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In a remarkable interview, Kellyanne Conway’s spin about Mike Flynn crashes and burns - The Washington Post
As I’ve argued, the Trump White House has established — as an explicit, actionable doctrine — the goal of trying to obliterate the possibility of agreement on the news media’s legitimate institutional role in informing the citizenry, and even on facts and reality itself.
politics  usa  trump  fakenews  2017 
february 2017 by jju
How Liberalism and Racism Are Wed - NYTimes.com
The political framework of liberalism, which promises equality and universal protection for “all,” depends on people to believe those promises, so that racial discrimination, brutality, violence, dehumanization, can be written off as accidental, incidental, a problem with the application of liberal theory rather than part of the deep structure of liberalism.
racism  culture  politics  usa  2015 
february 2015 by jju
Google cars versus public transit: the US’s problem with public goods
Google can feel like a public good – like a library, it’s free for everyone to use, and it may have social benefits by increasing access to information. But it’s not a public good – we don’t have influence over what services Google does and doesn’t provide, and our investment is an investment of attention as recipients of ads, not taxation.
infrastructure  transportation  tech  future  usa  politics  2013  @share 
october 2013 by jju
Federal Judge Upholds School District's Ban on 'Boobies' Bracelets | The School Law Blog - Education Week
A federal district judge in Indiana has ruled that school administrators may prohibit "I ♥ Boobies" breast-cancer awareness bracelets as lewd or vulgar student speech.

Judge Joseph S. Van Bokkelen of Hammond, Ind., considered and rejected the reasoning of the full federal appeals court in Philadelphia, which ruled earlier this month that the bracelets could not be barred because they comment on a social issue and are not "plainly lewd."

"Clearly, the breast cancer awareness message does not eliminate the vulgar meaning behind 'I ♥ Boobies'," Van Bokkelen said in his Aug. 20 opinion in J.A. v. Fort Wayne Community Schools.

The Fort Wayne school district barred the bracelets, which are produced by the Keep A Breast Foundation of Carlsbad, Calif., after a male high school student in 2010 was wearing one when he harassed a female student by repeating the phrase "I love boobies" around her. District officials, which had also confiscated a bracelet that said, "Save the boobs," concluded that such messages were offensive to women and inappropriate for school regardless of their breast cancer awareness theme.
ifc  breastcancer  school  usa  indiana 
august 2013 by jju
Libraries Remind Parents of Responsibilities | Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Although we’ve recently seen this issue arise when a book was challenged and retained at the Indianapolis public library and last year in the King County Library System near Seattle, the Tribune article was sparked by a controversy in the Chicago suburb of Morton Grove. The town’s library is currently running a film series that includes some popular and/or critically acclaimed R-rated movies: Safety Not Guaranteed, the 2012 adaptation of Anna Karenina, and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. The controversy first arose at the June 25 screening of Priscilla, when a library board member in attendance noticed that the employee tasked with showing the film and monitoring the room was a 16-year-old girl. Although the teen’s own parent had signed a waiver allowing her to show the movies as part of her job, board member Cathy Peters publicly insisted that “the majority of our taxpayers would be offended by this hiring.” Throughout the summer, Peters continued to pressure library administrators to have an adult employee show the films. By the time the Tribune article appeared last week, the teen had left the library for another job.
ifc  movies  mpaa  ratings  USA  publiclibrary  teen 
august 2013 by jju
Justice in a 'Nation of Laws': The Manning verdict - Opinion - Al Jazeera English
Manning's sentence is a warning for those who pursue justice in a nation of laws.
chelseamanning  law  politics  justice  2013  usa  whistleblowing 
august 2013 by jju
Hacktivists as Gadflies - NYTimes.com
In a world in which nearly everyone is technically a felon, we rely on the good judgment of prosecutors to decide who should be targets and how hard the law should come down on them. We have thus entered a legal reality not so different from that faced by Socrates when the Thirty Tyrants ruled Athens, and it is a dangerous one. When everyone is guilty of something, those most harshly prosecuted tend to be the ones that are challenging the established order, poking fun at the authorities, speaking truth to power — in other words, the gadflies of our society.
internet  usa  law  hackers  crime  2013 
april 2013 by jju
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