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THE BLIZZARD, Vladimir Sorokin
SUDDEN DEATH, Alvaro Enrigue
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january 2017 by jju
Foucault, the “Facts,” and the Fiction of Neutrality: Neutrality in Librarianship and Peer Review
Foucault, the “Facts,” and the Fiction of Neutrality: Neutrality in Librarianship and Peer Review
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january 2017 by jju
Off Our Butts | June Thunderstorm
Our lives are beautiful and precious. Our lives, despite what the bosses say, are actually for our own enjoyment, not to make others’ lives easier, cleaner, and lazier. As long as the value of professionals’ lives is not measured primarily in terms of their effects on others, but according to their pleasure, so shall our own lives and value be measured.
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december 2016 by jju
Optimism and anger as industry and environmentalists react to pipeline approvals - Calgary - CBC News
The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency estimates that Trans Mountain alone will contribute 20 to 26 megatonnes of new greenhouse gas emissions per year once it's fully operational.
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november 2016 by jju
When everything is a lie, power is the only truth
That’s where Donald Trump’s lies are taking us. By attacking the very notion of shared reality, the president-elect is making normal democratic politics impossible. When the truth is little more than an arbitrary personal decision, there is no common ground to be reached and no incentive to look for it.
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november 2016 by jju
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Researchers' Final Report for the British Columbia Library Association's Professional Learning Assessment Project November 28, 2016 at 10:26AM
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november 2016 by jju
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