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25 More Pints: Revisiting The World’s End | HTMLGIANT
The World’s End, then, is an attack on the modern world, and a model of adulthood that necessitates replacing authentic youthful companions with corporate ones—friendships born out of career advancement, and the outward signs of progress, rather than genuinely liking someone, and therefore protecting them.
movies  review  theworldsend  edgarwright  2013 
september 2013 by jju
The World Until Yesterday by Jared Diamond – review | Books | The Guardian
A lama once remarked that Tibetans do not believe that Americans went to the moon, but they did. Americans may not believe, he added, that Tibetans can achieve enlightenment in one lifetime, but they do.
culture  anthropology  jareddiamond  2013  books  review  wadedavis 
january 2013 by jju
There's Still Hope for People Who Love Les Miserables : The New Yorker
Sentimentality in art is corrosive because it rewards us for imprecise perceptions and meaningless hatreds.
musicals  film  review  2013  lesmis  melodrama 
january 2013 by jju
‘A Universe From Nothing,’ by Lawrence M. Krauss
And I guess it ought to be mentioned, quite apart from the question of whether anything Krauss says turns out to be true or false, that the whole business of approaching the struggle with religion as if it were a card game, or a horse race, or some kind of battle of wits, just feels all wrong — or it does, at any rate, to me. When I was growing up, where I was growing up, there was a critique of religion according to which religion was cruel, and a lie, and a mechanism of enslavement, and something full of loathing and contempt for every­thing essentially human. Maybe that was true and maybe it wasn’t, but it had to do with important things — it had to do, that is, with history, and with suffering, and with the hope of a better world — and it seems like a pity, and more than a pity, and worse than a pity, with all that in the back of one’s head, to think that all that gets offered to us now, by guys like these, in books like this, is the pale, small, silly, nerdy accusation that religion is, I don’t know, dumb.
religion  books  review  2012 
march 2012 by jju
Hunger Games Film a Child-Slaughtering Time Waster
Those who had been expecting this to be our generation's Blade Runner will quickly find themselves struggling with the same reality that befell those who were once convinced that M. Night Shyamalan would be the next Hitchcock.
hungergames  review  movies  2012 
march 2012 by jju
Review of Outer Veil - RPGnet
RPG Review: Outer Veil (2011) from The RPGnet Reviews Archive http://www.rpg.net/reviews
2012  review  rpg  games 
march 2012 by jju
Margaret Atwood and the S and F Words
RT : Anyone interested in sf needs to read this takedown of Margaret Atwood by in the ...
sf  margaretatwood  essays  review  literature  books  2011  from twitter
november 2011 by jju
Strange Horizons Reviews: Machine of Death: A Collection of Stories About People Who Know How They Will Die, edited by Ryan North, Matthew Bennardo, and David Malki !, reviewed by Hannah Strom-Martin
And while no "Firing Squad" is present in J Jack Unrau's tale of the same name, the way in which he employs the threat of one in this superb examination of geopolitics and white privilege gone awry gives us all the tension we need.
machineofdeath  me  firingsquad  review  books  strangehorizons  nice  backtowork 
march 2011 by jju
Machine Of Death | Book Review | The A.V. Club
While the seed idea seemingly lends itself to twist-ending stories about people who try to evade their predicted deaths, there are only a few of those; more often, the stories examine how the death-predictor machine would change the world. Sometimes the changes are small-scale and sociological, as when school kids form cliques around their causes of death in “Flaming Marshmallow”; on the other end of the spectrum, “Loss Of Blood” contemplates a hideous dystopic future defined by the machine’s dictates. Other stories are more personal, often dealing with individuals’ bleak efforts to come to terms with the machine’s messages—”Starvation” in particular has an unforgettable ending—though one of the anthology’s standout stories, “Torn Apart And Devoured By Lions,” showcases a man who finds his projected fate thrilling.
machineofdeath  review  books  publishing 
january 2011 by jju

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