Brilliant Jerks in Engineering
A week later, his manager phoned me unexpectedly. He told me that he was aware of my phone call, and didn't think I was technically wrong, but did I know that the engineer has been demotivated and unproductive since I talked to him, and was it my intent to make his staff unproductive? No, of course not. The manager continued: do you think you could have told my engineer what you needed to, in a way that left them feeling positive and motivated to fix it? Sure, I probably can. Good. Always do that in the future, please. I did.
6 days ago
Webpack from Nothing - What Problem Are We Solving?
this webpack-from-first-principles guide is pitched perfectly at experienced developers who are mad at javascript but have to use it anyway. Like Me.
javascript  webpack  tutorial 
10 days ago
Software architecture is failing – Alex Hudson
I want to hear from people pushing standard stuff beyond its limits. I think we grossly underestimate what off-the-shelf systems can do, and grossly overestimate the capabilities of the things we develop ourselves.It’s time to talk much more about real-world, practical, medium-enterprise software architecture
programming  architecture  management 
23 days ago
Direct stream - ABC Radio
Direct urls for streaming ABC radio
abc  radio 
4 weeks ago
Backstage Blog - Deliver software faster by managing work in progress, not by adding overtime - SoundCloud Developers
An interesting dive into how soundcloud monitors their WIP, lead time and other development process metrics.

Includes graphs!
management  agile  lean 
4 weeks ago
Keyboard latency
We can see that, even with the limited set of keyboards tested, there can be as much as a 45ms difference in latency between keyboards. Moreover, a modern computer with one of the slower keyboards attached can’t possibly be as responsive as a quick machine from the 70s or 80s because the keyboard alone is slower than the entire response pipeline of some older computers.
hardware  usb  latency 
5 weeks ago
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