z p e e k
Onomatopoeia around the world. (Is the French cow ill?)
onomatopoeia  language  world 
july 2005 by jntolva
Language Is A Virus
Tools and techniques for you linguistic epidemiologists.
language  tools 
july 2005 by jntolva
Ever wondered what all the four-letter words in the English language look like when plotted in three dimensions? Wonder no longer.
april 2005 by jntolva
Biggest security threat is vocabulary?
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may compromise my firewall.
language  tech 
april 2005 by jntolva
Words that sound dirty, but aren't
assonance, futtock, testy, giggling all the way ...
humor  language 
february 2005 by jntolva
The Zompist Phrasebook
An indispensible collection for American tourists (and W's entourage).
language  humor  travel 
february 2005 by jntolva
a guide to written language (alphabets, syllabaries, etc)
language  linguistics  reference  alphabets 
november 2004 by jntolva

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