> Halcyon is a webclient for Mastodon and Pleroma which aims to recreate the simple and beautiful user interface of Twitter while keeping all advantages of decentral networks in focus.
mastodon  twitter  clone 
The Ultimate Guide to Django Redirects – Real Python
> In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about HTTP redirects and how to deal with them in Django

A++ job here.
django  redirects  python 
6 days ago
Top five regrets of the dying | Life and style | The Guardian
> 1. I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
> 2. I wish I hadn't worked so hard.
> 3. I wish I'd had the courage to express my feelings.
> 4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
> 5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.
advice  facebook  death  psychology  dying  life  failure  lifestyle-design  from-instapaper 
9 days ago
Derek Powazek - Your Community Site is Not a Government
> In his effort to appear presidential, Jack has condoned bigotry on the platform, which opens the door to a legion of smaller bigots to come in and harass everyone else with the blessing of the CEO.
society  hatespeech  twitter  facebook  equality  community 
9 days ago
The Average Event Manager Salary Per Country in 2018
> After doing some calculations on global data research as compiled by specialist recruitment firm Robert Walters in 2016, the then-mean salary for an Event Marketing Manager was $60,653. However, I then adjusted for the average salary increase percentage point (2.5% between then and now) making the global, mean salary for an Event Manager in 2018 approximately $62,169.
events  research  eventmarketingmanager  hiring 
18 days ago
mybrowser.fyi (beta)
> When you land on the site, some tests are run on your browser. The tests are against data that any website can gather, but it displays the data in a format that's easy to read. The hope is that the data will give developers some useful information about a user's browser if they are struggling to track a bug down.
online  information  browsers  useragent  testing  enduser  debug  browser  tools  support 
19 days ago
The Undocumented Web - scraping, private APIs, proxies and “alternative solutions” — Syntax Podcast 060
> What is the undocumented web? Scott and Wes dive into it, discussing APIs, faking, scraping, automation, proxies as well as tips and tricks for best practices.
automation  research  podcast 
19 days ago
How to Make Cold Brew Coffee in a Filtron Cold Brewer
> Learn how to brew your best cold brew in a Filtron.
coldbrew  coffee  howto 
24 days ago
Bluebird Pocket Planner
> What is Bluebird Pocket Planner? It's a pocket-size notebook that prompts you to plan your weeks and days, safe from smartphone notifications and social media timelines.
tools  planner  pocket  todo 
27 days ago
003 - Aaron Sumner | The Ruby Testing Podcast
> In this episode I interview Aaron Sumner, author of Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec.
lfk  testing  rails  rspec 
5 weeks ago
schickling/dockerfiles: Collection of lightweight and ready-to-use docker images
> Collection of lightweight and ready-to-use docker images

The `postgres-backup-s3` and `postgres-restore-s3` are really nice.
docker  backups  postgres 
5 weeks ago
Creating Mars-themed Apps with Python, Flask, Contentful and Twilio – Twilio Cloud Communications Blog
> We’ll be using Contentful and its API-centric content infrastructure platform to fill the app with content, Twilio Programmable SMS to send text messages — and a little Flask to wash it all down.
python  flask  contentful  twilio 
5 weeks ago
facebookincubator/xar: executable archive format
> XAR lets you package many files into a single self-contained executable file. This makes it easy to distribute and install.
executable  python  twitter  zip  packaging  favorite  github  starred  archive 
5 weeks ago
Rands Information Practices – Rands in Repose
> Your most precious asset is your time. You can start and adopt the following set of habits right now to give yourself hours of your life back. Equally important, these habits will substantively increase the quality of your time by reducing stress, increasing focus, and ultimately improving the quality of the things you build with your hands.
rands  advice  information  best  life  2018  learning 
6 weeks ago
My Depression Is Like Having A Bad Dog
> I was born with a dog, and it's not a good one. But I've learned how to live with it, and I've begun to see how many other people have dogs, too.
6 weeks ago
Mass Unsubscribe Mailchimp | Matt Mullenweg
> A good trick to find and unsubscribe from all the Mailchimp lists you're on is to search for mcsv.net and then select all, report as spam, and unsubscribe.
filter  email  rules  s  mailchimp 
6 weeks ago
How to calculate United States holiday observances
> The rules are pretty simple:

> - If the holiday lands on a Saturday, observance is on the previous Friday.
> - If the holiday lands on a Sunday, observance is on the following Monday.

