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Lisa Frank Is Real - Atlantic Mobile
They have a fireproof vault with every item ever made. I wonder if they have the unicorn folder one of my classmates defaced in my most traumatic experience from 2nd grade.
80's  girl  blogwidget  art  childhood  lisa  frank 
september 2013 by jennettefulda
Cardon Copy
This guy takes badly designer flyers, redesigns them, and replaces them. Kind of cool.
blogwidget  posters  flyers  art  design 
january 2013 by jennettefulda
souvenirs - a set on Flickr
Cool photos with tourist souvenirs placed over the real locations.
blogwidget  art  fun  souvenirs  travel  photography 
december 2012 by jennettefulda
More awesome My Little Ponies!
blogwidget  my  little  pony  art  pony  little  my 
july 2012 by jennettefulda
Piano playing birds
I hope no one poops on the piano.
piano  bird  art  blogwidget 
november 2011 by jennettefulda

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