Why I Can’t Be a Good Girl and Good Product Leader – Hope Gurion – Medium
There’s a lot of emphasis in product to “always be shipping.” Yet, when the effort to do so and the risk of being wrong is so high, I’ve got to suppress my desire to be the good girl and just say NO. I get shit done, but I refuse to waste my time working on actual shit. 
Fronius Inverters - Solar - Green tech
Fronius tech support number 03 83 402900
3 days ago
Forseti Security
Open source security tools for GCP
gcp  security 
5 days ago
Home - GHG Home & Building Recycling
building supplies business in Preston, recommended by Frank
sustainability  building 
6 days ago
futures of distributions
Joey Hess muses on the ways Linux distributions fail to meet the needs of modern software packaging - npm, ruby/rubygems, Haskell, etc
debian  nixos 
7 days ago
Energysaver 559FT Flued Gas Heater - Rinnai Australia
our wall heaters.

kW output: 5.2
Heats upto Capacity (Very Cold) 47m2
Heats upto Capacity (Cold) 56m2
Heats upto Capacity (Cool) 74m2
Heats upto Capacity (Mild) 85m2
9 days ago
Jeremy Green on Twitter: "Some of the absolute worst code is written by very smart and capable engineers who are using tools they don’t need to reduce complexity that doesn’t exist while trying to solve problems they don’t have."
Some of the absolute worst code is written by very smart and capable engineers who are using tools they don’t need to reduce complexity that doesn’t exist while trying to solve problems they don’t have.
software  twitter 
11 days ago
Private health insurance is a con job
Ross Gittens on private health insurance
11 days ago
Chain of Fools - Allen Pike
Before I could let “blockchain” join “bitcoin” in my Twitter mute-filter dungeon, I needed to go on a journey. I needed to understand what smart contracts actually are, what they mean for the blockchain, and confirm whether or not they’re just the latest foolish escapade fuelled by a few billion dollars of VC crack
blockchain  bitcoin  etherium 
12 days ago
Residential Blower Door Testing
Firm that does blower door testing in Melbourne
13 days ago
Removing evaporativecooling: My Efficient Electric Home
Anyone know how much impact ceiling ac ducts have on the effectiveness of ceiling insulation (given than they create holes in the insulation)? Trying to assess whether it's worth taking out the evaporative ac from the roof cavity to get better insulation in the roof. We do far more heating than cooling each year 🙂. Note that we've already dealt with draughts with duct covers, so I'm mostly interested in the effect of the 'hole' in the insulation layer. Thanks!
15 days ago
Sanden heat pump, Daikin Ururu Sarara heat pump | Energy efficient solutions
Installer of energy efficient split systems and heat pump hot water
15 days ago
Elon Musk (@elonmusk) • Instagram photos and videos
elonmuskCamera views from inside the payload fairing #FalconHeavy
spacex  tesla 
18 days ago
Tech and Culture Musings: The Three
You may be smart. You may be right. Inevitably there will be a point in your life that you are the only right person in the room. And being right is a booby prize. It's useless. Worse, if you're right then you have a holy duty to your group, to these people you're committed to helping succeed, to be persuasive, to do whatever you need to do to make sure they see it.
20 days ago
Scrum? Kanban? It doesn’t really matter – Hacker Noon
Maybe it's the fact that I've been working on products for the past 17 years, but I find myself looking into (mostly) "boring technologies" and now - Boring processes. Do what makes the team effective and happy so the company can do well. Make your process compliment your culture.
management  agile  lean 
20 days ago
#889544 - laptop-mode-tools causes `sda` disk to start and stop again and again when on battery - Debian Bug report logs
I was bitten by this today - laptop-mode-tools 1.72-1 was causing some writes to disk to hang indefinitely.
debian  linux 
20 days ago
Elided Branches: Stop answering your own questions
"This is one of my bad management habits. I jump to conclusions. I pretend to ask a question but then make it clear that only one answer can be right... One of the less-obvious ways we make people afraid is by offering our opinions too early," -- I have to admit that this is something I often do as well, and always regret it. We never stop learning. We should never stop trying.
management  leadership 
20 days ago
Publications | McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth (MCAAY)
A range of publications on the Australian Alcohol Industry, including a summary of the major companies and who ons who
alcohol  australia 
21 days ago
Major Alcohol Companies in Australia: Producers and Distributors
A helpful summary of the major alcohol companies in Australia
beer  alcohol  australia 
21 days ago
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