Find Health and Wellness Classes - Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates
Looks like there are some CPR options here. We should pick one each either in Somerville or Burlington.
january 2014
SDMRM - San Diego Model Railroad Museum
For when we actually get to go to San Diego
train  travel  sandiego 
april 2013
Hope North
This is where Stan is working.
february 2013
Bacon Roses
Do not want for Valentine's Day
february 2013
Ask Unclutterer: Products for processing paper | Unclutterer
WANT this document scanner! Can scan directly to online storage via wifi.
january 2013
SunBug Solar - Solar Energy Systems for Home & Business - SunBug Solar
This is the solar company that LMS is using. They have been pretty great. Looks like there is a 30% tax incentive. We would need to get a new roof first though.
november 2012
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