It's a crash. Not an accident.
"Planes don’t have accidents. They crash. Cranes don’t have accidents. They collapse. And as a society, we expect answers and solutions."
language  vision  zero  cars  accident  crash 
Rotating Moon from LRO
Unlock the tidal lock and watch the moon rotate. Dark side ain't so dark.
moon  rotation  dark  side 
2 days ago
Skin Motion
Get a waveform tat and listen to your skin sing.
tattoo  waveform  sound  app 
3 days ago
There Is No Such Thing as a Smart City
"So what future cities have in store, I surmise, is not a comprehensive, sleek, point-and-click new digital urban order, but many localized, haphazard mash-ups of digital tips, tricks, and hacks. These half-baked smart-aleck cities will require the arcane knowledge that any local townie knows—that he or she considers habit, a second nature. But the tourist and the émigré will be automatically skinned."
city  smart  dystopia 
8 days ago
Tesla is hiring a valet to solve its office parking nightmare
Connected, electric, and almost autonomous does not an anti-motorist culture make.
tesla  car  culture 
8 days ago
Emily Garfield Art
"... inspired by the visual language of maps and the fractal similarity that cities share with biological processes such as the patterns of cells and neurons."
art  map  urban  network  painting 
9 days ago
The Grim Outlook for Suburban Retail
At least those parking oceans are easily re-purposeable.
business  delivery  disruption 
10 days ago
Ruins of Roman military commander's home found in Rome
Super awesome, but not an excuse to stop building mass transit.
italy  subway  archaeology 
10 days ago
You Can Watch 'Jaws' While Floating In Open Water This Summer
This is a fabulous idea. Next I want to watch Event Horizon floating in zero g.
movie  drive-in  float  jaws  sharks 
10 days ago
Is urban theory changing big data?
"‘Analog’ and ‘small’ data has shown us for at least fifty years what, where, and how urban theory can contribute to more liveable, more just cities."
data  analytics  cities  urban  theory 
10 days ago
This gadget lets you scratch and DJ on vinyl without a needle
"There’s also the quirky showiness of being able to hold a piece of vinyl with a Phase transmitter in the air, without it touching anything, and rotate it to create scratching noises."
music  turntables  scratch  timecode 
13 days ago
Behold, the world’s most expensive Oxford comma
The earth is not flat and the penultimate item in a list of three or more items requires a comma.
oxford  comma  punctuation 
5 weeks ago
America's Most Beautiful Train Stations
Here's a chaser to the previous bookmark of horrible stations.
train  rail  stations  depots  Architecture 
5 weeks ago
These Are the Saddest Amtrak Stations in America
Having just been in Kansas City's majestic Union Station this is a splash of cold water to the face.
trains  rail  station  depot  architecture  amtrak 
5 weeks ago
The American Mall Game: A 2018 Retail Challenge
"Inevitably, you’ll reach the game over screen with Jeff Bezos laughing as you surrender your market share. And you thought late capitalism was easy."
games  suburbia  malls  urban  design 
5 weeks ago
Quincy Jones, In Conversation
"When you go after Cîroc vodka and Phat Farm and all that shit, God walks out of the room." This interview is bonkers.
music  celebrity 
5 weeks ago
The People's Choice Music
The most and least liked music by popular listening. Hilarious, actually.
music  likes  crowdsourcing 
5 weeks ago
Sensing the City
Best write-up yet on the Array of Things project.
IoT  sensing  instrumented  urban  infrastructure 
7 weeks ago
Your Candy Wrappers are Listening
Everything is a speaker if you listen carefully enough.
sound  technology  microphone 
7 weeks ago
The Humanity Star
I'm all for cool space projects, but it seems like we have several million things already in the sky we can focus on for commonality.
tech  astronomy  satellite 
7 weeks ago
The Japanese words for "space" could change your view of the world
"In Japan, a building can’t be in Tokyo without Tokyo being in the building."
design  culture  space  architecture  japan 
8 weeks ago
Massive Sea Organ generates music using tidal waves
Poseidon gets an instrument like his pal Aeolus.
sea  organ  music  nature 
8 weeks ago
Badge Reviews
Your conference badge design almost certainly sucks.
introduction  name  badge  conference 
8 weeks ago
Chat app you can only use when you have less than 5% battery
"Die together in a chatroom on your way to offline peace."
