A CLI tool that determines whether or not your new project is ready for battle
> checklist is a command line utility for verifying the scaffolding of a particular project. This is useful if you'd like to integrate checks for a particular project setup before open sourcing a project, sending it to a client, or anything else.
15 days ago
> Node.js CLI tool to visualize an aggregate list of your dependencies' licenses

Someone needs to port this to Python.
nodejs  package  oss 
15 days ago
Prototyping with Power Tools – Track Changes
This article makes a strong case for using Airtable once Trello and Good Sheets stop getting the job done.
airtable  cms  crm  from instapaper
15 days ago
Figuring out how to contribute to open source - Julia Evans
> This post isn't about "how to find small issues in open source projects to get started with open source" - instead it's about "I have a specific change I want to make to a specific project, what will help me get that done".
git  evans  twitter  julia  julia_evans  opensource  article  contribution  oss  from instapaper
15 days ago
> exa is a modern replacement for ls. It uses colours for information by default, helping you distinguish between many types of files, such as whether you are the owner, or in the owning group.
osx  console  cli  tools  terminal  ls  linux  navigation  rust  bash 
15 days ago
Configuring MyFitnessPal for Keto Success
MyFitnessPal resets this information from time to time, so this is for me to find again.

> My Home -> Goals -> Change Goals

> - Select Custom and hit continue
> - Set the Macros for keto. AKA Carbs to 5%, Protein to 30% and Fat to 65%
> - Set the total calories relative to your total burn. Their estimate is decent but you can see below that it lists my BMR at 2620 and I have set my goal to 2000, so this is 620 deficit per day x 7 days = 4340 Calories. > - A pound is 3500 Calories so I have set myself up to burn 1.24 pounds a week. You can adjust yours up or down according to preference.
keto  diet  health  mfp 
16 days ago
Love2d Build Automation with itch.io, GitLab, Docker, & love-release
> Have you ever had to create distributable copies of your love2d game for various platforms and upload them all to itch.io manually? Isn't this tedious? I've had to do this a ton of times! That's why I figured out how to make computers do this for me. Now whenever I want to push out changes for my game, I can just sit back and drink low-carb tropical punch while The Power Of The Cloud does all of the busy work.
love2d  lua  luarocks  gamedev  piplines 
20 days ago
I watched someone on Twitch use this to create his Ludum Dare graphics. So cool.
art  pixelart  tool  pixels  animation  gamedev  drawing  tools  pixel  software 
22 days ago
> Each Pixel Spirit card presents a visual element together with the GLSL shader code that generates it. Ultimately, these elements can be reused and combined to compose an infinite visual language. This deck is a tool for learning, a library, and an oracle.
glsl  webgl  shader  tarot  design  graphics  cards  neat  do-it 
22 days ago
> OverSight monitors a mac's mic and webcam, alerting the user when the internal mic is activated, or whenever a process accesses the webcam.
osx  apple  privacy  mic  apps  mac  camera  security  app  software 
28 days ago
How To Schedule Posts for Static Site Generators (Jekyll, Hugo, Phenomic etc.)
> Open source static site scheduler tool built with serverless

This looks like a great workaround for Jekyll's lack of scheduled posts.
serverless  github  baking  hugo  golang  jekyll  markdown  static  important 
4 weeks ago
> 💂🏻 Django package that provides hints to optimize database usage by deferring unused fields (and more)

