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How-To's For Ex-Assassins by Sassaphrass
Part 1 - "The Care and Keeping of Assassins" : The Talon isn't really human anymore, but that's okay because Damian's never liked humans that much anyway.
In which Damian decides to adopt the Talon as another stray, and the Talon decides that former child assassins need to stick together.

Part 2 - "How to Be Normal" : Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne are former assassins trying to live a normal life, but leaving the world of heroes and villains behind is difficult when Batman keeps calling, and visiting, and taking them out for lunch.
fanfiction  fandom:DCU  drama  angst  family_relationships  pets  gen  author:Sassaphrass  WIP 
january 2019 by jenna_marianne
the midas light turning your limbs to gold by queenpeletier (R)
Set during Season 5/6 Interlude

She’d shoved the registration paperwork in front of his face with a brief run down on how shit worked there – the condominiums they’d cleared for housing while residential areas were repurposed for other shit like clinics and farming and schools. She’d explained that there were three buildings – singles, family and married couples without kids – and he’d done something stupid.

Like registered her as Carol Dixon.

Rated: M
Categories: Post-Series, Season 5/6 Interlude
Characters: Carol, Daryl
Genres: Fluffy/Comedy
Warnings: Adult Language
Series: None
Chapters: 13 Completed: No
Word count: 31305 Read: 16631
Published: January 02, 2015 Updated: September 19, 2015
fanfiction  fandom:Walking_Dead  drama  fake_relationship  Pairing:Carol/Daryl  author:queenpeletier  rating:r  WIP  pets  dogs 
august 2016 by jenna_marianne
Alpha Cat by Kanzi (PG-13)
In which Derek gets a cat. Or the cat gets Derek, depending on who you ask. (6,831 words)
Derek showed him a strange cloth bag he had brought with him. He placed Mar-rhûhn carefully inside the opening and when he hefted the whole thing onto his back it clicked: This was a saddle made for cats to comfortably ride around on their servants! What a marvelous invention!

Illustrated version:

per blueMeridian: POV switches between the cat in question and the humans. The end feels a bit abrupt, but it's a very entertaining story and the OC is very memorable.
via:blueMeridian  fanfiction  fandom:Teen_Wolf  fluff  humor  cats  pets  outsider_pov  domestic  gen  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  author:Kanzi  rating:pg-13  wc:005001-010000 
august 2015 by jenna_marianne
Smaug the Terrible... Hamster? by alkjira (G)
Allergic reactions occur when a person's immune system reacts to normally harmless substances in the environment.
Symptoms include red eyes, itchiness, and runny nose, eczema, hives, or turning into a hamster. (2,390 words)
via:blissfire  fanfiction  fandom:Hobbit  crack  humor  transformation  pets  Pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  author:alkjira  rating:g  wc:001001-005000 
february 2015 by jenna_marianne
Macavity by LadyRa (NC-17)
Tony comes into an unexpected legacy when he turns forty, and Gibbs meets a rat who knows a little too much about his sex life.  Once word gets out about Tony, there's an alphabet war going on for his talents that puts him and everyone he loves at risk.

[[Basically, Tony DiNozzo is Doctor Dolittle; unbeknownst to him, his family has talk-to-animal powers that manifest when they turn forty, and each animal has to bite him for it to work.]]
series_index_page  fandom:NCIS  fandom:Avengers  fandom:Iron_Man  crossover  psychic  pets  Pairing:Gibbs/DiNozzo  Pairing:Clint/Coulson  Author:LadyRa  rating:nc-17  wc:090001-100000 
february 2015 by jenna_marianne
Fenestration and the art of self defense by airawyn (PG-13)
In which Darcy Lewis catsits for Captain America and Bucky Barnes doesn't use the front door. (13,646 words)
via:Laria_Gwyn  fanfiction  fandom:Avengers  fandom:Captain_America  humor  cats  pets  gen  author:airawyn  rating:pg-13  wc:010001-015000 
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Shark Tank by xzombiexkittenx (NC-17)
Will and Hannibal meet in prison. Hannibal is still the Ripper, Will is still a profiler who had encephalitis. Only now they're cell mates. (71,355 words)

per thebodyeclectic: Usually prison!fic is not my thing but I loved this author in Batman Begins fandom and decided to give it a shot. This is just fantastic and engrossing and basically any story that alludes to Hannibal as a god of death and of Will as his wife is an insta-fave
fanfiction  fandom:Hannibal(TV)  drama  imprisoned  injury  pets  dogs  Pairing:Hannibal/Will  author:xzombiexkittenx  rating:nc-17  wc:070001-080000  Warning:Dubcon  Warning:Cannibalism 
october 2014 by jenna_marianne
Mission Parameters by what_alchemy (PG-13)
The soldier does not find the Mission. The soldier finds a tow-headed white child, aged approximately five years, unconscious and naked amid the empty Captain America uniform lying charred and bloody in the middle of what used to be a battleground. The soldier finds an expanse of bruised flesh and stubborn cowlicks that shine through the fog in his head.

The soldier lifts the child up and slings it under one arm before running. (12,875 words)

First in the WIP two-part series "Full of Grace", ends in a cliff-hanger:
fanfiction  fandom:Captain_America  drama  angst  de-aged  kids  roadtrip  pets  dogs  gen  author:what_alchemy  rating:pg-13  wc:010001-015000 
september 2014 by jenna_marianne
Monster Tamer by VickyVicarious (G)
Princess Emma has always had a way with beasts, but the more she grows, the more out of hand it gets. The castle is running out of places to put them. [Charming family and CS fic] (4,316 words)

A/N: Set in a universe where Regina was defeated before Emma’s birth, and Killian Jones’ story happened in the present. That means no Milah (and thus no hook), but he did lose his brother to a corrupt king and became a pirate.
"Mom, Dad, Henry," she beams, and David freezes in horror, because that’s a pirate on her arm, dressed in black leather and staring down at his daughter as though she is the sun, and oh please no - “I’d like you to meet Killian Jones.”

