Mental Illness in the Web Industry
> The picture of the tortured artist has endured for centuries: creative geniuses who struggle with their metaphorical demons and don't relate to life the same way as most people. Today, we know some of this can be attributed to mental illness: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and many others.
article  news  newslettered  mentalhealth  health  292  facebook 
4 days ago
Pick an idea and submit your talk!
> There are only a few days left to submit a talk proposal to the next DjangoCon Europe. Out of ideas? Here's a short list of talks I would love to see!
djangocon  ideas  conference 
5 days ago
aws-cli bash helper functions
> The official AWS command line tools, have support for configuration profiles. See Configuring the AWS Command Line Interface - Named Profiles.
aws  with-aws  shell  bash  helpers 
6 days ago
> 🎨 Create and share beautiful images of your source code
app  funny-project  development  needs-tags  tool  code  screenshot  github 
6 days ago
When your manager isn't supporting you, build a Voltron
> In my years of coaching managers and individual contributors, I’ve routinely heard the following complaints about their bosses:
leadership  support  advice  management  work  business 
7 days ago
> Cryptocurrency market cap rankings, charts, and more
blockchain  market  crypto  tools  bitcoin  cryptocurrency  ethereum  doge  altcoin  charts 
12 days ago
> An easier way to find creative and tech conferences.
conference  conferences  conferencias 
12 days ago
Hiding from the mission
> We degrade the urgency of the mission. We become diffuse. We get distracted. Anything to avoid planting a stake and saying, "I made this."
twitter  sethgodin  totag 
15 days ago
> Installing Development environment on Mac OS X

I strive to document my Mac this well someday.
setup  github  osx  development  mac  install 
19 days ago
> A framework for making social media bots for multiple networks
mastodon  python3  bot  twitter  python  bots  github 
19 days ago
Mastering Click: Writing Advanced Python Command-Line Apps
This is a great example of doing things with click. Some are not obvious.
python  click 
19 days ago
“Build an audience? Bah. I’m a nobody.”
> “We all know we need to build an audience. Out-teach the competition. Collect those fans and emails before I even have something to sell, so when I do have something to sell, the money will come rolling in. Enough already. I haven’t accomplished anything. No one cares what I have to say. I can’t build an audience with this track record. And I’m a terrible teacher.”
22 days ago
How transparent should you be as a leader?
> Two things I've found helpful to consider when trying to decide what to share with my team - and what to keep to myself.
leadership  management 
22 days ago
Why Alabama Is Not A Victory For Black Women
> Black women have been the backbone of this nation since slavery, with absolutely no recognition or respect and here we are again.
22 days ago
AwayBot, an out of office helper

I'd love to see more of these types of tools become popular.
slackbot  slack  ooto  twitter  productivity  calendar  bot  work 
23 days ago
> A modern approach to copy text to clipboard

It works!
paste  library  js  copy  webdev  clipboard  javascript  web  development  lib 
26 days ago
TACHYONS - Css Toolkit
Favorited because I <3 their stylesheet.
webdesign  css3  responsive  css  web  framework  design  webdev  dev  development 
26 days ago
How to Write a Book
> Don't write a book. Even better, stop thinking about writing a book. Your endless internal debate and self-conjured guilt about that book you haven't written yet is a sensational waste of your time. My guess is if you took all the time that you've spent considering writing a book and translated that into actual writing time, you'd be a quarter of your way into writing that book you're not writing.
advice  rands  howto  articles  book  writing  publishing  books 
26 days ago
> Utilities for archiving JPEGs for long term storage.
compression  backup  github  geeky  commandline  archive  image  cloudinary  images 
4 weeks ago
> Beautiful Django Rest Framework API documentation autogeneration through OpenAPI standard
drf  rest  github  openapi  django 
4 weeks ago
How to add a health check to your Docker container
> Health checks are exactly what they sound like - a way of checking the health of some resource. In the case of Docker, a health check is a command used to determine the health of a running container.
docker  healthcheck 
4 weeks ago
Logging in Docker
> The more services you have, the more logging data you will have to manage. And with Docker it has become even simpler to run services.
docker  logging 
5 weeks ago
Woman Restores Van So She Can Travel The World With Her Dog
> Marina Piro had a dream of traveling the world and she wanted to take her rescue Labradoodle cross Odie with her.
vanlife  travel 
5 weeks ago
My videoconferencing setup.
> "My job on a distributed team necessitates that I spend 1–6 hours meeting with folks via videoconference." ... "In the intervening six months, I’ve created a setup in my home office that I’m really happy with, at a total cost of about five hundred bucks."
webcam  videoconferencing 
5 weeks ago
Alcohol and the Tech Industry with Victor Yocco
> Does the tech industry have an alcohol problem?
alcohol  tech 
5 weeks ago
> A Mastodon <-> Twitter Bridge Service
flask-sqlalchemy  flask  mastodon  twitter  python  flask-wtf 
5 weeks ago
Home Lab is the Dopest Lab
> I always have some random side project I am working on, whether it is making the world's most over engineered desktop OS all running in containers or updating all my Makefiles to be the definition of glittering beauty.
engineering  docker  homeoffice  twitter  architecture  lab  home  network  linux  containers  sysadmin  wifi  networking  setup  homelab 
7 weeks ago
In Search Of The Perfect Writing Font
> Hell just froze over. After seven years of offering no font options to write, iA Writer now comes with a choice. Next to the monospace Nitti you will now find a brand new duospace font. Duospace?
monospace  writing  legibility  typography  50%  advantage  font  fonts  design 
7 weeks ago
> An iOS/tvOS Frontend for multiple emulators, currently supporting Sega Genesis, Game Gear/Master System, Sega CD, 32X, SNES, NES, GB/GBC, GBA, Atari 2600 and 7800.