I have wanted a tool like this for Django for the last 7 or 8 years but I wasn't sure how to start it.
django  performance 
5 weeks ago
> Seashells lets you pipe output from command-line programs to the web in real-time, even without installing any new software on your machine. You can use it to monitor long-running processes like experiments that print progress to the console.
shell  clitoweb  python  util  tools  native  web  console  cli  service  nc  terminal  pipe  output 
6 weeks ago
Fake News
A @jcarbaugh production.
producthunt  games  apple  news  fakes  ios  iphone 
6 weeks ago
Unix Shells: Bash, Fish, Ksh, Tcsh, Zsh
This a great comparison of how various shells work in an easy to convert format.
comparison  shell  reference  fish  unix  linux  zsh  ksh  bash 
6 weeks ago
> Prettier is an opinionated code formatter. https://prettier.io/playground/
6 weeks ago
Antisocial Coding: My Year at GitHub
> GitHub has made some very public commitments to turning its culture around, but I feel now that these statements are just PR. I am increasingly of the opinion that in hiring me and other prominent activists, they were attempting to use our names and reputations to convince the world that they took diversity, inclusivity, and social justice issues seriously. And I feel naive for having fallen for it.
github  diversity  twitter  sexism  @instapaper  work  culture  engineering  genderissues  siliconvalley  blag 
6 weeks ago
Letters and Liquor
> Letters and Liquor illustrates the history of lettering associated with cocktails. From the 1690s to the 1990s, I've selected 52 of the most important drinks in the cocktail canon and rendered their names in period-inspired design. I post a new drink each week with history, photos and recipes.
letters  cocktail  daring-fireball  text  daringfireball  cocktails  booze  design  graphics  font  drinks  alcohol  typography  rss  liquor  history 
6 weeks ago
Vibrant Basketball Court Pops Up Between Two Buildings in Paris
> Superpretty. French fashion brand Pigalle recently teamed up with creative agency Ill Studio and Nike to create this unique basketball court in Paris' 9th arrondissement.

via @glass
gradient  basketball 
7 weeks ago
GreenPiThumb: A Raspberry Pi Gardening Bot
I grew up having to help out with three huge gardens yet the Raspberry Pi uses are the only thing that makes me sort-of want to garden again.
gardening  garden  interesting  iot  greenpithumb  raspberrypi  diy  electronics  raspberry  homeautomation 
7 weeks ago
An interesting approach / guide to create more meaningful and descriptive commit messages with emoji!
github  resource  commit_message  github-starred  styleguide  commit  git  emoji 
8 weeks ago
A list of speakers who are non-binary, and who do talks about technology.
> A list of speakers who are non-binary, and who do talks about technology.
speakers  conferences  nonbinary 
8 weeks ago
NumPy receives first ever funding, thanks to Moore Foundation
> For the first time ever, NumPy--a core project for the Python scientific computing stack--has received grant funding. The proposal, "Improving NumPy for Better Data Science" will receive $645,020 from the Moore Foundation over 2 years, with the funding going to UC Berkeley Institute for Data Science.
funding  fundraising  pydata  python  twitter  favorite  dev  numpy 
9 weeks ago
Jason Isbell: Music City Maverick
> I’m not satisfied with just having my name out there, and I’m not satisfied with having more money. I don’t think being famous on a big scale would satisfy me. I think the more I have gotten to know myself and what it’s going to take for me to be all right in this world, I’m going to have to use the talent that I have to try to make a connection with people and maybe push the world in a tiny, tiny, tiny little bit of a better direction.
music  jason  isbell  longreads 
9 weeks ago
A guide to packing and preparing for a tech conference
> Before you take off for your next tech event, try some of these packing and travel tips.