"You - that’s a man, you met a man,” Snow gurgles, caught between tears and helpless laughter.

"Throw him back, we’ll find a bathtub big enough for the kraken," David says desperately, but it’s too late.
via:sumeria  fanfiction  fandom:Once_Upon_a_Time  humor  crack  fluff  pets  dragons  unicorns  gen  Pairing:Emma/Killian  author:VickyVicarious  rating:g  wc:001001-005000 
august 2014 by jenna_marianne
Straying by esama (PG)
After the Battle of Five Armies, Bilbo spends some time in the ruined city of Laketown, picking up the pieces. Pieces of what, he isn’t sure. Himself, maybe.

It’s the one place around Erebor where he can find a bit of peace from the war and it’s sad after effects.

Alt. Link:
fanfiction  fandom:Hobbit  drama  dogs  pets  gen  Author:esama  rating:pg  wc:? 
july 2014 by jenna_marianne
How Change Happens by alkjira (G)
Bilbo leaves London to find inspiration for his writing. When his car breaks down in the middle of the Scottish Highlands he ends up finding much more than he was looking for. Like kittens. Bilbo/Beorn (9,263 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Hobbit  fluff  romance  pets  modern_day  Pairing:Bilbo/Beorn  author:alkjira  rating:g  wc:005001-010000  writer 
june 2014 by jenna_marianne
A Place to Fall by ikeracity (PG-13)
While being tasked to protect Charles Xavier, the annoyingly charming CEO of Xavier Pharmaceuticals, SHIELD agent Erik receives further orders to use Charles as a source of information to find and capture Professor X, the elusive leader of the renegade band of mutants called the X-Men. Of course, that's a rather difficult proposition, given that the man he's hunting is the same as the one he's trying to protect. And the fact that Erik's starting to find Charles more than a little attractive complicates everything. (71,367 words)
fanfiction  fandom:X-Men:First_Class  fandom:Avengers  romance  bodyguard  cats  pets  kidnapped  bigbang  Pairing:Charles/Erik  author:ikeracity  rating:pg-13  wc:070001-080000  modern_day 
november 2013 by jenna_marianne
Patches Makes a New Friend, or, Thomas and the Hall-boy Who Won't Leave His Dog Alone by Alex51324 (PG-13)
A new hallboy at Downton takes a liking to Patches, Thomas's dog, and almost accidentally befriends Thomas, despite Thomas's attempts to remain aloof. But some people are a little suspicious of Thomas's motives....

Sequel to "Thomas Gets a Dog." (11,607 words)

[Alt. Link:]
fanfiction  fandom:Downton_Abbey  drama  pets  dogs  gen  author:Alex51324  rating:pg-13  wc:010001-015000  series:Patches 
november 2013 by jenna_marianne
Thomas Gets a Dog by Alex51324 (G)
Pretty much what it says on the tin. Set post-series 3. Non-detailed spoilers for main events of the series. (5,504 words)

Warnings: references to what would today be considered the inhumane disposal of unwanted puppies (but it doesn't actually happen). One fairly mild homophobic remark.

[Alt. Link:]
fanfiction  fandom:Downton_Abbey  drama  pets  dogs  gen  author:Alex51324  rating:g  wc:005001-010000  series:Patches 
november 2013 by jenna_marianne
WHOOPS Derek is a film noir detective puppy, SORRY... by Appolsaucy (G)
He strolled into the kennel like a long summer day, the kind that wrap around you like a blanket and keep you warm long after they’ve gone. His approach sent the pups into a frenzy, erupting in a swirling mass of fur and happiness the man targeted like a bulls eye. Derek held back—he wasn’t the oldest hat in the joint but he’d been around the block a few times. He’d been held by enough little girls and boys that he knew the cold sting of crushed dreams, the fickle whims of reality.

But then a shadow passed over his head, large, nimble fingers lifting Derek gently, and Derek knew his life was about to change.
via:goodgriefcharlie  fanfiction  fandom:Teen_Wolf  crack  fluff  noir  dogs  pets  gen  author:appolsaucy  rating:g  wc:001001-005000 
august 2013 by jenna_marianne
As Is by arsenicarcher / Arsenic (NC-17)
In a world where people are put on the market as commodities for all sorts of reasons, and SHIELD buys those who might be useful to them, Coulson makes what seems, at the time, to be an ill-advised purchase. (52,844 words)

[Originally posted:]
It was a long walk to the car. Phil nearly got bitten trying to fasten the Bird's seatbelt. As they were leaving the parking garage, Phil said, "I'm Coulson. What's your name?"

"Birds don't have names." The voice, which had been sharp and angry the last time Phil had heard it, was flat, exhausted, probably trying to sound even.

"Well, I'm not calling you by your number, so you can give me your name, or *a* name, or I can think up one."

The Bird just shrugged—impressive, really, given his bindings. Coulson flipped through his mental catalogue until he came upon the first bird of prey he could think of and said, "All right, we'll go with Hawk."
via:bathsweaver  fanfiction  fandom:Avengers  drama  slavery  angst  injury  illness  torture  pets  cats  Pairing:Clint/Coulson  author:Arsenic  rating:nc-17  wc:050001-060000  Warning:Rape 
july 2013 by jenna_marianne
This is a story about a cat by lexxorz (PG-13)
And really, Clint wasn't cruel (not even on his worst days...and this might have been one of them), so just leaving the pathetic, mangy, injured thing here felt wrong. "After all," Clint thought, "I'm a 'superhero' now, I save cats and stuff."

