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Who Cares Whether a Movie Has a Perfect Rating on Rotten Tomatoes?
"With beloved films like ‘Lady Bird’ and ‘Get Out’ up for Oscars, why are fans and industry observers still so worried about whether a critically acclaimed movie loses its perfect “fresh” rating?"
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march 2018 by jimmykduong
Disney Ends Ban on Los Angeles Times Amid Fierce Backlash
"News organizations join critics’ groups to counter the company’s move to bar Times reviewers from screenings over the newspaper’s tough coverage of Disney’s dealings with Anaheim, Calif."
movies  critics  disney  disney_fail  fail 
november 2017 by jimmykduong
The Wrath of Grapes
"A band of upstart winemakers is trying to redefine what California wine should taste like — and enraging America’s most famous oenophile in the process."
food  cali  critics 
may 2015 by jimmykduong
The Death of Adulthood in American Culture
"Charting the final, exhausted collapse of the adult white male, from Huck Finn to “Mad Men.”"
culture  tv  critics  scott.ao 
september 2014 by jimmykduong
good tips at the end of his meals
"In his final column, The Times’s restaurant critic answers questions that he was often asked or that he wished he’d been asked over the years."
food  critics 
august 2009 by jimmykduong

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