bad internet in the big city
New York was supposed to be a model for big-city high-speed internet. Here’s how it became a cautionary tale for uneven connectivity.
"When cities don't exercise control or oversight over basic infrastructure like roads, bridges, electricity, or, now, fiber access, they can get stuck with whatever services the private market decides to provide. That has grave consequences."
nyc  business 
18 minutes ago
The Unlearned Lesson of My Lai
"A half-century after a brutal massacre in Vietnam, the United States still struggles to hold itself accountable for atrocities."
vietnam  history  us.history  war 
2 days ago
A forgotten hero stopped the My Lai massacre 50 years ago today
Hugh Thompson
"We started noticing these large numbers of bodies everywhere," he told me, "people on the road dead, wounded. And just sitting there saying, 'God, how'd this happen? What's going on?' And we started thinking what might have happened, but you didn't want to accept that thought — because if you accepted it, that means your own fellow Americans, people you were there to protect, were doing something very evil."
Who were the people lying in the roads and in the ditch, wounded and killed?
"They were not combatants. They were old women, old men, children, kids, babies."
Then Thompson and his crew chief, Glenn Andreotta, and his gunner, Lawrence Colburn, "saw some civilians hiding in a bunker, cowering, looking out the door. Saw some advancing Americans coming that way. I just figured it was time to do something, to not let these people get killed. Landed the aircraft in between the Americans and the Vietnamese, told my crew chief and gunner to cover me, got out of the aircraft, went over to the American side."
What happened next was one of the most remarkable events of the entire war, and perhaps unique: Thompson told the American troops that, if they opened fire on the Vietnamese civilians in the bunker, he and his crew would open fire on them.
"You risked your lives," I said, "to protect those Vietnamese civilians."
vietnam  history  us.history  war  op-ed 
2 days ago
HIV rates rise in at least two US hot spots
HIV rates are stable, but Milwaukee and Beaver County, Pennsylvania, show unusual rises
In September, the CDC reported the highest-ever number of sexually transmitted diseases in America 
2 days ago
Man Says He's Not Dead. Court Doesn't Buy It
Constantin Reliu, a dead man, has been having himself a rough year.
The Turkish government deported him in January for having expired documents, sending him back to a Romania he says he hadn't seen since the late 1990s.
And you can imagine his surprise when, upon his return, he found out he died back in 2003. There was an official death certificate registered by his wife and everything.
"I am officially dead, although I'm alive," the deceased told The Associated Press by phone Friday. "I have no income and because I am listed as dead, I can't do anything."
romania  govt_fail 
2 days ago
Housing official in Silicon Valley resigns because she can't afford to live there
"Even the lawyer and her software engineer husband can’t buy a home in the area due to the intensifying housing crunch that the tech boom has exacerbated"
If they wanted to purchase their current house – which they rent with another couple for $6,200 a month total – it would cost $2.7m plus monthly mortgage and tax payments of $12,177, adding up to more than $146,000 a year.
cali  sanfran  tech 
3 days ago
HGST Touro
"HGST is a global leader in data storage, unlocking potential by helping the world harness the power of data. With a deep understanding of industry needs and a changing technology landscape, HGST is driving data center transformation with innovative, proven, smarter storage solutions that optimize capacity, performance, efficiency and reliability with the lowest TCO. Trusted by the world’s largest organizations, HGST’S storage solutions are everywhere, touching lives and enabling possibilities for the enterprise, cloud computing and sophisticated infrastructures in healthcare, energy, finance and government."
3 days ago
Exclusive: Amazon's internal numbers on Prime Video, revealed
“When we win a Golden Globe, it helps us sell more shoes,” Bezos said at a 2016 technology conference near Los Angeles. He said film and TV customers renew their subscriptions “at higher rates, and they convert from free trials at higher rates” than members who do not stream videos on Prime.
amazon  business 
3 days ago
In the Age of Amazon, Toys ‘R’ Us and Other Bankruptcies Test Private Equity’s Playbook
"The toy retailer is another failure of financial engineering, one that could portend a potentially more ominous outlook for private equity in the digital era."
3 days ago
56 years later, Kennedy's call for a consumer bill of rights is forgotten under Trump
Kennedy proposed four basic consumer rights:

The right to safety: "To be protected against the marketing of goods which are hazardous to health or life."
The right to be informed: "To be protected against fraudulent, deceitful or grossly misleading information, advertising, labeling or other practices, and to be given the facts he needs to make an informed choice."