Or, how an annoying, dramatic furball might have saved Clint Barton's life. Maybe. (15,390 words)
via:scorpionvoices  fanfiction  fandom:Avengers  drama  angst  pets  cats  drunk  gen  author:lexxorz  rating:pg-13  wc:015001-020000 
july 2013 by jenna_marianne
The Whole Glass Of Water by ladyblahblah (PG-13)
per panella: The one where Derek gets an ugly cat. So cute. Gen (8,045 words)
Derek stands frozen for a moment, disbelieving, before his hands come slowly forward. Its fur is surprisingly soft, and he buries his fingers in it as he strokes his way down its back. He catches its hindquarters on instinct when it springs out of the cage and onto his chest, shoving it face cold nose-first into the crook of his neck, and beneath the rumble of its purrs Derek can still make out the careful ticking of its heart.

If he leaves it here, it's going to die alone. It's a sentence he knows all too well.

“What sort of paperwork do you need me to fill out?”
via:talitha78  via:panella  fanfiction  fandom:Teen_Wolf  drama  depression  cats  pets  gen  author:ladyblahblah  rating:pg-13  wc:005001-010000 
july 2013 by jenna_marianne
If You Give An Empath a Puppy by Magnetism_bind (PG-13)
Hannibal gives Will a gift. (1,660 words)
Will is right. He’s fading. He needs something now to stabilize him just enough. Keeping him from the edge, until it suits Hannibal to have him back there.

Hannibal gives it some thought. Something safe that that will bond Will further to him.

The answer comes to him during a session with a patient.
via:margrave  fanfiction  fandom:Hannibal(TV)  drama  gifts  dogs  pets  gen  author:Magnetism_bind  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000 
june 2013 by jenna_marianne
Will's Dogs by shawarma-palace
I was asked to do this so here is a breakdown of the dog breeds that Will has.
fandom:Hannibal(TV)  pets  dogs  via:Brandysnaps 
june 2013 by jenna_marianne
Feline persuasion by rensahannou (PG)
Derek doesn't need to worry about the cat living under the porch at his family's old house, it's just—Derek's just used to worrying about things. (15,033 words)
via:Laria_Gwyn  fanfiction  fandom:Teen_Wolf  drama  cats  pets  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  author:rensahannou  rating:pg  wc:015001-020000 
june 2013 by jenna_marianne
How To Be a Normal Person by drunktuesdays (NC-17)
Instead he sits for a moment, looking at the empty search box, fingers on the home row the way his mother taught him. He thinks about that, and about the hole in the wall he’d lived with for so long, and the way Isaac had grinned at him last night when he’d finally gotten around to plugging the refrigerator in.

He finds himself typing in, “how to be a normal person.” (8,344 words)

per Carnadosa: Derek moves up Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
via:Carnadosa  fanfiction  fandom:Teen_Wolf  drama  pets  dogs  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  author:drunktuesdays  rating:nc-17  wc:005001-010000 
june 2013 by jenna_marianne
Does The Dog Die?
"Do you turn off Old Yeller before the end so you can pretend that he lived a long and happy life? Did a cute pet on a movie poster make you think it would be a fun comedy but it turned out to be a pet-with-a-terminal-illness tearjerker instead? Are you unable to enjoy the human body count in a horror movie because you're wondering whether the dog's going to kick the bucket? Have you ever Googled "Does the [dog/cat/horse/Klingon targ] die in [movie title]?"

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then welcome - is here for you! If you answered "no" to every question, then you might possibly be lost. Don't worry - have some lolcats and everything will be fine."
pets  via:blueMeridian 
may 2013 by jenna_marianne
Just Another Cat Fic by Verity (G)
The cat is not Derek's. She doesn't belong to anyone else—they put up flyers—but she definitely does not recognize Derek's authority as her Alpha. (438 words)
via:popular  fanfiction  fandom:Teen_Wolf  humor  fluff  cats  pets  gen  author:Verity  rating:g  wc:000001-000500 
may 2013 by jenna_marianne
Dog's Best Friend by otter (G)
Other people might have found the name of the place off-putting. Stiles didn’t. He was actually relieved, when Scott handed him a business card that said “HALEHOUNDS” across the top, because clearly, if anybody could recognize and understand the evil that lurked within his dog’s fluffy precious body, it was these people. (8,924 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Teen_Wolf  fluff  romance  pets  dogs  oblivious  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  author:otter  rating:g  wc:005001-010000 
march 2013 by jenna_marianne
Man's Best Friend by dinolaur (G)
The one where Stiles gets to adopt retired K9 dogs. (6,898 words)
[Warning for character death: Stiles' mother and several pets (due to illness/old age)]
via:tdornoc  fanfiction  fandom:Teen_Wolf  drama  dogs  pets  jealousy  gen  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  author:dinolaur  rating:g  WIP  Warning:Character_Death 
january 2013 by jenna_marianne
The Importance of Turning Around Three Times Before Lying Down by otter (NC-17)
It’s like this dog has walked out of all of Stiles’ childhood dreams and into the real world just because Stiles wanted it hard enough. He is the most awesome dog ever, and Stiles and his new dog totally have a bond. A deep, unbreakable bond because this dog is his spirit animal, obviously. Now he just has to convince the dog of that. (31,629 words)
Stiles takes a deep breath, his arms still outstretched, and decides they need to talk this out.

