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Machine Learning is Fun!
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7 weeks ago by jellis
Amazon Killed Its AI Recruitment System For Bias Against Women—Report | Fortune
Amazon reportedly had to scrap a sexist machine-learning-based recruitment system because it favored male candidates.

The team tried to stop the system from taking such factors into account, but ultimately decided that it was impossible to stop it from finding new ways to discriminate against female candidates.
8 weeks ago by jellis
"I Don't Really See AI as A Threat": Imdat As on Artificial Intelligence in Architecture | ArchDaily
Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) the doom of the architecture profession and design services (as some warn) or a way to improve the overall design...
architecture  ai 
10 weeks ago by jellis
IBM Has a Watson Dilemma - WSJ
Big Blue spent billions on its Watson artificial intelligence product with a focus on cancer care. Sometimes, it didn’t say more than doctors already knew. In other cases, Watson was tripped up by a lack of data in rare or recurring cancers and rapidly evolving treatments.
ai  business 
august 2018 by jellis
How a Pentagon Contract Became an Identity Crisis for Google
A $9 million deal for the use of artificial intelligence technology has fractured the internet giant’s work force and risks driving away top engineering talent.
ai  war 
may 2018 by jellis
AI researchers allege that machine learning is alchemy
Study cites ways to bolster scientific foundations of artificial intelligence
may 2018 by jellis
Do You Trust This Computer?
Science fiction has long anticipated the rise of machine intelligence. Today, a new generation of self-learning computers has begun to reshape every aspect of our lives. Incomprehensible amounts of data are being created, interpreted, and fed back to us in a tsunami of apps, personal assistants, smart devices, and targeted advertisements. Virtually every industry on earth is experiencing this transformation, from job automation, to medical diagnostics, even military operations. Do You Trust This Computer? explores the promises and perils of our new era. Will A.I. usher in an age of unprecedented potential, or prove to be our final invention?
ai  video 
april 2018 by jellis
Don’t believe the hype about AI in business
To borrow a punch line from Duke professor Dan Ariely, artificial intelligence is like teenage sex: “Everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it.” Even though AI systems can now learn a game and beat champions within hours, they are hard to apply to business applications.
march 2018 by jellis
Facial Recognition Is Accurate, if You’re a White Guy
Commercial software is nearly flawless at telling the gender of white men, a new study says. But not so for darker-skinned women.
race  gender  ai 
february 2018 by jellis
Facebook is shutting down M, its personal assistant service that combined humans and AI
Facebook M, the text-based virtual assistant that used human workers to train an artificial intelligence system, is ending the human-assisted part of the service after two and a half years. The human-enhanced version of M, which was available through a bot on Facebook Messenger, only ever became available to about 2,000 people living in California. The final day of the M virtual assistant will be January 19th, Facebook said, and contractors who worked on it will be offered other jobs at the company
january 2018 by jellis
The Chatbot Revolution Is on Hold - The Ringer
One of Facebook’s signature announcements at last year’s F8 hasn’t matched the hype
december 2017 by jellis
More Evidence That Humans and Machines Are Better When They Team Up
By worrying about job displacement, we might end up missing a huge opportunity for technological amplification.
november 2017 by jellis
François Chollet on Twitter
“Worrying about what AI will do when it develops self-awareness is nonsense - let's worry about what basic ML & data mining enables today.”
ai  politics 
october 2017 by jellis
Designers Aren’t Prepared To Make AI–Here’s How To Get | Co.Design
According to interaction designer John Zimmerman, design education needs to adapt to the AI age.
ai  design 
october 2017 by jellis
Artificial intelligence pioneer says we need to start over
Geoffrey Hinton expresses doubts about neural training method
october 2017 by jellis
Kontra on Twitter
“Alan Turing, 1947: "If a machine is expected to be infallible, it cannot also be intelligent."”
october 2017 by jellis
Is AI Riding a One-Trick Pony?
Just about every AI advance you’ve heard of depends on a breakthrough that’s three decades old. Keeping up the pace of progress will require confronting AI’s serious limitations.
october 2017 by jellis
The Washington Post's robot reporter has published 850 articles in the past year - Digiday
The Post has produced 850 basic reports using AI, but is more interested in using it to aid more ambitious journalism.
ai  journalism 
september 2017 by jellis
Why Everyone Is Hating on IBM Watson—Including the People Who Helped Make It
You’ve probably seen the Watson commercials, where what looks like a sentient box interacts with celebrities like Bob Dylan, Carrie Fisher, and Serena Williams; or doctors; or a young cancer survivor. Maybe you caught the IBM artificial intelligence technology’s appearance in H&R Block’s Super Bowl commercial starring Jon Hamm. “It is one of the most powerful tools our species has created. It helps doctors fight disease,” Hamm says. “It can predict global weather patterns. It improves education for children everywhere. And now we unleash it on your taxes.”
september 2017 by jellis
IBM pitched Watson as a revolution in cancer care. It's nowhere close
Three years after IBM began selling Watson for Oncology to recommend cancer treatments, it's falling short of the lofty expectations IBM created for it.
september 2017 by jellis
Artificial Intelligence Is Stuck. Here’s How to Move It Forward. -
Real progress will require an international scientific collaboration, like the one that discovered the Higgs boson.
july 2017 by jellis
Is IBM Watson A 'Joke'?
IBM wowed the world with Watson’s 2011 Jeopardy! win – but in the intervening years, IBM hasn’t released a new version of the platform. Instead of a dramatically improved ‘Watson 2.0,’ IBM has settled for ongoing, but limited improvements in the technology.
ai  business 
july 2017 by jellis
The Real Threat of Artificial Intelligence - The New York Times
It’s not robot overlords. It’s economic inequality and a new global order.
july 2017 by jellis
Your brain does not process information and it is not a computer | Aeon Essays
Your brain does not process information, retrieve knowledge or store memories. In short: your brain is not a computer
ai  psychology 
june 2017 by jellis
We’re In An Artificial Intelligence Hype Cycle
AI is being name-checked during corporate earnings call at lot these days. Some say the enthusiastic chatter outpaces technical reality.
april 2017 by jellis
Facebook Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Help Prevent Suicide - BuzzFeed News
“The AI is actually more accurate than the reports that we get from people,” Facebook Product Manager Vanessa Callison-Burchold told...
march 2017 by jellis
Robots Might Eat Your Job, But Being Human Could Get You A New One | Xconomy
Bill Gates and Elon Musk are sounding the alarm "too aggressively" over artificial intelligence's potential negative consequences for society, says MIT professor Erik Brynjolfsson. The co-author of The Second Machine Age argues it will take at least 30 to 50 years for robots and software to eliminate the need for human laborers. In the meantime, he says, we should be investing in education so that people are prepared for the jobs of the future, and are focused on where they still have an advantage over machines -- creativity, empathy, leadership, and teamwork.
february 2017 by jellis
Elon Musk says he invested in DeepMind over 'Terminator' fears | Technology |
"There are some scary outcomes. And we should try to make sure the outcomes are good, not bad."
june 2014 by jellis

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