This works!
ios  emulator  sega  games  retrogaming  iphone  nintendo  github  tvos  snes  appletv  gaming  emulation  objective-c 
7 weeks ago
Python API Checklist
> Useful checklist for building good Python library APIs. Based on "How to make a good library API" PyCon 2017 talk.
python  documentation  codeconvention  apis  library  programming  architecture  design  api  checklist 
7 weeks ago
How to Render Django Form Manually
I needed a refresher on how to style Django forms with Bootstrap4 and this ended up being all I needed. +1
render  forms  django  manual  manualbootstrap4 
8 weeks ago
Technology disconnect
Great guide for ideas on how to disconnect from technology over the holidays.
disconnect  technology 
9 weeks ago
Bond and turkey
Justin shares his family's James Bond watching Thanksgiving tradition and spreadsheet.
traditions  family 
9 weeks ago
The Sheets Of San Francisco
Andrew breaks down his process for 3D printing maps of London and San Francisco which is amazing.
3dprinting  printing 
9 weeks ago
A Good Trip Will Make You Appreciate Home
> In saying that nothing is permanent, there is one thing that has never changed for me: the fact that, no matter where I have lived or what my life looked like, I’m always happy to go home at the end of a trip. It doesn’t matter how amazing the trip was. I always get to the end of it feeling genuinely excited to go home.
9 weeks ago
Turn off retweets!
> Tired of seeing retweets on Twitter?

