Datadog: Envoy Integration Docs
helpful list of the (very large number) of metrics that datadog can import from envoy
datadog  envoy  monitoring 
How to collect and graph Kubernetes metrics
datadog blog post that recommends install kube-state-metrics on a cluster to get improved visibility into cluster state in datadof
kubernetes  monitoring  datadog 
buildkite/buildkite-metrics: A command-line tool (and Lambda) for collecting Buildkite build/job metrics
feed metrics on buildkite queues to statsd/prometheus/stackdriver, and then use them for autoscaling
buildkite  kubernetes 
6 days ago
Avoiding access to the public schema in PostgreSQL - Blog dbi services
In PostgreSQL every database contains the public schema by default. Every user that gets created and can login is able to create objects there. Here is a little demo: I’ll create a new user named u1 which is allowed to login. No additional privileges are granted:
8 days ago
Better support for sidecar containers in batch jobs · Issue #25908 · kubernetes/kubernetes
good discussion about the issues of sidecar containers (like cloud sql proxy) preventing kubernetes (cron)jobs from "completing"
8 days ago
memory - environment variable accessibility in Linux - Information Security Stack Exchange
"Conclusion: the environment of a process is only available to the user (euid) running the process"
security  linux 
8 days ago
Feature request: CloudSQL v2 instances support for whitelisting IPV6 using 'gcloud sql connect' [72219717] - Visible to Public - Issue Tracker
`gcloud sql connect` raises an error "HTTPError 400: Invalid instance property" when called from a location with ipv6 enabled
gcp  google  ipv6 
10 days ago
Deploying Rails on Kubernetes – Adwerx Engineering
Example shell script for deploying rails to GKE, including using a Job to run migrations
gke  kubernetes  rails 
11 days ago
How Should Managers Code?
John Barton on managers who code
12 days ago
hcl - Efficient variable validation with Terraform - Stack Overflow
apparently it's not possible to validate the format of variables in terraform
14 days ago
Hardening your cluster's security  |  Kubernetes Engine  |  Google Cloud
good advice on security settings for GKE clusters, including using a custom service account for the nodes and giving it reduced permissions
security  kubernetes  gke  gcp 
17 days ago
datadog-agent/Dockerfiles/agent at master · DataDog/datadog-agent
helpful documentation for running the datadog6 agent on kubernetes
kubernetes  datadog 
26 days ago
Configure RBAC in your Kubernetes Cluster
helpful tutorial for working with RBAC enabeld kubernetes clusters
26 days ago
A Voight-Kampff Test for Identifying Engineering Managers
The idea behind the Voight-Kampff test is that you take someone who looks supposedly human, ask them a few weird questions, measure the responses, and determine whether they are truly human or a technological marvel.

Coincidentally, this is exactly what we needed to accomplish with our tech leads. The best Engineering Managers are interested in people first. The best Architects most fascinated by technology. Human or Android?

But unlike the movie, my approach was not to setup a lie-detector in the office and study tech leads in a lab environment. Instead, I integrated a few exploratory questions into normal 1:1 conversations over the course of several weeks.
career  ladder  management 
4 weeks ago
Deploying to Google Kubernetes Engine - Code as Craft
helpful discussion of how etsy terraforms GKE clusters with RBAC
deployment  etsy  kubernetes  gke  terraform 
4 weeks ago
Propagating configuration from Terraform to Kubernetes Apps
an example of configuring the terraform kubernetes provider with outputs from the google provider.

Unfortunately this approach doesn't work on RBAC-only clusters
gcp  gke  kubernetes  terraform 
4 weeks ago
Google: google_service_account - Terraform by HashiCorp
How to create a GCP service account with terraform and push it to a kubernetes secret
terraform  gcp 
4 weeks ago
CROOKED HIDEOUT: An Ableton Live Set is gzipped XML + a Ruby gem
Recently I started using git and github.com for version control of my Ableton Live Sets. I pushed these files to github to have backups and to be able to rollback to a previous version in case I got carried away on some ill-fated musical tangent
git  music 
5 weeks ago
Watch "Collective Intelligence" on YouTube
Music production tutorials recommended by Stefan
youtube  video  psytrance  music 
5 weeks ago
GNU gettext utilities: envsubst Invocation
handy tool for replacing environment variables in text. Use it like:

envsubst < ./template.yaml | echo
5 weeks ago
Fear and Loathing in Legacy Code - Typemock
Why is legacy code an issue however we define it? You’d probably offer responses talking about risk, high defect rates, and unpredictable deployments. You might also talk about slow times to market and difficulty responding to changing business needs.

All of this is true. But none of this, I would argue, poses the largest risk to your organization.

Instead, it’s the fear that poses the large risk. Well not the fear itself, but rather the problems that the fear creates—the human problems
management  software 
5 weeks ago
Making the GOV.UK DNS more resilient - Technology at GDS
At this point we had effectively solved our original problem: we now had our DNS supplied by multiple providers, we had the zone file in code and we could deploy it with the push of a button
dns  networking  terraform 
5 weeks ago
google-cloud-dns Secondary DNS support - Stack Overflow
Good answer on deploying DNS to two independent providers using tools like terraform or octodns
dns  networking 
5 weeks ago
Rust review: The borrow checker - Julio Merino
You can think of the borrow checker as a validator for a locking system: immutable references are shared read locks and mutable references are exclusive write locks. Under this mental model, accessing data via two independent write locks is not a safe thing to do, and modifying data via a write lock while there are readers alive is not safe either
rust  programming 
5 weeks ago
Anatomy of a Crushing (Pinboard Blog)
We used dedicated hardware

To quote a famous businessman: "It costs money. It costs money because it saves money".
delicious  business  pinboard  hosting 
6 weeks ago
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