The right to choose: "To be assured, wherever possible, access to a variety of products and services at competitive prices." And if a market lacks competition, regulations to assure "satisfactory quality and service at fair prices."
The right to be heard: "To be assured that consumer interests will receive full and sympathetic consideration in the formulation of government policy."

Moreover, Kennedy understood that such rights need to be overseen and vigorously defended.
"The federal government — by nature the highest spokesman for all the people — has a special obligation to be alert to the consumer's needs and to advance the consumer's interests," he said.
history  politics  business 
3 days ago
3 Students Hurt After Armed Teacher Accidentally Fires Gun in Class
"A teacher [Dennis Alexander] in Northern California accidentally fired his gun inside a classroom, injuring three students, police said."
4 days ago
In China, a reporter’s dramatic eye-roll went viral. Then searches of it were censored.
According to the WhatsonWeibo blog, Liang [Xiangyi] commented in a Yicai chat group, leaked online, that she rolled her eyes “because the woman next to me was being an idiot.”
china  censorship  journalism  politics 
4 days ago
Seohyun of Girls' Generation (SNSD)
kpop  korea  music  tv 
4 days ago
The One Thing That Protects a Laptop After It’s Been Stolen
"Here’s one thing you can do today so if your laptop is lost or stolen, your private, personal data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands too."
security  privacy  encryption 
4 days ago
"Tip: Insert "pp" after the word "youtube" in the link to download videos and mp3 files from YouTube as a faster way."
youtube  video  utilities 
4 days ago
The Birth of Steph
"When a skinny guard with a magical shot led tiny Davidson College on an unforgettable NCAA tournament run, he altered his basketball trajectory—and the entire sport. Ten years later, Steph Curry and others reflect on the March that launched a legacy."
basketball  sports 
4 days ago
Korean Dramas, Unleashed
"Only the best translations."
korea  tv  humor 
5 days ago
China Media Project
"The China Media Project is an independent research, fellowship and exchange program in partnership with the Journalism & Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong. The CMP fosters dialogue on key issues in Chinese media and communications, and monitors breaking developments in the field. The CMP was launched at the University of Hong Kong in late 2003 by Qian Gang, a veteran Chinese journalist and well-known author of several books on journalism, and Yuen-ying Chan, an award-winning journalist and educator as well as founder and director of JMSC. The project actively encourages cooperation with other institutions and experts working in the challenging field of Chinese media. For more information about the China Media Project, please contact co-director David Bandurski at david.bandurski at"
china  journalism 
6 days ago
Lessons Learned From the Downfall of Toys 'R' Us
"Online competition was inevitable, but debt is what did it in."
toys  business 
9 days ago
Korea’s most promising actress is acting in the shadows
Searching for Kim Min-hee
The Korean actress was poised for superstardom—until her relationship with director Hong Sang-soo made headlines. Have the repercussions of the scandal put a ceiling on how far she can go?
movies  korea 
9 days ago
Malfunction at egg freezing facility affects hundreds of patients
More than 2,000 eggs and embryos may not be viable after equipment failure
"A major malfunction at an egg freezing facility in Cleveland may have caused the loss of at least 2,100 frozen eggs and embryos, affecting between 500 and 600 families.
A long-term storage tank containing liquid nitrogen at the University Hospitals Fertility Center in Cleveland experienced an apparent equipment failure over the past weekend, allowing the temperature to become warmer than it should. As a result, many of the eggs and embryos — some of which have been stored for decades — may no longer be viable, Patti DePompei, president, UH MacDonald Women's Hospital and UH Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital told NBC News."
medicine  healthcare 
10 days ago
What to Pack for 36 Hours in Auckland
"Auckland’s natural beauty is well worth the trip. Before you go, pack these necessities to make the most of your stay."
new.zealand  travel 
10 days ago
What Airbnb Did to New York City
"Airbnb’s effects on the city’s housing market have been dramatic, a report suggests. And other cities could soon see the same pattern."  nyc  rent  airbnb  airbnb_fail  business 
11 days ago
"NYC subway status, delays and closures
Is your train running? shows the current status, delays, statistics and closures for each train as reported by the MTA.
Plus, compare the average uptime of your train with the average uptime of all trains within the NYC subway system. Uptime status is considered when the train is in Good Service only. The uptime percentage is reduced when delays, planned work, suspensions, closures or service changes affect train service.
