Monitoring Distributed Systems: Site Reliability Engineering
Chapter from the Google SRE book, by Rob Ewaschuk. A great summary of effective monitoring, without drowning in low-value alerts at 3am
on-call  monitoring 
5 days ago
Making a Rails Health Check that doesn't hit the database
using rack middleware, to stop rails opening a database connection
rails  api 
5 days ago
Idle Words—Portrait of a Campaign
Maciej Cegłowski on the upcoming US midterms
election  politics  democrats  america 
10 days ago
The Kubernetes API call is coming from inside the cluster!
when run inside a pod, kubectl will try to auto configure itself to talk to the current cluster
29 days ago
mdub/clamp: a Ruby command-line application framework
Mike Williams gem for creating quick CLI apps
ruby  cli  gem 
4 weeks ago
Software disenchantment @ tonsky.me
"Windows 95 was 30Mb. Today we have web pages heavier than that! Windows 10 is 4Gb, which is 133 times as big. But is it 133 times as superior?"
4 weeks ago
Staging Servers Must Die - ReadWrite
Feature flags, instead of out-of-sync nonprod environments
5 weeks ago
(49) A story of being on call | Charity Majors | Monki Gras 2018 - YouTube
When you have good debugging tools, you can have 4 paging alerts:

* requests per second
* latency
* errors
* saturation

Maybe some end to end tests that check the critical path
monitoring  video  youtube  oncall 
6 weeks ago
Graceful shutdown of Sidekiq processes on Kubernetes | BigBinary Blog
helpful discussion of different approaches to stopping pods with sidekiq
6 weeks ago
Cuddletech | Considering Secrets Management
“This is the secrets management regression loop of despair”
vault  secrets 
6 weeks ago
In Pursuit of Production Minimalism — Brandur Leach
Most of us can benefit from architecture that’s a little simpler, a little more conservative, and a little more directed. Only by concertedly building a minimal stack that’s stable and nearly perfectly operable can we maximize our ability to push forward with new products and ideas.
programming  architecture  boring-tech 
9 weeks ago
How Blockbuster, Kodak And Xerox Really Failed (It's Not What You Think) | Digital Tonto
A favorite pundit punching bag is Blockbuster. The story, as they tell it, is that Blockbuster was blind to the threat that Netflix represented, subjected its customers to predatory late fees and failed to formulate a strategy to adapt to the digital world. Not surprisingly, the once might company descended into chaos, then bankruptcy.

The truth is much more complex, interesting and troubling.
9 weeks ago
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