You feel like shit.
> This is meant to be an interactive flow chart for people who struggle with self care, executive dysfunction, and/or who have trouble reading internal signals. It's designed to take as much of the weight off of you as possible, so each decision is very easy and doesn't require much judgment.
health  flowchart  anxiety  self-care  interactive  depression  self  care  psychology  selfcare 
8 days ago
Mister Rogers fixed old shows if he felt they were wrong
> There's one detail that I really liked that's not in the film, which is he felt like the shows should be evergreen. As he often said, the outside world of the child changes, but the inside of the child never changes. So he thought his shows should play the same to two-year-olds now or 20 years ago. But as the years would go on, he would find things that had happened in old episodes that didn't feel current, where maybe he used a pronoun "he" instead of "they" -- or he met a woman and presumed that she was a housewife. So he would put on the same clothes and go back and shoot inserts and fix old episodes so that they felt as current as possible, so that he could stand by them 100 percent. I've never heard of that happening -- it's kind of amazing.
rogers  rss  miniflux  evergreen  mister 
9 days ago
DEF CON® Hacking Conference - Transparency Report
> My hope is that by doing this DEF CON will encourage other conventions to duplicate this reporting and share their data so collectivly we can shed some light on the challenge we face in creating more safe and inclusive events.
coc  transparency  codeofconduct  defcon 
13 days ago
Robot Pedantry, Human Empathy | Mike McQuaid
> My main takeaway from this has been that you should seek on your project to automate and codify as much as you possibly can while remembering that the human touch is still necessary to praise and be kind to your contributors. Let robots handle your project’s pedantry and humans handle your project’s empathy.
homebrew  robots  automation 
14 days ago
Poor Mans Pandoc Wiki
Makefiles confuse and bewilder me. This one has a few simple tricks that I never knew were possible.
makefile  pandoc  research 
15 days ago
Artem Zhukov / pozemky · GitLab
> Looks for a patterns in the web pages and if the pattern changes it sends the notification to the user via telegram bot.
bot  telegram 
15 days ago
Nintendo Switch: Are physical or digital games better? | iMore
I am old school enough to what a physical game when I pay $40+ for something like Zelda. Plus, I want the option to play the game once Nintendo has abandoned the platform which is really only a matter of time.
nintendo  switch 
16 days ago
UTC is Enough for Everyone, Right?
> Programming time, dates, timezones, recurring events, leap seconds... everything is pretty terrible.

Easily the best/most comprehensive explanation of dates, timezones, and all things in between that I have ever read.
timezone  timezones  utc  holman  programming  zachholman  calendar  dates  date  time  article 
20 days ago
Good Luck, Morons: Lazarus Lake and His Impossible Race — THE BITTER SOUTHERNER
> "You've got 24 seconds to do the right thing and go home," he says to the runners.
stashed_link  barkley  barkleymarathons  longreads  longread 
22 days ago
Building a static blog using Jekyll and Strapi
> In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to build a blog with Jekyll. A static website needs a source of content: in this example we will deliver it using an API created with Strapi.
jekyll  strapi  research 
26 days ago
Strapi - Node.js API Framework with Headless CMS capabilities.
> The most advanced open-source Content Management Framework to build powerful API with no effort.

javascript  graphql  admin  api  nodejs  headless  cms  node  framework  boilerplate 
26 days ago
> Control desktop applications and automate your workflow with a personalised interface

Use an iOS into a really powerful macro/automation tool.
appstore  gui  apps  keyboard  actions  ios  app  hotkeys  automation 
27 days ago
Cleveland Cavaliers Kyle Korver plays through family tragedy
> His mother, Laine, who once scored 73 points in a high school game, taught him that you're not great until you're consistent.
27 days ago
A collection of all the stupid MacBook Pro problems that still aren't fixed - Charged
The new MacBook Pro is bullshit. Someone collected all of the errors and problems into one post.
macbook  macbookpro  apple 
27 days ago
Buy Certified Refurbished Apple Products | RefurbMe
This website does the heavily lifting of finding good deals on refurbs Apple products.
devices  mac4sale  apple  shopping  discount  refurb  hardware 
29 days ago
A Day In The Life of my Supposedly Frugal Stomach
I love these blog posts. I have no idea why, but seeing other people's boring routines is fascinating to me.
food  financial  budgeting  inoreader  finance  mmm 
4 weeks ago
The Essential Guide to Surviving Hot Weather with Style
I use to dress like a teenager or an eight-year-old before these posts. I wish these could be more codified.
travel  fashion  style 
4 weeks ago
Writing a Code of Conduct response guide for DjangoCon Europe
> A CoC is ineffective unless the organisers handle reports well. For DjangoCon Europe this year, we adopted a public response guide to help us.
coc  conference 
4 weeks ago
Free USPS shipping software | Pirate Ship
> Get the cheapest shipping rates for all USPS(r) services, for free

> Save up to 89% off retail USPS(r) rates with the deepest commercial discounts and no markup, monthly fees, or hidden costs.
resource  mail  coupon  usps  web  shipping 
5 weeks ago
Moving efficiently in the CLI
> I'm tired of pounding on the arrow keys when moving in the command line, but I keep on forgetting the keyboard shorcuts that would help me move more efficiently, so here's a simple diagram in a flashcard format for future reference!

