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Some Recent Fantasies - Ursula LeGuin
Children have no corner on imagination, nor can you limit fantasy to the experience of adolescents. Kids are perfectly capable of reading about adults, and will do so, if the adults do anything interesting — as they do in science fiction, for instance. (Most kids find novels about adults in dysfunctional families with dreary sex lives in the suburbs uninteresting, and by God, they’re right; but that’s another topic.) Also, adults will of course read about kids, if the kids are doing anything interesting — You there, Huck? — The whole idea of YA as a literature apart is shortsighted and arbitrary. But it’s marketing, so it’s a sacred cow. Milk it, and question not.
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june 2012 by jju
YA legal thriller about civics and the US judicial system - Boing Boing
YA legal thriller about civics and the US judicial system from Boing Boing http://boingboing.net
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may 2012 by jju
The Dystopian Timeline to The Hunger Games [INFOGRAPHIC]
Not very informative for someone who's looking for any sort of depth to what's going on in the genre.
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march 2012 by jju
Helping teens become adults
Helping teens become adults from Justin The Librarian http://justinthelibrarian.com
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march 2012 by jju
Are YA Dystopias Secretly Conservative?
And I think there’s something inherently conservative (and worrying, given the age of the target audience) about narratives that encourage people not to participate in the system or to believe that there’s nothing they can do to improve their lives and the structures that govern them.
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january 2012 by jju
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More ideas from my book blog's tag:
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may 2011 by jju
Patrick Ness's top 10 'unsuitable' books for teenagers
There are a number of books that are actually rather better if read when you're a teen, some because they're entertaining contraband, some because it can never be too early to read something so wonderful, and some because, if you wait, you might have missed your chance forever.
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april 2011 by jju

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