Keyboard latency
We can see that, even with the limited set of keyboards tested, there can be as much as a 45ms difference in latency between keyboards. Moreover, a modern computer with one of the slower keyboards attached can’t possibly be as responsive as a quick machine from the 70s or 80s because the keyboard alone is slower than the entire response pipeline of some older computers.
hardware  usb  latency 
4 hours ago
ActiveRecord `cache_key` goes out-of-sync because of nanoseconds precision · Issue #21815 · rails/rails
PSA: Rails 5.0 changed the default value of ActiveRecord#cache_key, which means most rails cache entries will be invalid when the upgrade is deployed
rails  ruby  programming  caching 
28 days ago
Is There a Cryptocurrency Bubble? Just Ask Doge. - NYTimes.com
Imagine that a friend is building a casino and asks you to invest. In exchange, you get chips that can be used at the casino’s tables once it’s finished. Now imagine that the value of the chips isn’t fixed, and will instead fluctuate depending on the popularity of the casino, the number of other gamblers and the regulatory environment for casinos. Oh, and instead of a friend, imagine it’s a stranger on the internet who might be using a fake name, who might not actually know how to build a casino, and whom you probably can’t sue for fraud if he steals your money and uses it to buy a Porsche instead. That’s an I.C.O.
ico  bitcoin  cryptocurrency 
29 days ago
Dan McKinley on Twitter: "I will now tweet the unheralded social advantages of real hardware over AWS. (Not that real hardware is intrinsically a good thing.)"
I will now tweet the unheralded social advantages of real hardware over AWS. (Not that real hardware is intrinsically a good thing.)
aws  servers  cloud 
5 weeks ago
talimyles on Twitter: "https://t.co/T57PWowWet"
Oh look, a hot new industry trend
OMG finish implementing the last one before you latch onto another!
twitter  programming 
5 weeks ago
Positive Footprints | The Cheese House
House extension in Coburg that took the star rating up to 7.9
8 weeks ago
halting problem : Dev v Ops
Interesting article on the culture clash between linux distributions and application developers
devops  opensource 
8 weeks ago
The Hard Thing About Software Development | Jesse Watson | Pulse | LinkedIn
"The most valuable asset in the software industry is the synthesis of programming skill and deep context in the business problem domain, in one skull."

"...there are an ever decreasing number of software problems that are so cut and dried that they can be tossed over a wall and implemented in isolation of business expertise."
programming  career 
8 weeks ago
Applying the Universal Scalability Law to organisations | the morning paper
1. It’s really important you learn to delegate effectively and to choose carefully the things that you do get involved in.
2. As the organisation grows, strive to keep the number of stakeholders that need to be involved in any decision down to a minimum
3. You need to keep a strict handle on how many things you’re involved in concurrently; your natural human instinct to be helpful to everyone who asks you to do something for them, or to contribute to their project, actually isn’t helpful at all. (Nor is your desire to control / influence everything if you’re wired that way).
4. Working at or close to 100% utilization will slow to a crawl everything that depends on yo
management  culture 
9 weeks ago
Full Page Screenshots in Firefox by Stuart Colville
Simply open the developer toolbar (shift + F2) and type:

screenshot --fullpage
july 2017
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