fun  ios  chat  app 
8 weeks ago
The Good, the Bad & the Irritating
The psychoacoustic explanation for sounds that we want to run away from.
sound  audio  acoustics  psychology 
8 weeks ago
A Brief History of Music That Doesn't Need to Be Listened To
"What if we told you that Beethoven used the same expository technique as Autechre?"
history  ambient  music 
9 weeks ago
Imaginary Soundscape
AI-generated audio derived from visuals in Google Streetview. Walk around and listen!
audio  google  maps 
9 weeks ago
Gastroenterologist Says It’s Fine to Linger On the Toilet
I do not know why this article was written, but I am glad that it was written.
anus  poop  bathroom  dads 
10 weeks ago
Alexa, open the pod bay doors.
All the more reason for Amazon to allow alternate voices for the Alexa.
voice  AI  kubrick  amazon  echo  alexa 
10 weeks ago
​🎥 Zooanthid porn
The beauty of one of the most toxic animals in the world.
coral  zooanthid 
10 weeks ago
The Battle for the Infrastructure of Everyday Life
"The object of design in the twenty-first century is the city itself."
infrastructure  city  culture 
10 weeks ago
11 FOOT 8
Don't taunt the infrastructure.
accident  bridge  overpass  truck  height 
11 weeks ago
Second Life Still Has 600,000 Regular Users
Amazing that this still exists -- and thrives in its own way.
11 weeks ago
🎥 Hot Doug's: The Movie
Documentary of the beloved encased meats emporium.
chicago  hotdog  roscoe  village 
11 weeks ago
Google Maps’s Moat
Smart, beautiful analysis of the different ways Apple and Google extract urban metadata.
urban  city  design  maps  algorithmic  satellite  streeview 
12 weeks ago
Fish Depression Is Not a Joke
On the mental health of things that swim.
fish  psychiatry  health 
12 weeks ago
Riding a Time Capsule to Apartment 8G
"A few dozen of New York’s passenger elevators are still manually operated,
forming a hidden museum of obsolete technology and anachronistic employment."
mechanical  manual  elevator  NYC 
december 2017
The Dangers of Elite Projection
"The city has this special feature: It functions for anyone only if it functions for almost everyone. "
transit  anti-musk  subway  bus 
december 2017
Rome’s Colosseum Was Once a Wild, Tangled Garden
"Like laurels on the bald first Caesar’s head.”
italy  history  botany 
december 2017
​​🎥 Chicago Pile-1: A Brick History
Learn how criticality was achieved in this well-made LEGO stop motion video short.
argonne  fermi  chicago  nuclear  reaction  lego 
december 2017
The future of humanity
The urge to wander. An incredible short film.
planets  sagan  film 
december 2017
A Singular Christmas – AI does holiday music
"I locked myself and family up in a darkened studio on the top floor at MIT, we turned up the speakers, played every track in a row, and I hovered my index finger over the Delete key. There’s not a single window in that place, but I’m sure it started snowing."
christmas  music  algorithm  AI  generative  machine  learning 
december 2017
U.S.-Mexico border wall prototypes offer chilling lesson in effective architectural exhibition
Taken solely for what they are—symbols of an imagined architecture—the efficacy of the prototypes is that they sound so clearly and so loudly such a profound emotional note. That note is dread.
wall  architecture  trump  bullshit 
december 2017
Years – Bartholomäus Traubeck
A turntable that plays the rings of tree slices.
nature  sound  turntable  wood 
november 2017
Write or Die
"If you turn on kamikaze mode and allow consequences to ensue your words will be systematically disemvoweled."
word  processor  online 
november 2017
The beginning of silent reading changed humans' interior life
Fascinating that a typographical design change might have had such psychosocial consequences.
books  reading 
november 2017
America Rediscovers Its Love of the Front Porch
“On the other side of the door is your private world. Down the steps is your public world. The most interesting parts of life happen in the cracks between.”
architecture  residential  home  porch  public  private 
november 2017
A New Film Looks at Chicago's Flawed 'Starship'
Agreed: rehabilitate and repurpose rather than raze.
chicago  architecture  state  illinois 
november 2017
What the Car Did — And What It Might Do
"Perversely, the suburban lifestyle that the Interstates enabled also gave rise to an atomized, individualistic politics, which soon bred a revolt against the taxation and central planning that made their construction possible in the first place."
automobile  culture  usa 
november 2017
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