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october 2016 by jgerhold
Pantsuit: The Hillary Clinton UI pattern library – Git out the vote
Every good Pantsuit starts with the right patterns.Design systems. Pattern libraries. Styleguides. Whatever you want to call them, they are very much in style right now.A design system
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september 2016 by jgerhold
Designing a Flexible Organism for the Hotel Search Website
A few months ago, we at trivago — the hotel metasearch website — established the first version of the styleguide and the pattern library by using the Ato
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august 2016 by jgerhold
Designing a styleguide
If you look at companies like Dropbox, Google, and Twitter you
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july 2016 by jgerhold
http //styleguide.sc5.io/
View and search your styles Easily view, search and test your styles with the AngularJS powered UI. See related variables and styles The enhanced KSS processing flow knows w
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may 2016 by jgerhold

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