An Ancient Corner of Italy Finds the World on Its Doorstep
The unknown corner of the world that is my family's motherland gets a full spread in the Times.
history  italy  basilicata  lucania 
Illusion of control: Why the world is full of buttons that don't work
"In New York City, only about 100 of the 1,000 crosswalk buttons actually function."
brain  psychology  control  button 
3 days ago
The Digital Maginot Line
"In a warm information war, the human mind is the territory. If you aren’t a combatant, you are the territory. And once a combatant wins over a sufficient number of minds, they have the power to influence culture and society, policy and politics."
information  war 
5 days ago
Displaced: When the Eisenhower Expressway Moved in, Who Was Forced Out?
In-depth piece on the consequences of blasting a highway through a city.
race  history  transportation  urban  renewal 
21 days ago
Are Pop Lyrics Getting More Repetitive?
Analysis of the repetitiveness of a dataset of 15,000 songs that charted on the Billboard Hot 100 between 1958 and 2017.
compression  analysis  visualization  music  lyrics 
21 days ago
Phone Booth Coworking
Placemaking-as-a-service reaches parody. Must be catching on!
coworking  humor 
22 days ago
Urban tree canopy data, visualized.
visualization  map  forest  expertise  trees 
22 days ago
The Shot Stats Challenge
This should be required reading for anyone trying to fund a startup with Kickstarter.
tennis  funding  startup  app  hardware 
4 weeks ago
Colorful Language: Decoding Utility Markings Spray-Painted on City Streets
"For those in the know, these odd scribblings provide a unique temporary windows into the complex systems running underneath our built environments."
utility  underground  street  marking  code 
5 weeks ago
Cassette Store Day
I missed going back 24 years by 24 hours. Still love my mixtapes.
cassette  mix  music 
8 weeks ago
Where We Live: A Map of Every Building in America
Classic maps answer questions like: How do I get from Point A to Point B? These data images, instead, evoke questions — sometimes, simply: What’s that?
map  buildings  use 
8 weeks ago
When an AI Goes Full Jack Kerouac
A computer has written a “novel” narrating its own cross-country road trip.
AI  computer-generated  narrative  story 
10 weeks ago
Music sounds better with food?
The theory of matching palates to playlists.
food  music 
10 weeks ago
NYTimes Magazine: Voyages Issue 2018
This is an extraordinary and compelling experiment in nearly text-free image presentation accompanied by environmental audio and narration.
audio  magazine 
11 weeks ago
The Megaregions of the US
Browsable map of the way people really live.
maps  regions  megaregions 
11 weeks ago
1980 Something Space
Welp there goes my Friday night.
lego  space 
12 weeks ago
Planet parts
Nice collection of near real time earth (and extraterrestrial) conditions.
weather  maps  earth 
12 weeks ago
Lain By: Tracking Denver's Concrete Marks
Wondered if anyone else noticed the concrete stamps in Denver's sidewalks. And of course this exists.
sidewalk  denver  concret 
september 2018
Reconsidering Paradise: How Honolulu Became a Poster Child for American Autocentric Urbanism
"Honolulu’s blandness, and Los Angeles’s, stems, I think, from a perverse compensatory instinct. If the place is beautiful, we can be lazy about the architecture. If a place is barren, we must work harder."
city  design  street  planning 
august 2018
Clever Chrome game lets you perform (or mock) Rick Deckard's computer sleuthing in Blade Runner. Enhance 224 to 176.
games  scifi  zoom 
august 2018
Make Any Webpage Look Like It Was Made By A 13 Year-Old In 1996
web  design 
august 2018
Scooter startup Bird plans to fund protected bike lanes
Hard to see how this will scale, though it is the right idea.
bike  lane  scooter  street  design 
august 2018
NASA names crews and dates for first U.S. commercial missions
8 years after the demise of the Shuttle program we're going back up on our own livery.
nasa  spaceflight  astronauts 
august 2018
Evolving Floorplans
Rectilinear building layouts algorithmically redesigned to optimize for X. Very biological.
design  evolution  algorithm  architecture 
august 2018
Visualizing street orientations on an interactive map
Create polar histograms of any region (cities are most interesting) to see its overall orientation.
design  maps  cities 
august 2018
NOAA PIFSC Ecological Acoustic Recorder
Listening more closely to the things and events that affect coral reefs.
coral  reef  acoustic  sensors 
july 2018
Is it possible to save a rainforest by listening to it?
The Tembé tribe is using cell phones and machine learning to detect the sound of chainsaws.
amazon  rainforest  listening 
july 2018
A Brief, Maddening Descent into Collecting Vinyl
Back then, vinyl was the delivery system for music. Now, vinyl is the entire point.
records  vinyl  collecting 
july 2018
Hot Dog! 13-Year-Old Keeps His Stand Open With Help Of Minneapolis Health Department
I love everything about this story, including the kid's choice of condiments.
entrepreneur  hotdog 
july 2018
American Cities Are Drowning in Car Storage
The real value of autonomous vehicles will be opening all this valuable real estate up to re-development.
cars  parking  cities 
july 2018
Autonomous Vehicles: Future Scenarios
This is very well done and well-illustrated.
design  future  automation 
july 2018
Itty Bitty Sites
Entire websites contained in compressed code in the URL itself.
web  URL  code 
july 2018
Ghost Cities: Built but Never Inhabited
And yet, China is building more. This is an urban design problem.
ghost  cities  china 
july 2018
U.K. Plans 'Northern Forest' of 50 Million New Trees
And this is straight out of Richard Powers' 'The Overstory'.
nature  forest  uk 
july 2018
What Petty Nextdoor Posts Reveal About America
Laboratory of the mundane and often close-minded.
urban  neighborhood 
july 2018
Below the Surface
Comprehensive, gorgeous, and informative presentation of all the objects uncovered when an Amsterdam canal was drained. Goes back centuries.
archaeology  amsterdam  history 
july 2018
Ancient Earth globe
Plot your current address anywhere on our tectonically-shifting world any time from 750 million years ago to now.
geology  history  earth  maps  address 
june 2018
I Pine for Happy Joe’s Taco Pizza, the Culinary Relic of My Iowa Youth
I agree with every word in this article. Love the Taco Joe!
pizza  galena  taco  nacho 
june 2018
Flopstarter | A platform for bad ideas
Waiting for the #notallflopstarters hash.
funny  kickstarter 
may 2018
Our data is valuable. Here's how we can take that value back
We must challenge the current narrative dominated by Silicon Valley’s leaky surveillance capitalism and dystopian models such as China’s social credit system. A New Deal on data, based on a rights-based, people-centric framework, which does not exploit personal data to pay for critical infrastructure, is long overdue.
data  rights  city  private  public 
may 2018
Hacker Typer
For mindless computating.
humor  fun  programming 
may 2018
Bitcoin’s energy use got studied, and you libertarian nerds look even worse than usual
This is the problem: blockchain-based systems are thermodynamically unsustainable.
blockchain  bitcoin  thermal  energy 
may 2018
The Short, Unhappy Life of a Libertarian Paradise
There's a lesson for the current state of our federal government.
colorado  springs  government  business  conservative 
may 2018
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