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Scooter startup Bird plans to fund protected bike lanes
Hard to see how this will scale, though it is the right idea.
bike  lane  scooter  street  design 
10 weeks ago by jntolva
Balancing Bike-Share Stations Has Become a Serious Scientific Endeavor
Including the tantalizing idea of bikes that rebalance the stations themselves.
availability  public  bike  share  balancing 
august 2014 by jntolva
Hacking the City Bike Key
"What if you could wear the Citi Bike key as jewelry?"
hack  fob  public  bike  wearable 
january 2014 by jntolva
Spin class for homeless people atop docked Citibikes in NYC
Gotta pedal backwards, but ... just ... wow. "Bitchin' definition."
bike  homeless  class  spin  public 
july 2013 by jntolva
Cyclists to race JetBlue's 'Carmageddon' flight
I think I could get into a bike race where the Greyhound bunny is an airplane.
losangeles  car  bike  air 
july 2011 by jntolva
The Badger Trail
Bike trail from Freeport, IL to New Glarus, WI (oh, the beer!) via Wisconsin cheese and beef. Hell yes!
bike  trail  illinois  wisconsin  beer  cheese  beef 
september 2009 by jntolva
Bike path routing. Nice.
chicago  bike  maps  cycling  commute 
august 2009 by jntolva
MySweetRide 2.0
She does not yet have her own Twitter site.
bike  jamis  commuter  ride 
may 2008 by jntolva
Funny cycling awareness video from the incomparable London Transport Museum.
cycling  bike  awareness  sharetheroad 
march 2008 by jntolva

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