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Literature Is Not Data: Against Digital Humanities
Meaning is mushy. Meaning falls apart. Meaning is often ugly, stewed out of weakness and failure. It is as human as the body, full of crevices and prey to diseases. It requires courage and a certain comfort with impurity to live with. Retreat from the smoothness of technology is not an available option, even if it were desirable. The disbanding of the papers has already occurred, a splendid fluttering of the world’s texts to the winds. We will have to gather them all together somehow. But the possibility of a complete, instantly accessible, professionally verified and explicated, free global library is more than just a dream. Through the perfection of our smooth machines, we will soon be able to read anything, anywhere, at any time.

Insight remains handmade.
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november 2012 by jju
An ethical bargain
Al is a sole proprietor, so when I buy from Readers' Forum I'm buying from a person. Despite the root meaning of "corporate," a corporation will never be able to be the simple embodiment of a single actor. However, I think they can still learn from Al.

The way corporate retailers do this stuff is often quite different. Too often their approach gives weight to the argument that corporations are fundamentally sociopathic.
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june 2011 by jju

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