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Introduction | Introduction to R
an introductory R workshop for Python Programmers
r  statistics  programming  python  ggplot2  dplyr  tutorials  teaching 
january 2015 by jhofman
R Bootcamp — Jared Knowles
materials used for the Second R Bootcamp for Education at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
r  statistics  programming  tutorials  education  from delicious
june 2014 by jhofman
swirl - Home
to teach users statistics and R simultaneously and interactively
r  statistics  tutorials  programming  scripting  education  from delicious
june 2014 by jhofman
Summer 2010 — R: ggplot2 Intro
When it comes to producing graphics in R, there are basically three options for your average user.
tutorials  ggplot2  r  visualizations  reference  statistics  from delicious
november 2013 by jhofman
a platform for learning statistics and R simultaneously and interactively
tutorials  programming  r  open_source  education  statistics  from delicious
september 2013 by jhofman
GR's Website
six main sections dealing with courses in statistics and demography and with statistical software tutorials
tutorials  r  demographics  reference  statistics  academic  from delicious
august 2013 by jhofman
Quick-R: Advanced Statistics
exploration of complex multivariate relationships among variables
tutorials  reference  r  statistics  from delicious
january 2012 by jhofman
CRAN: Contributed Documentation
"Manuals, tutorials, etc. provided by users of R."
r  statistics  reference  tutorials  from delicious
september 2011 by jhofman
R Tutorial Series
"a collection of user-friendly guides to researchers, students, and others who want to learn how to use R"
r  statistics  reference  tutorials  from delicious
april 2011 by jhofman
Abusing Amazon’s Elastic MapReduce Hadoop service… easily, from R « Things I tend to forget
"take advantage of Hadoop’s core machinery to parcel out some embarrassingly parallel, computationally-intensive work"
r  statistics  amazon  ec2  blogs  tutorials  from delicious
january 2011 by jhofman
Introducing R
"a quick introduction to R, particularly as a tool for fitting linear and generalized linear models"
r  statistics  reference  tutorials 
august 2010 by jhofman
Quick-R: Multiple Regression
"provided in order of increasing complexity"
r  statistics  tutorials 
january 2010 by jhofman
Quick-R: Tree-Based Models
"briefly describes CART modeling, conditional inference trees, and random forests"
r  statistics  tutorials 
january 2010 by jhofman
Data Mining with R: learning by case studies
"introduce the reader to the use of R as a tool for performing data mining"
r  statistics  books  free  tutorials 
november 2009 by jhofman
"R for programmers"
"A Quick, Painless Tutorial and Reference on the R Statistical Package"
r  statistics  programming  reference  tutorials  books  filetype:pdf  media:document 
october 2009 by jhofman
Introduction to R
" Intro, Data Basics, Graphics, Simulation, Models, Multivariate"
r  statistics  tutorials  reference  programming 
october 2009 by jhofman
Integrating Hadoop and R
"a set of functions that allows the R user to take advantage of the Hadoop framework"
r  hadoop  statistics  mapreduce  scalability  tutorials  tips 
september 2009 by jhofman
An Introduction to R
"information on data types, programming elements, statistical modelling and graphics"
r  statistics  reference  programming  tutorials 
september 2009 by jhofman
Verzani-SimpleR.pdf (application/pdf Object)
"an introduction to using the statistical software package R for an introductory statistics course"
r  statistics  programming  books  reference  tutorials  filetype:pdf  media:document 
september 2009 by jhofman
MATLAB / R Reference, by David Hiebeler
"current version of my MATLAB / R Reference in PDF form"
matlab  r  reference  programming  tutorials 
august 2009 by jhofman
The R programming language for programmers coming from other programming languages
"intended to make the language easier to learn for someone used to more commonly used languages such as C++, Java, Perl, etc."
r  programming  reference  tutorials  statistics 
july 2009 by jhofman
R course notes
"notes for a two-day course in R, starting with reading in data, and proceeding through more complex programming"
r  statistics  teaching  programming  tutorials  courses  lecture_notes 
may 2009 by jhofman
Quick-R: Home Page
"an elegant and comprehensive statistical and graphical programming language"
statistics  tutorials  programming  R 
january 2009 by jhofman

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