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Why The Copyright Industry Is Doomed, In One Single Sentence | TorrentFreak
Therefore, as a society, we are at a crossroads where we can make a choice between privacy and the ability to communicate in private, with all the other things that depend on that ability (like whistleblower protections and freedom of the press), or a distribution monopoly for a particular entertainment industry. These two have become mutually exclusive and cannot coexist, which is also why you see the copyright industry lobbying so hard for more surveillance, wiretapping, tracking, and data retention (they understand this perfectly).
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january 2014 by jju
EXCESS COPYRIGHT: Pernicious Permissions Policies in Canada
"Respect for copyright" is not increased by mindless insistence on clearance and permission when none is necessary. In fact, the result is quite the contrary.
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june 2013 by jju
So Many Similarities Between Copyright Law And Prohibition
In the end, Harris appears to come down in favor of a similar solution to the way that Prohibition ended: legalizing the activity in question (and regulating it). For example, he suggests that clearly-defined non-commercial file sharing could be legalized.
copyright  prohibition  law  2012 
august 2012 by jju
The Business Model is Broken. Pay for Stuff Anyway
I said above that we should pay for content and I stand by that. However, I don’t feel that we should passively accept restrictions on the use of that content. For example: I have a large collections of Kindle books that I have purchased from Amazon. While breaking technological protection measures is technically a violation of the DMCA, I’ve learned how to break those measures and I’ve learned how convert my kindle format books to .epub (an open ebook standard) that will work on other devices. Also, while I pay a ton of money each month for a TV package with many premium channels, if the DVR metadata is screwed up (it often is) and my shows don’t record; I’ve learned how to find the .torrent files for these shows and download them.

Respecting the creator’s right to make a living off of their work is not the same thing as passively accepting the restrictions put in place by Big Content. For example, region restrictions on DVD/Bluray discs are stupid. If I want to buy British TV shows, they should allow me to. Back in the day, I bought a DVD player and hacked it to be region agnostic. Then I could buy my Spaced, Black Books, and Long Way Round episodes from amazon.co.uk and watch them. I’ve decided to empower myself to choose when and how I access my media and content. One legitimate use of region codes is to allow content to be sold at different prices in different markets. So I don’t choose to buy cheap discs from the third world to play on my region-agnostic player. I’ve decided to draw the line at using this power to cut through silly restrictions, but not to do an end run around paying the creators for their work.
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july 2012 by jju
How Big Music Threatened Startups and Killed Innovation
An unprecedented new report has detailed how the destruction of Napster chilled a decade’s worth of innovation in the music industry. Through interviews with 31 CEOs, company founders, and VPs who operated in digital music during the period, we hear how Big Music collapsed startups, turned down ‘blank check’ deals, and personally threatened innovators with ruination for both them and their families.
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july 2012 by jju
The Laboratorium : Copyright and the Romantic Video Game Designer
Grimmelmann, James: Copyright and the Romantic Video Game Designer from Planet Code4Lib http://planet.code4lib.org
library  copyright  jamesgrimmelmann  videogames 
february 2012 by jju
Al Jazeera Releases Egypt Coverage Under Creative Commons
Qatar-based news service Al Jazeera has a long relationship with Creative Commons licensing. Now, for its coverage of the Egyptian uprising, it has released photographs via Flickr and video on a CC license.

Available photographs and video are available for free use so long as the user gives attribution and does not alter the products. For the record, all the photographs and video in this post are from Al Jazeera.
community  copyright  egypt  protests  tv  media  aljazeera  creativecommons  photos  video 
january 2011 by jju
See Something? Cite Something.
Consider this reference material for the next time you find an artist’s work on a website without attribution to all the hard work someone put in. Next time you see someone posting something that isn’t theirs on Tumblr or Flickr or DeviantArt or wherever else, let them know what you really think. That they are killing the internet. And of course, every time you do that, the Internet (which, let’s face it, is a kitten) sheds a single tear. And then dies because IT HAS BEEN KILLED BY STUPID PEOPLE.
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january 2011 by jju
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