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24 days ago
Carina C. Zona - Schemas for the Real World on Vimeo
Social app development challenges us how to code for users' personal world. Users are giving push-back to ill-fitted assumptions about their identity — including name, gender, sexual orientation, important relationships, and other attributes they value.

How can we balance users' realities with an app's business requirements?

Facebook, Google+, and others are grappling with these questions. Resilient approaches arise from an app's own foundation. Discover schemas' influence over codebase, UX, and development itself. Learn how we can use schemes to both inspire users and generate data we need as developers.
video  programming 
4 weeks ago
I was wrong on NBN: It’s a turkey
Interesting. Alan Kohler changes his mind on NBN
7 weeks ago
A few thoughts on bringing up children with inquiring minds | The Reinvigorated Programmer
“what are some practical things you did with your sons when they were young to nurture critical thinking?”
8 weeks ago
truffleruby/svm.md at master · graalvm/truffleruby
"The Substrate Virtual Machine, or SVM, is a ... ahead-of-time compiler for Java, and an implementation of parts of a JVM"

Using the SVM it is possible to ahead-of-time compile TruffleRuby and the Graal dynamic compiler to a single, statically linked native binary executable, that has no dependency on a JVM, and does not link to any JVM libraries...There is no Java bytecode - only compiled native machine code...

Note that a common confusion is that the SVM is an ahead-of-time compiler for the Java code that implements the TruffleRuby interpreter and the Graal compiler, not an ahead-of-time compiler for your Ruby program.


This gives you a native binary that implements Ruby, similar to the MRI or Rubinius executables."
ruby  graal  jvm 
9 weeks ago
Importance vs. Urgency (Ed Batista)
Important activities are truly meaningful and fulfilling--to you, to the people who matter to you, to your organization, or to some cause that you believe in. They’re not necessarily time-dependent; they can be accomplished almost anytime, and if they go undone for a short stretch no one may even notice.

Urgent activities have a deadline attached to them that matters to someone—although not necessarily to you. They are time-dependent, at least in someone’s mind, and if they go undone that someone is going to be unhappy. They’re not necessarily meaningful or fulfilling, and accomplishing them may not actually make a significant difference.
january 2017
NathanMLong.com - Protect Your Data with PostgreSQL Constraints
interesting summary of the different Db constraints offered by postgres. The "Exclusion Constraints" bit was new to me, and looks useful
january 2017
The Multi-Column Index of the Mysteries
super interesting summary of how and when postgres can use multi-column indexes
january 2017
Taming the Steamroller – Medium
Some good tips for working in English with non-native speakers
english  esl 
january 2017
Competent Jerks, Lovable Fools, and the Formation of Social Networks
“everybody wanted to work with the lovable star, and nobody wanted to work with the incompetent jerk. Things got a lot more interesting, though, when people faced the choice between competent jerks and lovable fools”
management  teams 
december 2016
A non-punycode homographic domain generator
dns  domains 
december 2016
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