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Forking is a Feature
Great post by @anildash on #OSS #collaboration and the lack of a #onetrueway (from 2010 via @CampbellTristan) #libr559m
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july 2011 by jju
Automation Marketplace 2011: The New Frontier
OCLC has entered the marketing and deployment cycle of Web-scale Management Services (WMS), a framework for automating libraries based on the WorldCat platform. WMS combines the functionality already available in WorldCat for cataloging, resource sharing, and discovery with the capability to perform circulation, acquisitions, and license management, thereby obviating the need for the library to operate an integrated library system.
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may 2011 by jju
Minecraft And The Question Of Luck
Minecraft is a game that makes industry heads spin. Its developer is on the way to becoming a superstar, it’s generating huge sales for an indie game, and yet it's the nerdiest game that has been seen for years. Many insiders have quietly concluded that the game is just lucky-- a non-repeating event, a freak of nature.

If it’s not lucky, then cats will lie with dogs and gravity is inverted. Everything that we think we know, we actually wouldn’t know. The truth is that Minecraft is not a freak of nature. It’s a harbinger of the shape of things to come.
games  minecraft  makers  luck  indie  computer  software 
february 2011 by jju
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