“Okay, listen. I know dogs don’t understand English but I’m totally going to level with you anyway, okay dude? Here’s the situation. You’re hurt. If you go running off, you’re probably just going to make it worse, or you’ll get hit by a car again or something, and if that happens I swear to you that I will seriously cry. You don’t want to see me cry; I’m an ugly crier. And anyway, I saved your ass tonight because if I hadn’t been there that second car would’ve hit you too and you’d totally be done for. So I really think you should just crash with me, because you totally owe me one. You owe me several, actually. I just bought you food and a comfortable bed and a ton of other stuff, and Scott gave me some pills to help the pain and keep your leg from getting infected, which you’re really going to need to take. So I think you should just rest up here and take it easy until your leg’s better.”

The dog just stares at him, which is really about what Stiles would expect, since he just word-vomited at an animal that can’t understand a thing he says. So that’s great. But the dog hasn’t started growling again, and the tension kind of goes out of his muscles, and then he heaves this enormous sigh like Stiles is a total idiot but the dog’s going to humor him anyway.
via:cunningplan  fanfiction  fandom:Teen_Wolf  drama  romance  secrets  pets  undercover  injury  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  author:otter  rating:pg-13  wc:030001-040000 
january 2013 by jenna_marianne
How to Handle Your Warg - A Handbook by Bilbo Baggins by Flapdragon (G)
Bilbo Baggins goes for a walk, ends up with a rather unexpected pet and brings new meanings to the words 'it followed me home, can I keep it?'. (2,260 words)
[Warning for animal abuse]

Written for the prompt: Bilbo gets a warg please be realistic, kinda. So, I've just had this image in my head of Bilbo riding a warg into battle. It is like super loyal to him, because his previous master was a Orc. So like a kicked dog, he/she just wants someone who wont kick him/her. Cue guard dog!warg for Bilbo. Maybe he kills their former master, maybe he finds their camp and sets him/her free, its up to you.
Also, I think wargs look like giant hyenas. So maybe dog like and cat like behavior from it. Retrieving objects and loyal dog behavior, but also the cat look that says 'you giant dumbass' and not likeing many others except Bilbo.
Dwarf reaction is up to you, but if you could throw in Bofur saying they would be safer with a loyal warg, that's great.
via:paradox22122  fanfiction  fandom:Hobbit  fluff  hurt/comfort  dogs  pets  gen  author:Flapdragon  rating:g  wc:001001-005000 
january 2013 by jenna_marianne
I don't know how to word it (I just started to deserve it) by wait_for_it (PG-13)
“Figures YOU would find what is likely the only wolf in California, practically adopt it as your own, and talk it into domestication.” (5,756 words)
via:Laria_Gwyn  fanfiction  fandom:Teen_Wolf  drama  humor  wolves  pets  gen  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  author:wait_for_it  rating:pg-13  wc:005001-010000 
january 2013 by jenna_marianne
As Though the Air Protects You by the_ragnarok (G)
In which Deaton is still a mysterious magical vet, Kate Argent is still a criminal sociopath, and Stiles is...a crime-solving magical kitten. (8,902 words)

also, puppy!Scott/poodle!Allison, somewhat canon background wolf(mix?)!Derek, the pack, cat!Lydia/iguana!Jackson, Dr. Doolittle-esqe Deaton (HE CAN TALK TO THE ANIMALS), the Sheriff is still his awesome self and a remote controlled roomba!
via:m4gur0  fanfiction  fandom:Teen_Wolf  fluff  humor  hurt/comfort  case!fic  injury  pets  cats  dogs  wolves  gen  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  author:the_ragnarok  rating:g  wc:005001-010000 
november 2012 by jenna_marianne
Synchronicity by stereobone (NC-17)
It goes on like that for months, and then Q realizes that James Bond is "hanging out" at his flat. Set post-Skyfall. (7,598 words)
via:lattara  fanfiction  fandom:Bond  fluff  drama  domestic  injury  pets  cats  HOT  Pairing:Bond/Q  author:stereobone  rating:nc-17  wc:005001-010000 
november 2012 by jenna_marianne
It's been like years since it's been clear by sirona (R)
All Human AU. It's six-thirty in the morning, but there are warm lights behind the floor-to-ceiling, de-boarded windows, and the 'For Sale' sign on the door has disappeared along with Stiles' memory of where he'd been headed just moments before. The coffee shop is, apparently, open for business once more. (34,360 words)

per blueMeridian: Set post-high school, Stiles, Lydia, and Allison are in the consultancy business together. Meanwhile, Derek and Laura Hale have returned to Beacon Hills and opened a coffee shop.
via:blueMeridian  fanfiction  fandom:Teen_Wolf  romance  home_improvement  pets  dogs  cats  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  author:sirona_gs  rating:r  wc:030001-040000  coffeeshop 
october 2012 by jenna_marianne
The Dog Prince by JenNova (PG)
The puppy shows up outside Stiles' back door on the first day of his last summer in Beacon Hills. It's probably the cutest dog he's ever seen, wolfish enough that it must be a Husky mix of some kind, and when it tilts its head at him his heart melts. He'd be embarrassed by that but, seriously, cutest puppy ever. (2,129 words)
"This is some serious Frog Prince shit going down here," he says and the guy's eyebrows go all frowny and he has no right to do that when he was Stiles' dog right up until five minutes ago.
via:mimbleful  fanfiction  fandom:Teen_Wolf  fairytale:Frog_Prince  fairytale!remix  dogs  pets  transformation  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  author:JenNova  rating:pg  wc:001001-005000 
october 2012 by jenna_marianne
The Legend of Mittens by Lunik (G)
The story of how an abandoned kitten in an alleyway derailed an impending alien invasion and changed the course of the Midgard-Chitauri war. And looked damn cute doing it.

