Notyf: A dead simple notification javascript plugin. No jQuery required.
Notyf is a lightweight javascript plugin for showing notifications on site. No dependencies needed.
javascript  notifications  dev  webdev 
november 2017
Search, sort, filters, flexibility to tables, list and more! - List.js
Perfect library for adding search, sort, filters and flexibility to tables, lists and various HTML elements. Built to be invisible and work on existing HTML.
javascript  dev  webdev  lists  search  filter  sort  tables 
november 2017
Siema - Lightweight and simple carousel with no dependencies
Siema is a simple and very lightweight slider / carousel plugin written in pure vanilla JavaScript without any dependencies.
javascript  carousel  slider  dev  webdev 
november 2017
You Might Not Need JavaScript
Examples of common UI elements and interactions with HTML and CSS alone.
javascript  web  purejavascript 
november 2017
What is WebAssembly? The Dawn of a New Era – JavaScript Scene – Medium
Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, and a few other people have been secretly toiling away in a new W3C WebAssembly Community Group, and what they have been working on is no small thing. For more depth, see…
wasm  dev  programming  web  asm.js 
november 2017
Taking The Pattern Library To The Next Level – Smashing Magazine
How to create a useful pattern library that will remain up-to-date long term? Practical checklists, techniques and useful strategies to achieve just that.
dev  programming  designpatterns  Style-Guide 
november 2017
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