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In a remarkable interview, Kellyanne Conway’s spin about Mike Flynn crashes and burns - The Washington Post
As I’ve argued, the Trump White House has established — as an explicit, actionable doctrine — the goal of trying to obliterate the possibility of agreement on the news media’s legitimate institutional role in informing the citizenry, and even on facts and reality itself.
politics  usa  trump  fakenews  2017 
february 2017 by jju
Batman and the problem of constituent power | De Dicto
Ultimately, the division between Left- and Right-wing sensibilities turns on one’s attitude towards the imagination. For the Left, imagination, creativity, by extension production, the power to bring new things and new social arrangements into being, is always to be celebrated. It is the source of all real value in the world. For the Right, it is dangerous; ultimately, evil. The urge to create is also a destructive urge. This kind of sensibility was rife in the popular Freudianism of the day: where the Id was the motor of the psyche, but also amoral; if really unleashed, it would lead to an orgy of destruction. This is also what separates conservatives from fascists. Both agree that the imagination unleashed can only lead to violence and destruction. Conservatives wish to defend us against that possibility. Fascists wish to unleash it anyway. They aspire to be, as Hitler imagined himself, great artists painting with the minds, blood, and sinews of humanity.

This means that it’s not just the mayhem that becomes the reader’s guilty pleasure, but the very fact of having a fantasy life at all. And while it might seem odd to think any artistic genre is ultimately a warning about the dangers of the human imagination, it would certainly explain why, in the staid ’40s and ’50s, everyone did seem to feel there was something vaguely naughty about reading them. It also explains how in the ’60s it could all suddenly seem so harmless, allowing the advent of silly, campy TV superheroes like the Adam West Batman series, or Saturday morning Spiderman cartoons. If the message was that rebellious imagination was okay as long as it was kept out of politics, and simply confined to consumer choices (clothes, cars, accessories again), this had become a message that even executive producers could easily get behind.
comics  occupy  superheroes  batman  bane  politics  power  davidgraeber  2012 
january 2017 by jju
Optimism and anger as industry and environmentalists react to pipeline approvals - Calgary - CBC News
The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency estimates that Trans Mountain alone will contribute 20 to 26 megatonnes of new greenhouse gas emissions per year once it's fully operational.
canada  pipeline  politics  climatechange  2016 
november 2016 by jju
When everything is a lie, power is the only truth
That’s where Donald Trump’s lies are taking us. By attacking the very notion of shared reality, the president-elect is making normal democratic politics impossible. When the truth is little more than an arbitrary personal decision, there is no common ground to be reached and no incentive to look for it.
trump  politics  truth  lies  2016 
november 2016 by jju
Daniel José Older: This Far: Notes on Love and Revolution - Guernica / A Magazine of Art & Politics
I scribbled a quote from Eqbal Ahmad in the back of my notebook: “…this out-administration occurs when you identify the primary contradiction of your adversary and expose that contradiction…to the world at large.”
march 2016 by jju
Harnessing Mistrust for Civic Action « … My heart’s in Accra
In his 2012 book, “Twilight of the Elites”, Christopher Hayes suggests that the political tension of our time is not between left and right, but between institutionalists and insurrectionists. Institutionalists believe we can fix the world’s problems by strengthening and revitalizing the institutions we have. Insurrectionists believe we need to abandon these broken institutions we have and replace them with new, less corrupted ones, or with nothing at all. The institutionalists show up to vote in elections, but they’re being crowded out by the insurrectionists, who take to the streets to protest, or more worryingly, disengage entirely from civic life.
politics  revolution  occupy  2015 
july 2015 by jju
How Liberalism and Racism Are Wed - NYTimes.com
The political framework of liberalism, which promises equality and universal protection for “all,” depends on people to believe those promises, so that racial discrimination, brutality, violence, dehumanization, can be written off as accidental, incidental, a problem with the application of liberal theory rather than part of the deep structure of liberalism.
racism  culture  politics  usa  2015 
february 2015 by jju
Why Privacy Matters Even if You Have 'Nothing to Hide' - The Chronicle of Higher Education
For example, suppose government officials learn that a person has bought a number of books on how to manufacture methamphetamine. That information makes them suspect that he's building a meth lab. What is missing from the records is the full story: The person is writing a novel about a character who makes meth. When he bought the books, he didn't consider how suspicious the purchase might appear to government officials, and his records didn't reveal the reason for the purchases. Should he have to worry about government scrutiny of all his purchases and actions? Should he have to be concerned that he'll wind up on a suspicious-persons list? Even if he isn't doing anything wrong, he may want to keep his records away from government officials who might make faulty inferences from them. He might not want to have to worry about how everything he does will be perceived by officials nervously monitoring for criminal activity. He might not want to have a computer flag him as suspicious because he has an unusual pattern of behavior.
politics  privacy  surveillance  ftrw  2015 
february 2015 by jju
Privacy under attack: the NSA files revealed new threats to democracy | Technology | The Guardian
Hopelessness is merely the condition they want you to catch, not one you have to have.

So far as the other argument is concerned, we owe it to ourselves to be quite clear in response: "If we are not doing anything wrong, then we have a right to resist."

If we are not doing anything wrong, then we have a right to do everything we can to maintain the traditional balance between us and power that is listening. We have a right to be obscure. We have a right to mumble. We have a right to speak languages they do not get. We have a right to meet when and where and how we please.
privacy  politics  secrecy  2014  nsa 
may 2014 by jju
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