> This simple set of rules holds true for most holidays here in the United States.
holidays  rules 
6 weeks ago
> Create your Social Share Images via our API.
opengraph  social  images  sharing  research  twitter 
6 weeks ago
Refactoring a Dockerfile for image size
One of the better guides for grasping Docker layer/image sizes.
docker  dockerfiles  optimization 
6 weeks ago
Write for Hello Web Books - Hello Web Books
> I started writing Hello Web Books because I wanted smaller, friendlier books for tech folks. No giant behemoth tomes — something small, fun, and easy to pick up.

> I've learned so much after self-publishing three books. Book design, book production, eBook conversion, how to get on Amazon, how to set up a fulfillment warehouse, sales, marketing, you name it. And I've been thinking it's a shame that I can't help others with this knowledge.

> Thinking of writing a book? Let's see about working together!
books  publishing 
7 weeks ago
Shaving my Head Made me a Better Programmer - DockerCon 2018
Great talk. Must watch. She did something that I have never seen a guy in tech due, which is to out the people who abused her. This should be way more common.
8 weeks ago
jsha/minica: minica is a small, simple CA intended for use in situations where the CA operator also operates each host where a certificate will be used.
> minica is a small, simple CA intended for use in situations where the CA operator also operates each host where a certificate will be used.
security  github  ssl  certificate  ca  code  certs 
8 weeks ago
Better Docs – BuzzFeed Tech
> How We’re Building a Culture of Documentation
8 weeks ago
debauchee/barrier: Open-source KVM software
> Open-source KVM software

Basically an open source port of Synergy.
kvm  synergy 
8 weeks ago
You feel like shit.
> This is meant to be an interactive flow chart for people who struggle with self care, executive dysfunction, and/or who have trouble reading internal signals. It's designed to take as much of the weight off of you as possible, so each decision is very easy and doesn't require much judgment.
health  flowchart  anxiety  self-care  interactive  depression  self  care  psychology  selfcare 
10 weeks ago
Mister Rogers fixed old shows if he felt they were wrong
> There's one detail that I really liked that's not in the film, which is he felt like the shows should be evergreen. As he often said, the outside world of the child changes, but the inside of the child never changes. So he thought his shows should play the same to two-year-olds now or 20 years ago. But as the years would go on, he would find things that had happened in old episodes that didn't feel current, where maybe he used a pronoun "he" instead of "they" -- or he met a woman and presumed that she was a housewife. So he would put on the same clothes and go back and shoot inserts and fix old episodes so that they felt as current as possible, so that he could stand by them 100 percent. I've never heard of that happening -- it's kind of amazing.
rogers  rss  miniflux  evergreen  mister 
10 weeks ago
DEF CON® Hacking Conference - Transparency Report
> My hope is that by doing this DEF CON will encourage other conventions to duplicate this reporting and share their data so collectivly we can shed some light on the challenge we face in creating more safe and inclusive events.
coc  transparency  codeofconduct  defcon 
11 weeks ago
Robot Pedantry, Human Empathy | Mike McQuaid
> My main takeaway from this has been that you should seek on your project to automate and codify as much as you possibly can while remembering that the human touch is still necessary to praise and be kind to your contributors. Let robots handle your project’s pedantry and humans handle your project’s empathy.
homebrew  robots  automation 
11 weeks ago
Poor Mans Pandoc Wiki
Makefiles confuse and bewilder me. This one has a few simple tricks that I never knew were possible.
makefile  pandoc  research 
11 weeks ago
Artem Zhukov / pozemky · GitLab
> Looks for a patterns in the web pages and if the pattern changes it sends the notification to the user via telegram bot.
bot  telegram 
11 weeks ago
Nintendo Switch: Are physical or digital games better? | iMore
I am old school enough to what a physical game when I pay $40+ for something like Zelda. Plus, I want the option to play the game once Nintendo has abandoned the platform which is really only a matter of time.
nintendo  switch 
11 weeks ago
UTC is Enough for Everyone, Right?
> Programming time, dates, timezones, recurring events, leap seconds... everything is pretty terrible.

Easily the best/most comprehensive explanation of dates, timezones, and all things in between that I have ever read.
timezone  timezones  utc  holman  programming  zachholman  calendar  dates  date  time  article 
11 weeks ago
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