Also, the story of Nick Fury's Worst Headache Ever (tm).

Notes: Written for a prompt on Norsekink which asked for an AU in which Loki's compassion was tied in to his magic. Wherein Loki was incapable of feeling connection to another living thing because he had never met anyone as intrinsically magical as himself. Aesir learn magic, they aren't magic themselves. Completely isolated in Asgard, Loki goes crazy and the rest is history.

Until he arrives on earth and finds a species there that has inborn magic of its own.

So, yes, this is unapologetic crack.

[Originally posted: ]
fanfiction  fandom:Avengers  crack  humor  cats  pets  gen  author:Lunik  rating:g  WIP 
september 2012 by jenna_marianne
It Will Come Back to You by ladylade (PG-13)
After breaking up with his boyfriend, Stiles finds a wounded dog in the woods. Something about it reminds him of his ex, so he names it Derek. He doesn't know exactly how fitting that name is.
(or, how Stiles finds out that the ex-boyfriend that he's still in love with is a werewolf) (3,350 words)
via:blueMeridian  fanfiction  fandom:Teen_Wolf  humor  pets  dogs  injury  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  author:ladylade  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000 
august 2012 by jenna_marianne
Introducing Miss Lydia Ladybug Stilinski by 1001cranes (PG-13)
When Stiles adopts a vampire kitten, no one really believes him. (2,439 words)
"It's like the vampire abyss stared into the werewolf abyss and decided they need to be bros," Stiles whispers, horrified.
via:cunningplan  fanfiction  fandom:Teen_Wolf  crack  humor  pets  cats  vampires  gen  author:1001cranes  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000 
august 2012 by jenna_marianne
be here in the morning just to hear me say by hito (R)
When Scott ditches Stiles for Allison and the rest of the pack goes back to ignoring him as usual, Stiles decides to get a dog. A cat wouldn't get along with the pack, but a puppy would have to, right? ...Or not. Most definitely not. Who knew? (5,898 words)
via:kitsunec4  fanfiction  fandom:Teen_Wolf  humor  jealousy  dogs  pets  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  author:hito  rating:r  wc:005001-010000 
may 2012 by jenna_marianne
The Grand Adventures of Old Norse Gods by alpha_hydra (PG-13)
The Grand Adventures of Old Norse Gods...Or where Steve finds a kitten and things just go downhill from there. (2,156 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Avengers  fluff  pets  cats  Pairing:Steve/Tony  author:alpha_hydra  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000  via:Carnadosa 
april 2012 by jenna_marianne
Feline Persuasion by Unforgotten / unforgott3n (PG-13)
One day, Charles wheels down to the laundry room in his pajamas to check his mail and spends three-quarters of an hour talking cats with the very handsome stranger he spies sitting in the corner with an issue of Cat Fancy.

Actually, it’s more like talking cats to, rather than with, as Charles does the vast majority of the talking while the stranger does the vast majority of the smiling and nodding. He has a very nice smile, and so Charles reacts in the same way he normally does to men with nice smiles who are pretending to be interested in what he has to say: he rambles, on and on. The only difference is that the subject matter has changed from genetics.

When Charles looks down at his wristwatch and realizes he’s been going on about catnip brands for at least ten minutes, he realizes several other things too: he is officially a crazy cat person now. And he is never going to get laid again. (1,402 words)
fanfiction  fandom:X-Men:First_Class  fluff  humor  cats  pets  Pairing:Charles/Erik  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000  author:unforgott3n 
april 2012 by jenna_marianne
It's the Thought That Counts by coneycat (G)
Written for the prompt: Loki knows that Thor likes fluffy things, and he never managed to keep his pets alive in Asgard. So can I have Loki just waltzing into the Avengers mansion one day with a litter of puppies/kittens/gerbils/whatever and giving them to Thor. Something along the lines of "I accidentally killed their mother, you need a hobby, here." (And then popping back in every once in awhile to check on them.) (2,985 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Avengers  fandom:Thor  fluff  humor  gen  dogs  pets  gifts  family_relationships  author:coneycat  rating:g  wc:001001-005000  series:Tales_From_The_Avengers_Mansion 
march 2012 by jenna_marianne
famous people and animals by eruthros
A while ago I had, like, ten pictures of famous people and dogs or cats in a single refresh of my tumblr dash. And I was amused and thought, hmm, I wonder how many more of those I could find!

The answer was ... kind of a lot. Okay, really a lot.

And I decided to save them all and wait to post them some day when folks needed some cheer.
via:blueMeridian  pics  pets  dogs  cats  fluff 
march 2012 by jenna_marianne
Not Falling for the Kittens by scioscribe (G)
Eames comes in late and carrying a box of kittens; Arthur really doesn't want to care about this. (2,570 words)
Eames came in late—not unusual—and carrying a box of kittens.

Arthur put his cup of coffee down. He wasn’t going to ask. He was sure the entire point was for him to ask. Once, in Cairo, Eames had patted him repeatedly on the shoulder to emphasize some point that they had both drowned a long time ago at the bottom of a bottle, and said, “No, no, but you—you need shaking up, darling. You do. You’re like—” and he’d licked his lips and tried to draw something in the air with his hands, some shape that was apparently meant to convey the utter unflappability of Arthur but which really looked more like a drunk man waving his hands around in a bar. “You do,” Eames finished. “And I’m going to. Just as soon as I have another drink.”

That had been four years ago, but Arthur remembered: he wasn’t falling for the kittens.

