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How to Build an Awesome Freelance System
You can't refine what you haven't defined. Spell out your freelance system so you can improve your process and boost your business.
freelance  system  tools  guide  feelancing 
september 2017 by jennettefulda
CSS · Bootstrap
Bootstrap, a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.
bootstrap  css  guide  cheat  sheet  html 
june 2017 by jennettefulda
How To Make WordPress Faster With W3 Total Cache + CloudFlare
Want to make WordPress faster? It's easier than you think. Follow this tutorial to learn how using W3 Total Cache + CloudFlare - free tools you can use to...
cloudflare  w3tc  w3  total  cache  caching  tutorial  guide 
may 2017 by jennettefulda
How to Choose, Buy, and Safely Use a Good Surge Protector
Most of us have more devices than we have plugs in the wall, which is why you'll likely find a surge protector behind most people's televisions and under our desks. However, not all surge protectors are alike, and some even put your gadgets at risk. We talked to an electrician to sort out how to tell the good ones from the bad ones, and how to use them safely.
surge  protector  buying  guide  ups  power  strip 
may 2017 by jennettefulda
WordPress Performance Optimization Guide
Learn how to improve the speed of your WordPress site by understanding the three domains of website performance, and how to influence each for max speed.
wordpress  optimization  guide  caching  speed 
january 2017 by jennettefulda

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