Crochet Coral Reef
"The intersection of mathematics, marine biology, handicraft and community art practice, and also responds to the environmental crisis of global warming and the escalating problem of oceanic plastic trash."
coral  crochet  art  science  installation 
7 days ago
Letter of Recommendation: The Recordings of Pauline Oliveros
"This is what a conference of black holes, isotopes, fossils, ghosts and nerve endings sounds like. Listening in is to be at sound’s most distant edge; there is nothing audible beyond this point."
ambient  music  experimental 
7 days ago
Introducing the LEGO Mosaic Maker
Son, back in the day we made these mosaics by hand. With pieces missing.
lego  mosaic  booth  london 
7 days ago
The World’s Best Urban Gondola Ride
He's right about the Pink Line view at sunrise (sunset too).
L  CTA  chicago  urban  fabric 
10 days ago
Feel the Bass Pumping When You Strap This Wearable to Your Wrist
Um, wouldn't this be better as a belt buckle? Thump right to the gut.
bass  subwoofer  wearable  tech  audio 
13 days ago
Fake Cemeteries May Help Curb Sprawl in Spain
"ANBF has taken advantage of Article 50 of Spain's Cemetery Law, which prohibits the construction of new buildings with 300 meters of a cemetery."
urban  design  zoning  sprawl 
13 days ago
W.E.B. Du Bois commissioned beautiful hand-drawn data visualizations and infographics for the Paris World Fair
“He believed that a clear revelation of the facts of African American life and culture would challenge the claims of biological race scientists influential at the time, which proposed that African Americans were inherently inferior to Anglo-Americans."
negro  visualization  equality  racism  data  infographics 
15 days ago
What if Uber kills off public transport rather than cars?
Never mind the black cabs; Uber is out to disrupt the bus.
mobility  transportation  cities  urban 
17 days ago
11 Amazing Hotels for Book Lovers
Only been to The Library Hotel. My favorite in NYC.
books  library  hotel  bibliophile 
18 days ago
How MIT Builds Cities Using Lego and Augmented Reality
Cool, though the video is realy about multidisciplnary collaboration.
team  visualization  urban  design 
22 days ago
Bohemian Rhapsody Played by 100+ year old fairground organ
This is most beautiful, borderline creepy thing I have listened to in forever.
queen  bohemian  rhapsody  organ  fairground 
7 weeks ago
Operation Avalanche
Surprisingly effective low-budget conspiracy flick. NASA + CIA + AV nerds.
nasa  cia  moon  apollo 
7 weeks ago
Radio Garden
Browse a map of the world for radio stations. This is what it must have felt like to be a HAM radio operator 50 years ago.
radio  world  maps 
9 weeks ago
... is the easiest way to experience online media together, in sync.
media  online  synch  web 
12 weeks ago
Stranger Lights
DIY Stranger Things "alphabet" for communicating with the Upside Down.
raspberry  pi  DIY  stranger  things  lights 
12 weeks ago
Minneapolis Debates Future of Skyways
The equation is fairly simple: skyways kill retail and the vitality of the city center.
urban  design  elevated  walkway 
12 weeks ago
Our New Urban Oases
What a beautiful, insightful essay.
urban  design  cities 
12 weeks ago
The Untold Story Of The Relationship Between Hip-Hop And Architecture
"The MCs served as a voice for disenfranchised communities and often un-consulted end users of public housing.”
architecture  housing  hiphop  bronx 
12 weeks ago
Tesla’s City Problem
"A suburban Tesla is an improved means to an unimproved (and unsustainble) end."
tesla  solar  cities  suburbia 
november 2016
There will never be a better time to save the planet
"By far the most important thing blue-state cities can do is the one that for the last 25 years has proven the hardest: build much, much more housing."
climate  change  policy  trump  america  cities 
november 2016
A Contract for Public Good: Urban Data in the Digital Age
"As citizens, we must all ask ourselves, what am I willing to share to contribute toward a better tomorrow?"
CityFi  data  cities 
november 2016
Apple’s Lenovo
Interesting proposal. Do not think it will (or should) happen, but this strategy certainly was a success for Big Blue.
ibm  apple 
november 2016
Harry Caray’s Last Call
Cannot, simply cannot, maintain a dry eye through this incredible edit.
chicago  cubs  harry  caray  world  series 
november 2016
Why Republicans Don’t Even Try to Win Cities Anymore
"What happens if you abandon the places where most people live?”
city  politics  urbanism  conservative 
november 2016
"Sisyphus in unicode."
The Best Way to Type ¯_(ツ)_/¯
emoticons  typography  emoji 
october 2016
The Scary Detroit of "It Follows"
What urban myths tell us about racial fears.
horror  detroit  movie  urbanism 
october 2016
UK school pupil ethnicity question angers Italy
"Italy is a recent invention and still not entirely complete."
italian  sicilian  neapolitan 
october 2016
You Dumb Motherfuckers, By James Madison
"You assholes only have yourselves to blame."
parody  election  2016  trump 
october 2016
Pictures of All 149 Rocks Stuck on the Tribune Tower
Architectural facade-as-museum. Love that these are now cataloged online. Love the tactility of the street-level pieces. Don't love that some of this is straight-up cultural imperialism.
architecture  facade  materialism  artifacts 
september 2016
500+ years of increasing separation of text from visualization
We're returning to a pre-mass printing era of integrated information visualization.
infoviz  text  imagery  Gutenberg  printing 
september 2016
Kids can build a LEGO drone with Flybrix kits
Reminds me when I would build LEGO spaceships specifically to throw them into the ceiling fan.
drone  lego  shatter 
september 2016
Krampus in the Corner
Seems like this would be more motivational to a small child than the Elf on the Shelf.
christmas  tradition  surveillance  demon  elf  krampus 
september 2016
LA's big plan to change the way we move
"Are enough people in LA ready to trade their BMW for a minibus—even one that comes to their door?"
LA  AZH  mobility  technology 
september 2016
Reeling In the Coral Reef Soundscape
Calcium carbonate cacophony ... for science!
reef  coral  sound  preservation 
september 2016
Worst of McMansions
What Makes a McMansion Bad Architecture?
bad  architecture  mcmansions  suburbia 
august 2016
Solving All the Wrong Problems
"... for most people working on such projects, the goal is basically to provide for themselves everything that their mothers no longer do."
innovation  disruption  problems 
august 2016
67 Years of Lego Sets
Data analysis brick-by-brick. They're getting darker.
lego  data  infographics 
july 2016
This Mesmerizing Video Shows How Tennis Balls Are Made
The labels being fitted on to the plastic ball containers may be the most impressive of all.
manufacturing  tennis  balls  factory 
july 2016
Auctioneer Beats
Cowboys: the original rappers?
auctioneer  rap  hiphop  beats 
july 2016
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