I <3 packing / travel tip articles way more than I <3 traveling.
packing  opensource  travel  pebble 
10 weeks ago
Wordpress's owner is closing its San Francisco office because its employees never show up
> Automattic has always given its 550 employees the choice of working remotely; the San Francisco space was an optional co-working space, spokesman Mark Armstrong said. The company maintains similar offices in Cape Town, South Africa, and outside Portland, Maine, and gives employees a $250-a-month stipend it they want to use commercial co-working offices elsewhere. And if they'd rather work at Starbucks, Automattic will pay for their coffee.
bizplan  remote  business  workflow  telecommuting  work  labor  businessplan  productivity  fortpj 
10 weeks ago
> addict is a Python module that gives you dictionaries whose values are both gettable and settable using attributes, in addition to standard item-syntax.
@  dictionary  python  @python  programming  library  dict  attribute  @tools 
11 weeks ago
Transcription services for $1 per minute. Great for YouTube.
video  transcription  translation  tools  transcribe  subtitle  services  captions  service  audio 
11 weeks ago
Home | TripMode | Your mobile data savior.
TripMode helps create profiles to control which apps have access the Internet for different connections. If you tether or frequent places which have bad wifi, this app is a bandwidth and battery saver.
osx  network  mobile  travel  tethering  apps  mac  data  app  software 
11 weeks ago
> Workspaces is an app that remembers your project resources, so you can quickly open them. Just drop files, folders, websites, applications and important e-mails into the application, then select the ones you wish to automatically launch.
osx  macos  productivity  space  app  project  workspace  apple  technology  mac  management  facebook  apps  software 
12 weeks ago
Painting with Code : Airbnb Design
> React-sketchapp is an open-source library that allows you to write React components that render to Sketch documents.
react  sketch  javascript  webdesign  reactjs  design-systems  airbnb  designsystem  code  design  article  sketchapp 
april 2017
bash-guide: A guide to learn bash
The guide to learning bash that we all wished we had starting out.
shell  reference  terminal  unix  github  learning  linux  bash 
april 2017
> Time tracking and invoicing you can host anywhere. Full export support in multiple formats and easily extensible.

A Django based time tracker which is easily self-hosted. This might be a good start for anyone who's wanted to build your own tool but didn't want to take the time to do so.
infrastructure  business  python  freelance  django  github  github_repos  timetracking  opensource  organize  docker  @dow 
april 2017
The CRPG Book Project
> The CRPG Book Project is a collaborative, non-profit effort to create a free, easily available ebook on the history of Computer Role-Playing Games.
toread  book  games  rpg  history 
april 2017
The Guy Who Produced Kendrick Lamar’s Best New Track Did It All on His iPhone
> A FEW MINUTES after Steve Lacy arrived at a dingy, weed-clouded recording studio in Burbank, the 18-year-old musician flopped down in a plush leather chair in the control room. Vince, one of the studio's proprietors, came in to show Lacy how the mixing boards and monitors worked. Lacy didn't care; he was just in it for the chair. He picked up his new black-and-white Rickenbacker guitar, then reached into his Herschel backpack and yanked out a mess of cables. Out of the mess emerged his iRig, an interface adapter that connects his guitar directly into his iPhone 6. He shoved it into the Lightning port and began tuning his instrument, staring at the GarageBand pitch meter through the cracks on the screen of his phone.
toread  longread  modernity  music  sweettech  technology  daringfireball  iphone 
april 2017
The shared inbox for collaborative teams
> Manage hello@, sales@, support@, and more -- all in one place.
collaboration  support  saas  mac  inbox  team  shared  app  email  software 
april 2017
Kim: A JSON Serialization and Marshaling framework — Kim 1.0.0 documentation
> Kim is a feature packed framework for handling even the most complex marshaling and serialization requirements.

Kim looks like a great serializer framework when you which is nice when you don't quite need DRF or Django or if you want another option for serializing / deserializing data.
lib  python  django  libraries  framework  json  opensource  serialization  software 
april 2017
> A collective list of free JSON APIs for use in web development.
development  github  apis  programming  list  json  api  data  public 
april 2017
Have You Played
> Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.
april 2017
> Automatically fetch github's excellent .gitignore files for any of your new projects
gitignore  npm  node  js 
april 2017
> A simple command line tool for generating fake data from a template string
april 2017
EmberConf 2017: State of the Union
DjangoCon turns 10 this year. I'd love to see someone do this for Django.
april 2017
> A better Python REPL

ptpython is like ipython but allows multiline editing.
python  programming  cli 
april 2017
Flexbox Froggy
> Welcome to Flexbox Froggy, a game where you help Froggy and friends by writing CSS code!
april 2017
Grid Garden
> Welcome to Grid Garden, where you write CSS code to grow your carrot garden!

A great and fun way to learn CSS Grids.
april 2017
> Test your rendered HTML files to make sure they're accurate.

This service is a Godsend. I'm using it with Travis CI to catch broken links and high level accessibility issues on the new DjangoCon US website and on my own website.

