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Censored Genius: Libraries suck at search because books are easy to find.
It would be great if there were a huge keyword and subject / context database for all the published books, but publishers don't seem to understand why this is necessary.

So libraries don't need Google-like solutions.  Unless Google has that index. 

But one magical day someone might.  And then libraries can fold their holdings into it and make searching for infinitesimal facts within books easier.

But don't say we suck at search when all my library's books are exactly where we put them.  Which is a problem because we'd really rather have them checked out.
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july 2012 by jju
"Library search tools. Could we make them harder to use?"
Pattern, Dave: "Library search tools. Could we make them harder to use?" from Planet Code4Lib http://planet.code4lib.org
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june 2012 by jju
RDA: the Wrong Solution for the Wrong Problem
But it is important to understand that with RDA, patrons will find no change in searching. For example, we will not institute a “methodology” access point for scientific materials, long asked for by many, or anything substantially different because the basic purpose of RDA and FRBR are exactly the same as what exists now.

Consequently, when I compare RDA to the tremendous changes in the universe of information that I outlined earlier, I do not see how it has any relevance at all.

RDA does not address the fact that people have definite problems using our subject headings, that people almost never browse lists of names arranged alphabetically, that full-text searching and various types of sorting, such as relevance ranking, are by far the most popular types of searching that people do--even though very few people understand what relevance ranking actually means.
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february 2011 by jju

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