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The Cool Gamer Girlfriend, a.k.a. UNICORNS AREN'T REAL — Maddy Myers
I wasn't allowed to be mediocre; I was supposed to be the Unicorn Gamer Girl who appeared out of nowhere to blow everybody away (and then blow everybody).

There is no narrative about a girl who shows up to play games and turns out to be kind of okay at them, and then she makes platonic friends who see her as a person, and then she goes home alone. My mediocrity became a huge disappointment for men that I didn't know in gaming spaces. It was a disappointment for me, too, and it still makes me extra-nervous. Every time I show up and play games in public somewhere, in some male-dominated space, there is some stupid part of me that wants to win beyond all my wildest dreams ... even though it's impossible, especially when people are staring at you. I do okay, sometimes. That's the most I've ever been able to hope to achieve: being okay at games, sometimes.
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march 2015 by jju
Using Super Mario to explain the internal logic of Gothic manuscript illuminations - Boing Boing
Using Super Mario to explain the internal logic of Gothic manuscript illuminations from Boing Boing http://boingboing.net
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may 2012 by jju
The Laboratorium : Copyright and the Romantic Video Game Designer
Grimmelmann, James: Copyright and the Romantic Video Game Designer from Planet Code4Lib http://planet.code4lib.org
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february 2012 by jju

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