No matter how cute they were.
via:alamerysl  fanfiction  fandom:Inception  fluff  humor  pets  cats  gen  author:scioscribe  rating:g  wc:001001-005000 
february 2012 by jenna_marianne
Laws of Ownership by thefarofixer (G)
Jim isn’t sure what exactly he was expecting when he blasted the lock on the cargo bay door of the Orion Raider Ship they’d just boarded but a room full of small mewling balls of fur certainly wasn’t it. He’d hoped for the best and prepared himself for the worst but somehow this had never entered his thoughts as a possibility.

“Did we just save a ship full of kittens?” Jim asks in disbelief.

“I have never encountered kittens with such large fangs before,” Chekov says, walking up to stand next to him. “Zen again this is why I joined Starfleet.”

“To save kittens?” Jim asks, distractedly holstering his phaser.

“To seek out new life,” Chekov replies with an easy shrug. “I vas thinking more along the lines of intelligent life, but I do not complain.”

(4,384 words)
via:m4gur0  fanfiction  fandom:Star_Trek:Reboot  fluff  sehlats  pets  Pairing:Kirk/Spock  author:thefarofixer  rating:g  wc:001001-005000 
february 2012 by jenna_marianne
In Which John Is A Disney Princess by soera (PG-13)
Animals like John. They like him a lot. Lestrade is confused, John is pragmatic, and Sherlock feels like he's in a Disney movie. (2,424 words)
via:snakeling  fanfiction  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  crack  pets  dogs  cats  foxes  gen  author:soera  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000 
december 2011 by jenna_marianne
Cat and Dog Life by lazulisong (PG)
Chris Pike's dog, Spock, leaves food in his bowl for weeks. Chris eventually discovers his dog has been carefully saving back food for a stray cat, which he names Jim. (~1,500 words)
Chris gets Spock because Phil says it's get a pet or he calls Una, and Chris swore up and down to her that he would be fine, he was almost done with PT, it was her last tour, and he was doing great with the cane. He hadn't expected how quiet it would be, is all.
via:theautomaticlady  fanfiction  fandom:Star_Trek:Reboot  fluff  pets  dogs  cats  gen  author:lazulisong  rating:pg  wc:001001-005000 
december 2011 by jenna_marianne
Timestamp: War Dogs by Cattraine (R)
AU of Cattraine's "War Dogs." What if Steve and the team found Danno on the Hesse brothers freighter off Macau instead of Hawaii? How would they go about rescuing him? Especially a healthier, dangerous Danno who did not recognize them? (2,293 words)
Li Jun led the Australian buyer and his bodyguards through the ship to Hess’ office. Hesse usually did his purchasing and selling on shore, but this offer had been too lucrative to pass up and the buyer was in a hurry.
fanfiction  fandom:Hawaii_Five-O  drama  post-apocalyptic  feral/primal  amnesia  kidnapped  dogs  pets  gladiator  Pairing:Danny/Steve  Author:cattraine  rating:r  wc:001001-005000  series:War_Dogs 
november 2011 by jenna_marianne
By Himself by anonymous (PG)
Dresden Files, Mister, Harry/Marcone. Marcone POV. Changes fix-it.
After Harry's death, Marcone and Hendricks find a huge cat prowling the streets of Chicago alone. He take Mister home, and installs him at his own place. (3,295 words)
via:Harpijka  fanfiction  fandom:Dresden_Files  drama  cats  pets  grief  kinkmeme  Pairing:Dresden/Marcone  author:anonymous  rating:pg  wc:001001-005000 
november 2011 by jenna_marianne
This Must Be What Pets Are Like by cerebel (PG-13)
Agent Coulson captures Loki, in the form of a cat. And then he decides to keep him. (~2,500 words)
[fluffy gen with undertones of Stockholm Syndrome]
via:sevter  fanfiction  fandom:Thor  fandom:Avengers  gen  fluff  transformation  cats  pets  Author:cerebel  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000 
october 2011 by jenna_marianne
First Breath After Coma by oxoniensis (NC-17)
Charles wakes up to find he's been in a coma for two years, and the world he thought he lived in is a lie. He's still a professor of genetics, but there are no such thing as mutants, there is no such person as Erik Lehnsherr. But why can Charles still read minds? (23,800 words)
fanfiction  fandom:X-Men:First_Class  drama  angst  coma  injury  pets  dogs  drugged  Pairing:Charles/Erik  Author:oxoniensis  rating:nc-17  wc:020001-030000 
august 2011 by jenna_marianne
ABC Drabbles by Ren (G)
Modern AU. Charles is still a psychology student, Erik is still in love with him and they still have too many cats. These are more snippets about their relationship. (2,623 words)
fanfiction  fandom:X-Men:First_Class  romance  fluff  modern_day  college  cats  pets  Pairing:Charles/Erik  author:Ren  rating:g  wc:001001-005000  series:kitten!verse  from delicious
july 2011 by jenna_marianne
Of kittens and teacups and love by Ren (PG-13)
Modern AU in which Charles and Erik are flatmates. Charles studies psychology and likes tea and chess and keeps bringing home stray kittens, and Erik lets him because he's maybe perhaps a little bit sort of in love with him. (4,970 words)
fanfiction  fandom:X-Men:First_Class  romance  fluff  modern_day  college  cats  pets  Pairing:Charles/Erik  author:Ren  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000  series:kitten!verse  to_rec  from delicious
july 2011 by jenna_marianne
Stubby Tail by always_anon (PG)
Written for the prompt: How do the [BBC] versions of Sherlock and Watson come to acquire Gladstone?
fanfiction  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  fluff  domestic  dogs  gen  author:always_anon  rating:pg  wc:001001-005000  pets 
june 2011 by jenna_marianne
Like They Do On The Discovery Channel by butterflythread (NC-17)
This is set in the FUTURE of the demon!Eames verse (ie canon, except that Eames is a crossroad demon Arthur sold his soul to when he was nineteen in order to be the bamfiest dream bamf ever to bamf), after the deal has run its course and Arthur has ended up bound to Eames forever and ever. It's from the POV of ELLIOT, who is Eames's little gecko familiar who is kind of :/ at Arthur and the special attention he's getting from Eames. ESSENTIALLY, THIS IS ABOUT HOW ELLIOT REALISES THEY ARE ACTUALLY TOTALLY IN LOVE BEFORE EITHER OF THEM DO. Or something. (1,440 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Inception  humor  outsider_pov  pets  demons  Pairing:Arthur/Eames  author:butterflythread  rating:nc-17  wc:001001-005000 
june 2011 by jenna_marianne
The Sky that I Fell Through by sunriseinspace (NC-17)
He opens his mouth to yell at Mal for her antics, to apologize to the guy he’s currently pressed against, to curse at the absolute absurdity of his life, when he realizes he’s practically holding the man from the park bench. (3,885 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Inception  fandom:101_Dalmations  fusion  crossover  drama  dogs  pets  Pairing:Arthur/Eames  Pairing:Cobb/Mal  author:sunriseinspace  rating:nc-17  from delicious
may 2011 by jenna_marianne
Down To The Ground by delires (PG)
Part 2 of Chav!verse. Domestic sequel to 'We Can Do This Until We Pass Out'. (1,060 words)
Arthur carries his coffee through to the living room, where Eames is slouched on the sofa, with his bare feet propped up on the glass surface of Arthur’s coffee table. His eyes don’t leave the television screen as Arthur approaches, but he does lift one tattooed arm so that Arthur can slip beneath it.