I want an updated Mac versions of this.
cheatsheet  linux  cli  commandline  bash  shell  unix  terminal  reference 
6 weeks ago
What are your favorite podcasts? - Indie Hackers Forum
Great list of startupy podcasts for the indie/side-hustle scene.
podcast  business  indie  indiehacker 
7 weeks ago
The Swords Of Ditto Is A Wonderful Remix Of The Original Legend Of Zelda
> When you die, your new character wakes up in a house a hundred years later and sets out to save the town. You retain the power level of your previous character and some collected items, so you’re not restarting from square one.

zelda  zeldaclone  games 
7 weeks ago
Can The Best Financial Tips Fit On An Index Card? : All Tech Considered : NPR
> Pollack said that the best personal finance advice "can fit on a 3-by-5 index card, and is available for free in the library — so if you're paying someone for advice, almost by definition, you're probably getting the wrong advice, because the correct advice is so straightforward."
npr  finance 
7 weeks ago
18F/jekyll-get: Jekyll plugin to download data from external JSON sources to use in generating a site
> Jekyll plugin to download data from external JSON sources to use in generating a site
2015-03  plugn  jekyll  web  javascript  data  ruby  plugin  tech  json 
7 weeks ago
How Philip Glass Went From Driving Taxis to Composing - The Atlantic
> How Philip Glass went from driving taxis to becoming one of the most celebrated composers of our time
music  atlantic  culture  freelance  history  interesting  art  2018  article 
7 weeks ago
Building docker images with private python packages
> Installing private python packages into Docker container can be tricky because container does not have access to private repositories and you do not want to leave trace of private ssh key in docker images.
docker  python  private  ssh 
7 weeks ago
How to Build A Todo App With Django – Oyetoke Tobi Emmanuel – Medium
A petty good complete, end-to-end Django + HTML + CSS Howto article. I think 10+ years ago there were more of these and now it seems so rare.
django  todo  app  howto 
7 weeks ago
Anna's blog | Travel Tips
Anna's travel tips. I love these types of posts. More, please.
travel  tips 
7 weeks ago
Kirkville - How to Use Time Machine Server in macOS High Sierra
Nice tip for enabling remote Time Machine backups without using macOS Server (which I despise using because it never works).
apple  s  macos  backup  timemachine  mac  osx  sierra  high  reference 
7 weeks ago
hendricius/the-bread-code: Learn how to master the art of baking the programmer way.
> Learn how to master the art of baking the programmer way.

I love it when people use github for sharing ideas/recipes as a publishing platform and not just a source code repository.
bread  baking  recipes  food  github 
7 weeks ago
> Design hand-off has never been easier. Generate styleguides and resources, automatically.
development  tool  app  sketch  collaboration  plugin  design  ui  tools  ux 
8 weeks ago
BatName • World's best domain name generator
> Welcome to the world's best domain name generator. Give me some words. I'll mash them together in various combinations and look for available .com domains.
domain  domains  names  generator 
8 weeks ago
Testing Django with pytest: debugging a teardown failure

> This explicitly instructs Django to treat the default alias as the primary, and to treat replica as a mirror when testing. Once this change was made, the tests completed without problems 100% of the time.
django  testing  replias 
8 weeks ago
lukakerr/regxr: A minimal, beautiful, lightweight MacOS desktop application to check for regular expression pattern matches
> Regxr is a minimal, lightweight and beautiful MacOS desktop application that allows for easy checking of regular expression pattern matching.

Looks nice.
github_repos  github  regular_expressions  swift  development  mac  apple_mac_applications  app  mac_applications  regex  stem  tool  osx  macos 
9 weeks ago
laurenhallden/travellog: An interactive map of everywhere you traveled
> An interactive map of everywhere you traveled

I'd love to make this a Jekyll project.
github  travel  jekyll  travellog 
9 weeks ago
A comprehensive Django CBV guide — /var/
The most comprehensive guide to Django CBVs that I have ever seen.
django  python  views  cbv 
9 weeks ago
pluggy — pluggy 0.6.1.dev0 documentation
> pluggy is the crystallized core of plugin management and hook calling for pytest.
python  plugins  library 
9 weeks ago
Probot | GitHub Apps to automate and improve your workflow
> Use pre-built apps to extend GitHub, and easily build and share your own.
integration  git  javascript  api  workflow  apps  app  bots  bot  github 
9 weeks ago
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