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@BR3NDA I'm a big fan of the papers and talks here:
may 2018
Home and Garage Storage Solutions | Garage Storage | Gladiator®
Gladiator provides storage solutions rugged enough for your garage, but stylish enough for any room of your home. Have a look at cabinets, workbenches & more!
august 2015
Mesosphere - Advanced Mesos Course
Mesos allows you to create a highly-available and scalable cluster on your existing hardware.
cloud  sysadmin 
july 2015
CircuitLab - online schematic editor & circuit simulator
Sketch, simulate, and share your circuits, entirely in your browser -- no install required. Easy schematic capture and powerful SPICE-like, mixed-mode circuit simulation helps EE students, electronics hobbyists, and electrical engineers design faster.
electronics  tools  design 
july 2015
Ask HN: Open source OCR library? | Hacker News
I have a hobby project where I scrape instagram photos, and I actually only want to end up with photos with actual people in them. There are a lot of images being posted with motivational texts etc that I want to automatically filter out.
june 2015
Program Your VHF UHF Transceivers for Disaster Preparedness with FRS GMRS PMR MURS BUSINESS WEATHER MARINE HAM Channel Frequencies | RadioMaster Reports
The purpose is to provide mobile, HT, and base communications for field operations of land or ground search and rescue teams, ambulances, and medical personnel at the scene of incidents. It is identified in the list as the channel name SAREMT. The default interoperability PL tone for SAR EMT is 127.3 Hz. It is also known as Privacy tone #19, or PL 3A, or Sub-channel CTCSS 19.
may 2015
Daily Deals - Discount Outdoor Clothing & Gear | Steep & Cheap
SALE: Deep Discounts on Outdoor Gear & Apparel. Steep & Cheap offers steals on camping, hiking, skiing, cycling gear and more
may 2015
rasterio 0.22.0 : Python Package Index
Fast and direct raster I/O for use with Numpy and SciPy
python  raster 
may 2015
fireSLEEVE: Waterproof Lighter by Exotac Inc — Kickstarter
Exotac Inc is raising funds for fireSLEEVE: Waterproof Lighter on Kickstarter!

The fireSLEEVE takes an ordinary Bic lighter and turns it into an elite piece of outdoor gear.
may 2015
Listening for the Rain on Vimeo
Listening for the Rain starts a pluricultural conversation in which some Indigenous people who live in the central United States of America discuss their observations…
march 2015
Humanidades Digitales - INICIO
Humanidades Digitales proyecto de la red de Humanistas Digitales de México
march 2015
Stitch Fix Technology
Stitch Fix is a full-stack startup creating unique solutions in data-driven merchandising, massively scaled personal styling, and complex logistics.
march 2015
About the Super Cat Alcohol Stove
The SuperCat alcohol stove, also known as the Super Cat alcohol stove, is easy to make and use. Originally designed by Jim Wood, it's quickly taken off as a favorite among ultralight backpackers. Learn more about the Stove, including an overview of its specifications.
march 2015
fido - Format Identification for Digital Objects (FIDO) is a Python command-line tool to identify the file formats of digital objects. It is designed for simple integration into automated work-flows.
october 2014
Obrary - the open design marketplace of products customized for you
Obrary is a marketplace of products collaboratively designed by the community. Our products have open source designs that you can use for free.
october 2014
Geekbus - San Antonio's Mobile Classroom
Mobile classroom on a bus and links to curriculum for various age groups.
digifab  mobile 
october 2014
Paladin Studios' EnerCities
kids  games 
march 2014
How Hackers Stole 200,000+ Citi Accounts Just By Changing Numbers In The URL - The Consumerist
RT : How Hackers Stole 200,000+ Citi Accounts Just By Changing Numbers In The URL < RT for morning crowd
hacks  from twitter
june 2011
Asciiflow - ASCII Flow Diagram Tool
RT @wbuthod: This is very cool;ASCIIflow (web-based ASCII diagram drawing tool)
ascii  art  editor 
june 2011
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