“Alright, pengting? Thought you’d sleep longer.”

“Your dog woke me.” Jay-Z always belongs to Arthur, until he does something undesirable. In those instances, he becomes Eames’s again.

“Isit? Me and him’ll have to have words.”

Arthur shifts, to rest his head more comfortably against the muscled arm draped around his shoulders.
[Alt. Link: ]
fanfiction  fandom:Inception  fluff  domestic  dogs  pets  Pairing:Arthur/Eames  author:delires  rating:pg  wc:001001-005000  series:Chav!Eames  from delicious
april 2011 by jenna_marianne
Cat and Mouse Games by Shanna (PG)
Sequel to "Space Pirates." On the way to Persephone, the crew plays games (but not the fun kind) with themselves and with each other. (13,325 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Firefly  gen  drama  pets  cats  Author:Shanna  rating:pg  wc:010001-015000  series:Shanna's_Firefly_series  from delicious
march 2011 by jenna_marianne
Murderous, Co-Dependent by rageprufrock (G)
It's an uncomfortable and telling measure of the depth of Lestrade's parental guilt that he acquires not one, but two kittens. (1,879 words)
"Great," Lestrade says, and in another one of those moments where he reconsiders his qualifications for fatherhood, takes home to his daughter a pair of murderous, co-dependent cats.
fanfiction  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  gen  humor  cats  pets  kids  Pairing:Holmes/Watson  author:rageprufrock  rating:g  wc:001001-005000  from delicious
march 2011 by jenna_marianne
8x12x8 by skellerbvvt (PG-13)
When Arthur was small his Majesty locked him away because Arthur is a monster. Now Merlin wants to let Arthur out to prove that he is not. (54,622 words)
[Written for the prompt: Arthur/Merlin, imprisonment AU. Uther blamed Arthur for Igraine's death but couldn't bring himself to kill him. Instead he keeps him locked up because Arthur looks just like Igraine and he can't bare to look at him. Uther remarries and has other kids so the heir issue isn't a problem. Merlin comes to Camelot and he accidentally comes across the place where Arthur is locked away. They talk through the door and eventually end up falling for each other. Probably sounds cheesy but I'm actually picturing it quite dark and angsty.]
fanfiction  fandom:Merlin  angst  drama  hurt/comfort  imprisoned  dark  sad  pets  Pairing:Arthur/Merlin  Pairing:Gwen/Morgana  author:skellerbvvt  rating:pg-13  wc:050001-060000  Warning:Child_Abuse  Warning:Character_Death  from delicious
march 2011 by jenna_marianne
The Sniper at the Gates of Heaven by JoeLawson (PG-13)
Roland Emmerich would've had a field day, if he hadn't perished in the great Los Angeles earthquake an hour into the whole thing. (17,028 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Losers  drama  angst  post-apocalyptic  roadtrip  family_relationships  dogs  pets  Pairing:Cougar/Jensen  Pairing:Clay/Roque  Pairing:Pooch/Jolene  Author:JoeLawson  rating:pg-13  wc:015001-020000  from delicious
february 2011 by jenna_marianne
Money Can't Buy You Love (But It Can Buy Puppies) by diane_mckay (PG-13)
So he didn’t have a puppy and everyone else in the world seemed to. So what. Adam didn’t care. He was famous and a fabulous singer and rich. If he wanted something he bought it. He could buy himself a puppy. All he had to do was…Adam stopped and stared at the door to the bus. Find one. (~4,000 words)
fanfiction  fandom:American_Idol  RPF  crack  humor  dogs  transformation  pets  werecreatures  Pairing:Adam/Kris  author:diane_mckay  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000 
february 2011 by jenna_marianne
The World's Largest Kitten by Kantayra (PG-13)
Mister meets Mouse. (1,127 words)
One afternoon the wizard Mister had adopted off of the street came home and placed a small, perfectly spherical ball of fur on the floor in front of Mister.

