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Is Internet access a choice?
In the end what transpires is that what started as a sort of technological bribery (to borrow a concept from Lewis Mumford) – use this technology because it’s awesome and it will improve your life; ultimately turns into a sort of technological blackmail – use this technology or else you will be ostracized and left behind. Technology triumphs insofar as it can remake society in its image, and one of the things that Chaffetz’s comments, and the reaction to them, demonstrates is that the Internet has succeeded in such a remaking.
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march 2017 by jju
The WELL: Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2017
But, "the Internet" is done already. It had a great historic arc,
but it maxed out on its own excesses and unconfronted issues, much
like the Space Age and atomic power did. Anybody who still thinks
"net neutrality" is the be-all and end-all of the modern tech biz
can go somewhere where they still enjoy net neutrality -- the
flatness, the small pieces loosely joined, the permissionless
innovation, etc.

Go to Iceland, maybe. Sure: go start a no-permission Internet
website in Iceland. Birgitta Jonsdottir will be nice to you, you
might even get fan mail from Wikileaks. Otherwise, it's quite like
building your own crystal-set ham radio. Nobody will stop you,
because it just doesn't matter.
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january 2017 by jju
It’s Time for a Real Debate on Reader Privacy — Medium
... when it comes to access to news and information I don’t think people should have to pay for privacy.
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september 2014 by jju
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