UCLA Ergonomics - Handwriting Tips
On the RSI front, I'm working on relearning how to write. Penmanship was never my forte.
october 2015
Refugee Crisis - Meta Viral Wikia
RT : If you have ideas for how people can help with the , please add them here!
refugees  from twitter
september 2015
'Anchor Babies' and Other Horror Stories About Immigrants: Be Not Afraid | John Tirman
RT : The "anchor baby" and the "crack baby" are siblings. They have the same mother: racially divisive politics that...
migration  race  birthright.citizenship  from twitter
september 2015
The Rust Programming Language
Working through the book makes me inordinately happy.
rustlang  from twitter
june 2015
An Efficiency Comparison of Document Preparation Systems Used in Academic Research and Development

The choice of an efficient document preparation system is an important decision for any academic researcher. To assist the research community, we report a software usability study in which 40 researchers across different disciplines prepared scholarly texts with either Microsoft Word or LaTeX. The probe texts included simple continuous text, text with tables and subheadings, and complex text with several mathematical equations. We show that LaTeX users were slower than Word users, wrote less text in the same amount of time, and produced more typesetting, orthographical, grammatical, and formatting errors. On most measures, expert LaTeX users performed even worse than novice Word users. LaTeX users, however, more often report enjoying using their respective software. We conclude that even experienced LaTeX users may suffer a loss in productivity when LaTeX is used, relative to other document preparation systems. Individuals, institutions, and journals should carefully consider the ramifications of this finding when choosing document preparation strategies, or requiring them of authors.
LaTeX  Word  Microsoft 
may 2015
asmeurer/git-workflow · GitHub
Introductory workflow for people who want to contribute to things on GitHub
workflow  GitHub  open.source.contributing  onboarding  from twitter
may 2015
ReproduceIt: FiveThirtyEight - How Baltimore’s Young Black Men Are Boxed In | Daniel Rodriguez
RT : New article: ReproduceIt: FiveThirtyEight - How Baltimore’s Young Black Men Are Boxed In
reproducibility  data  from twitter
may 2015
What is Racial Domination
When students of race and racism seek direction, they can find no single comprehensive
source that provides them with basic analytical guidance or that offers insights into the
elementary forms of racial classification and domination. We believe the field would
benefit greatly from such a source, and we attempt to offer one here. Synchronizing and
building upon recent theoretical innovations in the area of race, we lend some conceptual
clarification to the nature and dynamics of race and racial domination so that students of
the subjects—especially those seeking a general (if economical) introduction to the vast
field of race studies—can gain basic insight into how race works as well as effective (and
fallacious) ways to think about racial domination. Focusing primarily on the American
context, we begin by defining race and unpacking our definition. We then describe how
our conception of race must be informed by those of ethnicity and nationhood. Next, we
identify five fallacies to avoid when thinking about racism. Finally, we discuss the resilience
of racial domination, concentrating on how all actors in a society gripped by racism
reproduce the conditions of racial domination, as well as on the benefits and drawbacks
of approaches that emphasize intersectionality."
race  ethnicity  pdf  intersectionality  from twitter
may 2015
Datasets | GroupLens
Datasets available from Grouplens
data  datasets  from twitter
may 2015
I miss not being scared. — The Message — Medium
RT : Once upon a time, I took a lot of stupid risks without thinking twice. Now I must contend with fear. It sucks. More:
parenting  fear  from twitter
may 2015
Algorithm Notebook
RT : This epic iPython notebook is one of the best lessons I've read about algorithms, design, and problem solving
iPython  algorithms  from twitter
may 2015
NPR One: Why Can't My iPhone Speak Spanglish
RT : "Why Can't My iPhone Speak Spanglish?" And why there should be more diverse decision makers.
diversity  technology  audio  from twitter
may 2015
Sing It On Sunday, Live It On Monday: “Revelation Song” | Osheta Moore
RT : "When I worship in a different language it is my emphatic acceptance to an invitation to unity."
multilingual.worship  worship  language  race  ethnicity  from twitter
april 2015
Type Hints - Guido van Rossum - PyCon 2015 - YouTube
:-) "I am expecting fewer bugs and happier programers due to type hints" 's PyCon address
Python  type  type.hints  programming  video  from twitter
april 2015
indecorous.com· Imperfect allies
RT : If you have fears about taking a stand as a male ally, read this.
ally  diversity  from twitter
april 2015
IPython lecture notes for OCW MIT 18.06
Strang's Linear Algebra lectures as IPython notebooks from .
IPython  linear.algebra  from twitter
april 2015
The Cantor Function: Angel or Devil? | Roots of Unity, Scientific American Blog Network
Don't blink. Blink and you're dead. It's faster than you could believe. It's the Cantor function.
math  fun  cantor.function  cantor.set  doctor.who  calculus  analysis  from twitter
march 2015
DevMyndBlog: Pairing with Junior Developers
RT : I've paired with dozens of junior developers over the years. I did it wrong so you don't have to.
pairing  programming  from twitter
january 2015
Gender Bias in Academe: An Annotated Bibliography of Important Recent Studies | HASTAC
Gender Bias in Academe: An Annotated Bibliography of Important Recent Studies | HASTAC
gender  survey  academic  from twitter
january 2015
Robust De-anonymization of Large Sparse Datasets
Arvind Narayanan a
nd Vitaly Shmatikov
The University of Texas at Austin
de-anonymization  privacy 
august 2014
The Real Reason Reproducible Research is Important | Simply Statistics
Reproducibility is important in science (but not the same as replication or correctness)
science  reproducibility  from twitter_favs
june 2014
Recipe: Braised Eggplant and Tomatoes | The Kitchn
RT : Made braised eggplant and tomatoes for supper tonight. Was most tasty.
vegetables  food  eggplant  tomato  from twitter
may 2014
Twitter / AustinBcycle: Is it time for @LEGO_Group ...
RT : Is it time for to add station to the City series? Child of our staff made this station
bikeshare  bicycle  LEGO  fun  from twitter
may 2014
Bibliography | The Data Revolution
Interested in big data, open data, data infrastructures? Here's a list of useful books, articles, reports
bibliography  big.data  data  from twitter_favs
may 2014
Untitled (http://mashable.com/2014/04/26/big-data-pregnancy/)
"the kinds of things that tag you as likely engaging in criminal activity, as opposed to just having a baby,"
data  big.data  privacy  shopping  from twitter
may 2014
Cryptographer Adi Shamir Prevented from Attending NSA History Conference - Secrecy News
In wanting open borders: not having freedom to travel hurts science; visa kept the 'S' in "RSA" from presenting work
visa  migration  open.borders  science  freedom  from twitter
october 2013
Schneier on Security: Paradoxes of Big Data
RT : Paradoxes of Big Data: Interesting paper: "Three Paradoxes of Big Data," by Neil M. Richards and Jonathan H. K...
big.data  Bruce.Schneier  from twitter
september 2013
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