Drill down into each subway line to view statistics on the train’s daily and historical performance. Select a train to see more details."
nyc  transportation  stats 
11 days ago
Real MTA
"This map shows the current well-functioning lines of the NYC subway system."
nyc  transportation  maps 
11 days ago
Dorm Living for Professionals Comes to San Francisco
"In search of reasonable rent, the middle-class backbone of San Francisco — maitre d’s, teachers, bookstore managers, lounge musicians, copywriters and merchandise planners — are engaging in an unusual experiment in communal living: They are moving into dorms."
housing  cali 
12 days ago
Letting Teenagers Live
"Motor vehicle crashes kill more young people than shootings, and the issue is less affected by politics."
op-ed  gun.control  politics 
13 days ago
The Real Reason the Investor Class Hates Pensions
"It’s not about a funding crisis — it’s about turning retirement savers into passive investors."
op-ed  politics  business 
13 days ago
Stats Are for Losers: Josh Allen Hype Season Has Officially Arrived
"NFL evaluators are apparently in love with the extremely tall, rocket-armed, small-school QB prospect. But why?"
“stats are for losers”
football  sports  statistics 
14 days ago
Lamar Jackson Is a Quarterback
"Bill Polian and other NFL experts may think Jackson should convert to wide receiver, but a player who won the Heisman as a passer should continue to be a signal-caller"
"So the latest I heard in terms of making things up to make the narrative work is: Josh Allen's receivers dropped a lot of balls.
Here's the draft class ranked by drop rate:"
“stats are for losers”
football  sports  statistics 
14 days ago
United axes its employee bonus program, replaces it with a lottery, saving millions
"The airline employs 89,000 people; more than 87,000 of them will not receive a bonus, no matter how well the airline does or how hard they work."
business  unitedairlines  unitedairlines_fail 
14 days ago
Who Cares Whether a Movie Has a Perfect Rating on Rotten Tomatoes?
"With beloved films like ‘Lady Bird’ and ‘Get Out’ up for Oscars, why are fans and industry observers still so worried about whether a critically acclaimed movie loses its perfect “fresh” rating?"
movies  critics 
16 days ago
R.I.P.: The world's last VCR will be manufactured this month
Japan's Funai Electric, which claims to be the world's last VCR manufacturer, says it will cease production of the machines this month.
technology  history  vcr 
16 days ago
Last known VCR manufacturer to stop production
OSAKA, Japan, July 23 (UPI) -- If anyone has the urge to use a VCR, this will be your last chance to get one before they officially become a relic.
Japanese manufacturer Funai Electroc Co. will discontinue production of the machines at the end of July.
The advancement of technology and changing viewing habits have led to the VCR's decrease in popularity which has led to difficulty acquiring parts.
Funai sold 750,000 units last year , compared to around 15 million units during the the machine's heyday.
VCRs were first introduced for home use in 1960, but didn't gain mass-popularity until the early 1980s. The cost of a VCR in those days ranged from $600 to $1,200.
Funai started production of the machines in 1983 and remains the last-known manufacturer.
vcr  technology  history 
16 days ago
José Mario Martínez
Graduate in Mathematics, University of Buenos Aires, 1971. DSc Coppe-UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) 1978. Professor at the State University of Campinas.
Research Interests: Optimization, Numerical Analysis, Algorithms for large-scale computations, Modeling.
optimization  software 
19 days ago
Australia Diary
Reader tales from Australia.
20 days ago
‘I Believe in Magic’
"What a teenager discovers in the enchanted rock pools near her home."
20 days ago
A Monument the Old South Would Like to Ignore
"The debate over the fate of Nashville’s Fort Negley tests the traditional Southern argument for preserving history."
history  politics  op-ed  us.history 
20 days ago
The Alt-Weekly Crisis Hits Nashville. And Democracy.
"In city halls and statehouses, the only thing standing between an oligarchy and a true republic is often a local reporter."
journalism  politics  op-ed  business 
20 days ago
The Pain of Loving Old Dogs
"It’s hard to know what to do when age brings a faithful companion so much fear and suffering."
20 days ago
Arctic Boyhood
"Coming of age on the Greenland tundra."
video  documentary  op-ed 
20 days ago
" was founded in 2006 to serve one purpose: to empower parents like you to make informed choices about choosing a school for your child. Our database contains detailed profiles for over 136,000 schools in every state in the US, including 20 years of enrollment data, several years of test scores, crime data, real estate data, and everything our team hopes is useful in helping you make better school choices."
21 days ago
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