The limitations of deep learning
"Similarly, if you developed a deep net controlling a human body, and wanted it to learn to safely navigate a city without getting hit by cars, the net would have to die many thousands of times in various situations until it could infer that cars are dangerous, and develop appropriate avoidance behaviors. Dropped into a new city, the net would have to relearn most of what it knows. On the other hand, humans are able to learn safe behaviors without having to die even once—again, thanks to their power of abstract modeling of hypothetical situations."
july 2017
Coin Dance | Bitcoin Statistics
One of the best designed crypto-currency info sites I've come across.
bitcoin  btc  cryptocurrency 
july 2017
Your Passport to the Metabrain
Venkatesh Rao's newsletter has got off to a great start this year.
internet  neurology 
january 2017
Ray Kurzweil: The world isn't getting worse — our information is getting better - GeekWire
"People think the world’s getting worse, and we see that on the left and the right, and we see that in other countries. People think the world is getting worse. … That’s the perception. What’s actually happening is our information about what’s wrong in the world is getting better."
july 2016
Illegal Math
Like a lot of political discourse, the current controversy over cryptography is fueled by fear, uncertainty, doubt, and ignorance. But, thanks to freedom of speech and a relatively independent media, we can have these discussions openly and educate people who otherwise would never have learned about the topic in the first place. Happy Freedom of Information Day!
crypto  law  politics  math  infosec 
march 2016
Design Principles Behind Smalltalk
This seems like an important philosophical text that I doubt many contemporary philosophers have read. An "object oriented philosophy" must cite this.
language  smalltalk  history  design  programming  philosophy 
march 2015
The Hacker Papers
Confession of a recovering computer addict, from 1980
culture  compsci 
march 2015
Beyond Open Source | Sealed Abstract
Great article that lucidly explores problems with Open Source software and proposes a reasonable solution to the problem. The immediate problem I see is the reliance on Bitcoin, which is not a technical problem as much as an education/marketing/PR problem.
business  oss  foss  software  programming 
february 2015
The Quietus | Features | Tome On The Range | The Third Man: William S. Burroughs At One Hundred
"To concern yourself with surface political conflicts" he said in a discussion for the Journal For the Protection of All Beings (1961), "is to make the mistake of the bull in the ring, you are charging the cloth. That is what politics is for, to teach you the cloth. Just as the bullfighter teaches the bull, teaches him to follow, obey the cloth." When his fellow Beat Gregory Corso asked him, "Who manipulates the cloth?"
Burroughs replied, "Death." Take away that fear and you take away the control.
burroughs  writing  culture 
february 2015
My Computer Language is Better than Yours — Backchannel — Medium
I would hope Google makes Go an option for Android development, but it's out of their hands now.
swift  apple  google  go  programming 
december 2014
The Null Device
did the cold war really end?
politics  music 
december 2014
IntelliBriefs: Lebanon: Hezbollah's Communication Network
8th grade me loves this article. Hezbollah has its own fiber network. Very curious how NSA and their Israeli equivalent deal with this
lebanon  hezbollah  fiber  networks  geopolitics  from iphone
november 2014
The CADT Model
"Cascade of Attention-Deficit Teenagers." As a twenty-something, with ~10 years of Linux usage, the truth of this has become apparent, and annoying.
november 2014
rat traders - art marcovici
"I am now working on a software generating real time ticker tracks in order to put the system to the ultimate test (the real life market conditions). If the performance is good, I will keep the experiment going and either setup an own hedge fund managed by my rats or train rats to work for hedge funds and banks... "
economics  finance  sonification  science  biology  bus 
october 2014
Weizenbaum examines computers and society - The Tech
"the computer has acted as fundamentally a conservative force, a force which kept power or even solidified power where is already existed."
ethics  compsci  mit 
september 2014
Discount – a C implementation of the Markdown markup language
Tool to use to help replace Jekyll with a few very small shell scripts
c  markdown  from iphone
september 2014
How I Start a Go project
Tutorial on how to become a Gopher
go  from iphone
september 2014
You have ruined HTML
Someone states the obvious, well.
html  web  js  from iphone
august 2014
Perspectives - Data Center Cooling Done Differently
Co-locating a desalination plant and data-center for mutual benefit
hardware  from iphone
august 2014
Roda - Why
A routing tree seems like a good idea
ruby  server  from iphone
august 2014
Welcome to nope.c
My web framework is smaller than yours
web  c  from iphone
august 2014
Eloquent JavaScript
Another something to read.
js  book  from iphone
july 2014
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
The book I should read, but reading Zizek on Lacan seems to have a more general applicability.
compsci  programming  scheme  book  from iphone
july 2014
Most complete 'indieweb' publishing platform out there. Also known as Known.
cms  indieweb 
july 2014
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