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The Cool Gamer Girlfriend, a.k.a. UNICORNS AREN'T REAL — Maddy Myers
I wasn't allowed to be mediocre; I was supposed to be the Unicorn Gamer Girl who appeared out of nowhere to blow everybody away (and then blow everybody).

There is no narrative about a girl who shows up to play games and turns out to be kind of okay at them, and then she makes platonic friends who see her as a person, and then she goes home alone. My mediocrity became a huge disappointment for men that I didn't know in gaming spaces. It was a disappointment for me, too, and it still makes me extra-nervous. Every time I show up and play games in public somewhere, in some male-dominated space, there is some stupid part of me that wants to win beyond all my wildest dreams ... even though it's impossible, especially when people are staring at you. I do okay, sometimes. That's the most I've ever been able to hope to achieve: being okay at games, sometimes.
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march 2015 by jju
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The Tarrasque. It looks approximately like a mammoth, if a mammoth was 70 feet long and had better armor and more weaponry than a squadron of tanks. It's BIG, arguably the biggest creature in the Monster Manual. It's a CR 20 creature all by itself, meaning a party of 20th-level adventurers stands a somewhat better than 50-50 chance of killing it.

But what fun would there be in that?
d&d  tarrasque  3.5  strategy  munchkin  minmax  games  rpg  rules  monsters 
december 2013 by jju
Dwarf Fortress: A Marxist Analysis | Notes & Commentaries
Nonetheless, the game Dwarf Fortress is amenable to a Marxist analysis precisely by understanding its relationship to the central characteristics of the feudal mode of production.
dwarffortress  economics  feudalism  games  2013  marxism  analysis 
october 2013 by jju
Review of Outer Veil - RPGnet
RPG Review: Outer Veil (2011) from The RPGnet Reviews Archive http://www.rpg.net/reviews
2012  review  rpg  games 
march 2012 by jju
Race for the Galaxy AI
Shit! @daftkifty @fongolia I wanted to do homework this weekend, but I also downloaded Race for the Galaxy. #dilemma
ai  games  cardgames  space  empire  sf  dilemma 
march 2011 by jju
Chess Music
For absolutely no good reason, I found myself wondering what a chess game would sound like if played on the piano.

One can’t help but notice that algebraic chess notation maps almost perfectly to scientific pitch notation…
music  games  chess  notation 
march 2011 by jju
Minecraft And The Question Of Luck
Minecraft is a game that makes industry heads spin. Its developer is on the way to becoming a superstar, it’s generating huge sales for an indie game, and yet it's the nerdiest game that has been seen for years. Many insiders have quietly concluded that the game is just lucky-- a non-repeating event, a freak of nature.

If it’s not lucky, then cats will lie with dogs and gravity is inverted. Everything that we think we know, we actually wouldn’t know. The truth is that Minecraft is not a freak of nature. It’s a harbinger of the shape of things to come.
games  minecraft  makers  luck  indie  computer  software 
february 2011 by jju
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