Works as advertised.
twitter  retweets  detweet  filtering  glitch 
9 weeks ago
Story Speaker
> Create interactive talking stories, no coding required.
stories  fiction  audio  digitalstorytelling  storytelling  interactivefiction  arc  feedlysave  google 
9 weeks ago
How To Break Up With Toxic Friends
Adulting is hard which sometimes means taking a break from toxic friends.
adulting  lifetips 
9 weeks ago
> Helix is a habit tracking app that will help you to create and maintain an awesome daily routine, which is one of the most powerful tools for achieving your goals and sending your life into an upwards spiral.
habit  tracking 
9 weeks ago
> A special kind of ModelAdmin that allows it to be nested within another ModelAdmin
admin  django  python  django-admin 
9 weeks ago
> in-process file monitor / reloader for reloading your code automatically during development
python  reload  watchdog  autoreload  inotify  file-monitoring  daemon 
9 weeks ago
> Django utility for a memoization decorator that uses the Django cache framework.
django  memoise  cache 
9 weeks ago
> Extends click.Group to invoke a command without explicit subcommand name.
python  click 
10 weeks ago
> Aims to be the biggest checklist of inclusive design considerations ever
a11y  design  accessibility  webdesign  inclusive-design  a11ly  needs-tags  checklist  github  facebook 
10 weeks ago
> Investing Returns on the Market as a Whole
home  development  data  finance  github  financial  stocks  investing  investment 
10 weeks ago
> Simple and beautiful habit tracker
habit  application  tool  gtd  productivity  todo  tracker  loop  webapp  habits 
11 weeks ago
Eco-friendly postcards - Press Inquiry
Writing a decent press page is hard. Something we need to do a better job in our conference world.
press  page  research 
11 weeks ago
Eco-friendly postcards mailed by Postcard Panda
I went from eye rolling to welcoming this app. It's just a take a photo, write a message, and they print a postcard and ship it for you for $3 a card. Simple.
email  app  postcards  card  ecology  ios 
11 weeks ago
> A list of everything that *could* go in the head of your document
meta  meta-tags  web-development  list  development  frontend-development  web  reference  webdev  github  html  html5  head 
11 weeks ago
Why Generosity Turns To Rage, And What To Do About It
> Very often, I find myself lashing out at someone I intended to help. The expectation that my generosity would require only a certain amount of effort, and would lead to a predictable payoff, is the culprit. How can I practice a Beginner’s Mind that has no expectations?
11 weeks ago
> This service allows you to connect a Mastodon account and a Twitter account and enable cross-posting between them. You can choose some options, such as if you want to post boosts, unlisted toots or replies.
mastodon  twitter  bridge 
11 weeks ago
Beginner's guide to game development
> Creating your first game can be a confusing process, especially if you've got no idea where to start. This guide will show you most of the basics of game development, no matter which game engine you're planning to use. There's a ton of information available that covers every aspect of game development but it's hard to find out where to start. Let this guide show you the very first steps into game development.
gamedev  resources  from instapaper
11 weeks ago
Why I’m No Longer Joining Free Online Communities
> Even if you can make a profit early on (we did with the job board, retreats, sponsors and coding classes), free communities can still have issues. So, I’m only going to join paid communities moving forward, and I encourage you to do the same.
11 weeks ago
> Ela Conf 2017, our third, came and went this past weekend and I can honestly say this was our best one yet; take a look at the #elaconf hashtag to see for yourself.
elaconf  conferences 
11 weeks ago
> A buddy for Helps caregivers track sleep, feedings, diaper changes, and tummy time to learn about and predict baby's needs without (as much) guess work.
infant  self-hosted  sleep  kids  python  newborn  baby  babies  dashboard  tracker  app  schedule  django  webapp  parents  child 
12 weeks ago
PSF's October Board Meeting
"volunteer appreciation has evolved" => some volunteers are paid

"PyCon's Speaker Financial Support" - half step in the right direction but two steps back by not using plain language and addressing the barriers that making speakers pay creates.
12 weeks ago
DIY Wooden Sideboard/Record Cabinet With Wine Rack
> Small spaces call for creative problem solving, and that's what this sideboard/wine rack combination aims to do! Multipurpose living never looked so good.
october 2017
Games Look Bad, Part 1: HDR and Tone Mapping
I know enough about photography to truly hate HDR. Maybe this is why modern day video game systems and games just like crap to my eye.
photography  film  games  game_dev  graphics_programming  graphics  3d  gamedev  hdr  rendering 
october 2017
Mike Monteiro: "If you're waiting for someone else to do the right thing, you're doing it wrong."
> Mike Monteiro: “If you’re waiting for someone else to do the right thing, you’re doing it wrong.”
october 2017
How I got to 200 productive hours a month
by Ivan Mir on Sep 19, 2017 Two years ago I could spend a week not working because I was avoiding some task. One year ago it was 100 to 120 hours of work...
focus  workplace  productivitiy  life  adhd  work  productivity  procrastination  from instapaper
october 2017
> Ansible Role - Mac App Store CLI.
devops  macos  ansible  app  mas  macappstore  store  setup  automation  server  mac  role  app-store 
october 2017
On Pruning Your Passions
> So, I’m committing to saying “No” to myself more often. When I’m looking for a small app or tool and can’t find just the right thing, I’m going to say “No” to building my own, instead of making the best option work. When NaNoWriMo rolls around next year, I’m not going to cause myself anxiety over the “Will I? Won’t I?” leading up, and I’m going to admit that it just doesn’t work for me. When I end my work day, I’m going to leave the web development at work.
october 2017
Seth's Blog: Processing negative reviews
> Some of these things you can address by telling a story more clearly, some you can't.

> Either way, right now, they're telling you one thing: It's not for them.

> Okay, thanks for letting us know.
october 2017
> Create and share beautiful images of your source code.
> Start typing, or drop a file into the text area to get started.
code  tool  screenshot  sharing  share  image  programming  presentation 
october 2017
MailChimp vs. Amazon SES - How I Reduced My Monthly Bill by 92%
> I joined MailChimp several years ago when I had a really small email list. The pricing initially was fine, but as my list grew bigger, it seemed as though each month my bill would jump up.

> Below, I outline the problem I was facing with a $240 monthly email fee and what I ultimately did to reduce it by 92%.
developer  lists  mailinglists  list  mailing  amazon_ses  mailwizz  mailchimp  amazon  marketing  email  alternative  library 
october 2017
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