(49) Eric Evans - Exploring Time - YouTube
Interesting talk on modeling time in software, particularly comparing intervals
youtube  video  time  programming  jodatime 
8 hours ago
rfcs/2052-epochs.md at master · rust-lang/rfcs
how rust plans to manage introducing change to the language over time
rust  programming 
11 days ago
Why Can't Uber Make Money?
“At its current burn rate, Uber cannot survive more than two years without additional injections of capital, which is highly improbable”
19 days ago
A different cluetrain - Charlie's Diary
The iron law of bureaucracy states that for all organizations, most of their activity will be devoted to the perpetuation of the organization, not to the pursuit of its ostensible objective. (This emerges organically from the needs of the organization's employees.)
organisation  culture  management 
5 weeks ago
Internet protocols are changing | APNIC Blog
“encryption is one of best tools we have to ensure that protocols can evolve”
encryption  protocols  http  tls 
5 weeks ago
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