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Database Trials: A How-To — Library Journal Reviews
Database Trials: A How-To from Library Journal Reviews» In the Bookroom http://reviews.libraryjournal.com
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april 2012 by jju
HOW TO: Get the Most Out of Twitter #Hashtags
The hashtag is a favorite tool of conferences and event organizers, but it’s also a way for Twitter users to organize themselves: if everyone agrees to append a certain hashtag to tweets about a topic, it becomes easier to find that topic in search, and more likely the topic will appear in Twitter’s Trending Topics.
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july 2011 by jju
Online Video Best Practice Guide
$350!? Hopefully I can get something out of the sample/TOC.
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july 2011 by jju
HOW TO: Create a Facebook Engagement Policy
As Facebook has become a primary customer interaction point for businesses, many companies have established formal policies for how community managers and employees should engage with fans. These engagement policies run the gamut from a brief checklist of best practices to a multi-page legal document with detailed instructions on how to handle issues.
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february 2011 by jju
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