I need to figure out how to run this on Django websites too.
front-end  github  linting  octopress  testing  jekyll  html  2016-03  validation  validator 
march 2017
The Deck, Adieu
> In 11 years, Jim and I never had anything more than a virtual handshake through Messages (nee iChat) as a "contract". They say don't do business with friends. My experience says otherwise -- if you have the right friends.
2017-03-30  adieu  business  bootstrapping  daringfireball  writing  blog  advertising  #rl_shrd  blogging 
march 2017
Make Emoji Work in Linux
They aren't pretty but this fixes the [] in my dashboard nicely.
emoji  ubuntu  linux 
march 2017
Tiny Reminder: Collect Content and Files from Unresponsive Clients - Tiny Reminder
Great service when you just need something yet you don't want to have to harass people multiple times to complete it.
management  productivity  @productivity  business  apps  freelance  work  reminders  project  scheduling  email  @tools 
march 2017
A simple tutorial about effectively using pdb
> The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you the basics of pdb, the Python DeBugger for Python2 and Python3. It will also include some helpful tricks to make your debugging sessions a lot less stressful.
debugging  github  python  learnpython  pdb  tutorial 
march 2017
What The Fuck Just Happened Today?
Today's essential newsletter. Logging the daily shock and awe in national politics. Read in moderation.
trump  usa  twitter  update  wtf  news  politics  uspolitics 
march 2017
Companies that use Django
Great resource for finding sponsors.
python  research  companies  technology 
march 2017
Beam-it: Bulk clone Github Repositories
> This bash script will bulk clone Github repositories for a specific user/organisation or team.
march 2017
Supermute has made Twitter bearable again. The service allows you to mute words for a period of time and it also shows you which accounts are impacted by it. At one point, mine was blocking 254 users and I could happily use Twitter browse Twitter again.
twitter  mute 
march 2017
SSH keys - All this
Great post about setting up SSH. Which taught me this gem:

> ssh -p 9876 username@
macos  howto  automation  mac  ssh  security  from instapaper
march 2017
Against The Whiteboard – Fog Creek Software – Medium
> How did a well-intentioned idea to improve interviewing programmers morph into a new barrier that excludes people?

Whiteboard interview suck. I have griped about this for many, many years when trying to help new coders find jobs. I'm glad to see Anil state as much.
empathy  hiring  interview  software  from instapaper
march 2017
Gender Decoder for Job Ads
> This site is a quick way to check whether a job advert has the kind of subtle linguistic gender-coding that has this discouraging effect.
jobs  language  hiring  gender  writing  content  recruitment  bias  diversity  feminism 
march 2017
Kubernetes + Compose = Kompose
> kompose is a tool to help users familiar with docker-compose move to Kubernetes. It takes a Docker Compose file and translates it into Kubernetes resources.

compose  kubernetes  docker-compose  twitter  howto  utilities  architecture  @converting  docker  utility 
march 2017
Contributing to Django Framework is easier than you think
This is a great guide to contributing to Django. I wish there were more of these.
@open_source  python  @community  @django  django  contributing  opensource  @tips 
march 2017
Code review checklist
> Writing code is hard, reviewing it, is equally hard. In my team every ticket is scanned by a second pair of eyes.
code  review  codereview  feedbin  reference  programming  entries  guide  code-review 
february 2017
Editstrap API - Editable field for Bootstrap
> Transform your static fields into dynamic forms.
javascript  jquery  bootstrap  js 
february 2017
I Did Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Workout. It Nearly Broke Me.
> Pumping iron with RBG's personal trainer is no joke.
funny  scotus  workout  ktp  matthew  health  rbg  law  exercise 
february 2017
9 Logging Best Practices Based on Hands-on Experience
> To log or not to log is no longer the question, but rather how and what to log has become the area of focus for IT operations looking to consistently improve application performance and ROI. We’ve gathered some best practices that will help you “log smarter” and save you invaluable time and resources when tracking a problem.
logging  bestpractices 
february 2017
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