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The end of the Chongqing Model? Bo Xilai’s rapid fall from office examined. | MetaFilter
The end of the Chongqing Model? Bo Xilai's rapid fall from office examined. from MetaFilter http://www.metafilter.com/
2012  china  chongqing 
march 2012 by jju
Apple’s suppliers are endangering public health in China
G+: Apple’s suppliers are endangering public health in China
china  apple  humanrights  health  report  2011  ipe 
november 2011 by jju
Earthquakes and Complex Feelings toward Japan
However, China’s public opinion doesn’t always match the government’s magnanimity, and there is a debate, online and off, about how China should react to the news of Japan’s disaster. There are those who say Japan got what it deserved and cite the atrocities committed against China in World War II, and saw the earthquake as something to be celebrated, but most people feel that at this moment of great tragedy, we should put history aside and reach out to the Japanese people.

Even though the anti-Japanese opinion often makes the loudest noise online and the best story (as in the demonstrations against Japan in 2005) I am glad to see most people taking a different and more compassionate view.  But I am also not surprised that this debate occurs in China today, we have such complicated feelings and opinions regarding Japan.
china  japan  hate  compassion  culture  history  ww2  earthquake  sendai  wenchuan  government  internet  response 
march 2011 by jju
Schadenfreude and Sympathy in Shanghai
Indeed, as some began to point out on local and international microblogging platforms late in the day, natural disasters -- whether in China or elsewhere -- are politically sensitive events from the perspective of the leadership. This one, like Wenchuan, is increasingly becoming so.
china  japan  earthquake  internet  reaction  culture  2011  nationalism  censorship  weibo  shanghai  sendai  wenchuan 
march 2011 by jju
Shanghai 1990 v. Shanghai 2010
RT : Image of the day: Shanghai 1990 v. Shanghai 2010 -
shanghai  china  urbanization  photos  1990s  2010s  20c  from twitter
january 2011 by jju
China Could Game the U.S. in Intellectual Property
Patents will neither make China more innovative nor will they benefit the global economy. A vast number of China’s academic papers are plagiarized or irrelevant; its government-sponsored patents will be similarly tainted. In contrast to the tiny proportion of academic papers that serve to expand the world’s knowledge base, however, Chinese patents will serve as land mines for foreign businesses. They will allow China to demand license fees from companies that do business there or to shut them out entirely.
patents  china  intellectualproperty  usa  lawsuits  tenure  plagiarism  innovation  libr561  giap 
january 2011 by jju
Online copyright crackdown: Where did all my favorite American shows go? - Shanghaiist
Back in November 2010, the government said it would ban any form of trading and supplying of unauthorized foreign TV shows. We heard that, said "Yeah, okay" and then went back to watching the new season of Mad Men on Tudou.com because well, if it was gonna be anything like the smoking ban, then we'd have nothing to worry about, right?
china  tv  copyright  ban  youku  ku6  tudou  piracy 
january 2011 by jju

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