To be happier, focus on what’s within your control | Aeon Ideas
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference
A Different Approach for Authenticating ChatOps Bots on External APIs
tl;dr put user tokens in hubot's brain so hubot can make API calls with the user's credentials instead of a bot user's credentials.
hubot  api 
3 days ago
hubot utility package for managing google oauth tokens
hubot  google  api 
3 days ago
Clarifications Billing Plans and Agreement parameters · Issue #68 · paypal/PayPal-REST-API-issues
this explains why monthly donations to TC can take a few hours for the first payment to arrive
4 days ago
solisoft/paypal_nvp: Paypal NVP API Class
a lightweight client for the paypal NVP API
paypal  gem  ruby 
6 days ago
pawandubey/cuckoo_filter: Pure Ruby Cuckoo Filter Implementation
Pure Ruby implementation of the Cuckoo Filter - a probabilistic datastructure which is objectively better than Bloom Filters for set-membership queries.
ruby  cuckoo  bloom 
8 days ago
The Push Train
A challenging proposal for a dev workflow that enables shipping many times per day. I like the end goal, but the proposed changes go against the scar tissue I've built up over the years.
deployment  devops  etsy 
11 days ago
Proposed server purchase for GitLab.com | Hacker News
hacker news discussion on dedicated servers vs. cloud
hardware  aws  cloud 
14 days ago
It's not just that. The cloud is far, far more expensive than bare metal, and th... | Hacker News
So there's 3 things you can use the cloud for:

1) your company is totally fucked for IT management, and the cloud beats local because of incompetence (this is very common). And you're unwilling or unable to fix this. Or "your company doesn't focus on IT and never will" in MBA speak.

2) wildly swinging resource loads, where the peak capacity is only needed for 1-5% of time at most.

3) you expect to have vastly increasing resource requirements in a short time, and you're willing to pay a 5x-20x premium over dedi/colo to achieve that
aws  hosting  cloud 
14 days ago
cloud vs. servers
If you have an application where the performance and growth patterns are well known, cloud isn't a choice made for lowest cost. It may be best value for different reasons.

I've done ROI studies for several applications like that, and usually cloud has a higher total cost unless there are specific availability requirements or you don't have a facility that can meet a 99.9 SLA.

The key assumption is that you know a lot about the app and it's in a operating mode. If you're in a hyper growth mode, have fluctuating or seasonal demand, or you have no capital funds, cloud is a no brainer
aws  cloud 
14 days ago
IT Operations Only Does 4 Things. | ValueFlow IT
Business Projects, Internal Projects, Operations, Unplanned Work
lean  work 
7 weeks ago
Carina C. Zona - Schemas for the Real World on Vimeo
Social app development challenges us how to code for users' personal world. Users are giving push-back to ill-fitted assumptions about their identity — including name, gender, sexual orientation, important relationships, and other attributes they value.

How can we balance users' realities with an app's business requirements?

Facebook, Google+, and others are grappling with these questions. Resilient approaches arise from an app's own foundation. Discover schemas' influence over codebase, UX, and development itself. Learn how we can use schemes to both inspire users and generate data we need as developers.
video  programming 
9 weeks ago
I was wrong on NBN: It’s a turkey
Interesting. Alan Kohler changes his mind on NBN
12 weeks ago
A few thoughts on bringing up children with inquiring minds | The Reinvigorated Programmer
“what are some practical things you did with your sons when they were young to nurture critical thinking?”
february 2017
truffleruby/svm.md at master · graalvm/truffleruby
"The Substrate Virtual Machine, or SVM, is a ... ahead-of-time compiler for Java, and an implementation of parts of a JVM"

Using the SVM it is possible to ahead-of-time compile TruffleRuby and the Graal dynamic compiler to a single, statically linked native binary executable, that has no dependency on a JVM, and does not link to any JVM libraries...There is no Java bytecode - only compiled native machine code...

Note that a common confusion is that the SVM is an ahead-of-time compiler for the Java code that implements the TruffleRuby interpreter and the Graal compiler, not an ahead-of-time compiler for your Ruby program.


This gives you a native binary that implements Ruby, similar to the MRI or Rubinius executables."
ruby  graal  jvm 
february 2017
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