"Mister, this is Mouse. Mouse, Mister," the wizard, whom Mister had dubbed Sparky, said. "Try not to destroy anything. Or kill each other." And he left as if that was that.
fanfiction  fandom:Dresden_Files  gen  humor  fluff  pets  cats  dogs  Author:Kantayra  rating:pg  wc:001001-005000  from delicious
december 2010 by jenna_marianne
Living, loving, and blowing shit up by kiyala / shannys_corner (R)
College!AU. Eames shares a flat with Yusuf, who uses micropipettes to add milk to his tea. Eames falls in love with the American exchange student and drags him into this happy mess, with experiments in the kitchen and cats all over the place. Arthur/Eames (with Yusuf and his cats) (3,122 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Inception  fluff  humor  college  cats  pets  Pairing:Arthur/Eames  author:kiyala  rating:r  wc:001001-005000 
december 2010 by jenna_marianne
How Gladstone Came to Live at Baker Street by garryowen (G)
Home is where the dog is. (1,300 words)
When John opened the door to their common rooms, he found Sherlock lying on the sofa, deep in thought, his eyes closed. “What. Is that?” Sherlock opened his eyes and angled them towards John and the dog. “His name is Gladstone.” John closed the door and led his new friend to the sofa. If Sherlock could bring home rotting corpse heads, he could bring home a dog.
fanfiction  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  fluff  dogs  pets  Pairing:Holmes/Watson  Author:garryowen  rating:g  wc:001001-005000 
november 2010 by jenna_marianne
What Might Have Been 3: When You Say You Love Me by Keira Marcos (NC-17)
Colonel John Sheppard and Dr. Rodney McKay find themselves unwillingly thrust into the public spotlight when someone makes an attempt on McKay’s life. John finds himself juggling a freaking out McKay, his gianormous cat, an estranged father (and two brothers), a murderous plot, two irritated Generals, the IOA, and a wedding planner masquerading as the Prime Minister of Canada. (43,400 words)
fanfiction  fandom:SGA  fandom:SG1  romance  dark  family_relationships  assassin  cats  pets  Pairing:McKay/Sheppard  Pairing:Sam/Jack  Author:KeiraMarcos  rating:nc-17  wc:040001-050000  series:What_Might_Have_Been 
november 2010 by jenna_marianne
I want to be where your heart is home by liketheroad / smallacts (PG)
Nothing says I love you like breaking into your house and squatting there while you’re away. (4,444 words) -- “I crash here when you’re away. But really, did the job go wrong? I thought you weren’t due back until Wednesday.” Arthur doesn’t even know where to begin with that one.
[Alt. Link: ]
fanfiction  fandom:Inception  fluff  domestic  cats  pets  Pairing:Arthur/Eames  author:liketheroad  rating:pg  wc:001001-005000 
november 2010 by jenna_marianne
make a home from a rented house by smallacts / liketheroad (PG-13)
Arthur doesn’t quite know when renting a house in Westchester and pretending to be in a civil union with Eames came to constitute "lying-low" but however it happened, he wants a do-over. Pretending to be married fic! (9,195 words)
[Alt. Link: ]
fanfiction  fandom:Inception  drama  romance  marriage-of-convenience  domestic  undercover  dogs  pets  Pairing:Arthur/Eames  author:liketheroad  rating:pg-13  wc:005001-010000  fake_relationship 
september 2010 by jenna_marianne
Homeward Bound by Alyjude / alysbasement (R)
A strange court case sends an Investigator for DA Beverly Sanchez to San Francisco to track down an important witness, Blair.
fanfiction  fandom:Sentinel  fandom:Magnum_PI  crossover  hurt/comfort  surprise!family  pets  dogs  runaways  Pairing:Jim/Blair  Author:alyjude  rating:r  wc:020001-030000  Warning:Rape 
september 2010 by jenna_marianne
Eames vs Kitten by lifeasacloud (PG-13)
Written for the prompt: Eames/Arthur: Arthur has a soft spot for kittens. (1,108 words) -- Eames sputters. “Jealous? Jealous? Why the hell would I be jealous of - oh God.” Eames deflates a bit, realization sinking in. He’s jealous of Socrates. Of a cat. For what? For stealing Arthur’s attention from him? Jesus he’s got some problems.
fanfiction  fandom:Inception  humor  cats  pets  jealousy  kinkmeme  Pairing:Arthur/Eames  author:lifeasacloud  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000 
july 2010 by jenna_marianne
Equilibrium by atomicskull (PG)
They share their history, the way they crash together, always coming back. London, Greece, James Bond their cat, Mal's death and of being compromised but never really in truth. (2,438 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Inception  angst  drama  romance  pre-canon  cats  pets  Pairing:Arthur/Eames  Author:atomicskull  rating:pg  wc:001001-005000  DELETED  DELETED:Cached 
july 2010 by jenna_marianne
Open Doors by ZS / zionsstarfish (PG-13)
Harry Potter is dead. Or is he? (1,064 words) -- Draco opens the door. On his doorstep is a black cat. It is scrawny and pathetic looking. It shivers when Draco crouches down, and it growls but doesn’t bite when Draco pets it on the head. It has green eyes and a funny shaped scar on its forehead. "Don’t think I don’t know exactly who you are, Potter," he says. "What, did you expect me to be surprised? It’s not like you coming back from the dead is such a novel thing. What is this, number three?"
fanfiction  fandom:Harry_Potter  cats  pets  transformation  Pairing:Harry/Draco  Author:zionsstarfish  rating:pg-13  wc:001001-005000 
june 2010 by jenna_marianne
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