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Download Vincent van Gogh's Collection of 500 Japanese Prints, Which Inspired Him to Create "the Art of the Future" | Open Culture
Vincent van Gogh never went to Japan, but he did spend quite a bit of time in Arles, which he considered the Japan of France. What made him think of the place that way had to do entirely with aesthetics. The Netherlands-born painter had moved to Paris in 1886, but two years later he set off for the south of France in hopes of finding real-life equivalents of the "clearness of the atmosphere and the gay colour effects" of Japanese prints. These days, we've all seen at least a few examples of that kind of art and can imagine more or less exactly what he was talking about. But how did the man who painted Sunflowers and The Starry Night come to draw such inspiration from what must have felt like such exotic art of such distant a provenance?
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2 days ago by jchris
REMOVED - Eric Pickersgill
A photo series by Eric Pickersgill who digitally removed smartphones from pictures.
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august 2018 by jchris
The Untold Story of Japan's First People - SAPIENS
In the 20th century, Japanese anthropologists and officials tried to hide the existence of the Indigenous Ainu. Then the Ainu fought back like their cousins, the bears.
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december 2017 by jchris
A Clash of Cultures « bunnie's blog
A single innuendo, amplified by Power Asymmetry and Guanxi Bias, on top of Idol Effect meshed against Prototype Bias, has destroyed everything a Maker has worked so hard to build over the past few years.
culture  identity 
november 2017 by jchris
This Future Looks Familiar: Watching Blade Runner in 2017 | Tor.com
There is a whole class of slaves. It is illegal for them to escape slavery. The cops are supposed to murder the slaves if they escape, because there is a risk that they will start to think they’re people. But the cops know that the slaves are not people, so it’s okay to murder them. The greatest danger, the thing the cops are supposed to prevent, is that the slaves will try to assimilate into the society that relies on their labor.
culture  film  cyberpunk 
october 2017 by jchris
Pornhub's New Accessibility Features Make Life Easier For Blind Visitors | WIRED
ACCESSING THE WEB presents unique challenges for the blind and visually impaired. Text-to-speech programs can be unreliable. Too many developers don’t follow best practices for navigating sites without visual cues. Destinations that lean heavily on images can prove inscrutable. They don’t have to, though. And Pornhub, the largest adult site on the web, is taking steps toward making its wares available even for those who can’t easily see it.
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september 2017 by jchris
Unlearning the myth of American innocence | US news | The Guardian
Some years after I moved to Istanbul, I bought a notebook, and unlike that confident child, I wrote down not plans but a question: who do we become if we don’t become Americans? If we discover that our identity as we understood it had been a myth? I asked it because my years as an American abroad in the 21st century were not a joyous romp of self-discovery and romance. Mine were more of a shattering and a shame, and even now, I still don’t know myself.
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september 2017 by jchris
So, about this Googler’s manifesto. – Yonatan Zunger – Medium
So it seems that someone has seen fit to publish an internal manifesto about gender and our “ideological echo chamber.” I think it’s important that we make a couple of points clear.
culture  gender  googlememo 
august 2017 by jchris
17 cultural clashes this European had in America - Business Insider Deutschland
This post is my rant about America because of all the places I've been, the people who always complain the most about the local country are travelling Americans. It's mostly for those people (which you may be far from yourself, dear reader!) that I wrote this post – so that they can read a foreigner complain about THEIR country.
culture  travel  @goodie 
june 2017 by jchris
Yuval Noah Harari: the theatre of terror | Books | The Guardian
Terrorists have almost no military strength so they create a spectacle. How should states respond? The author of Sapiens, a history of humanity, reflects on the past, and alarming future, of the fear factor
guardian  essay  culture  terrorism 
february 2015 by jchris
How I failed the Turing test | BlogCadre
Some time around March, I started receiving a number of random instant messages from people I've never met before. Apparantly, my AIM alias had been added to at least two online lists and people all over the world were busy importing me as a buddy. -=- I
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february 2008 by jchris
I have too much stuff. Most people in America do. In fact, the poorer people are, the more stuff they seem to have. [...] Stuff has gotten a lot cheaper, but our attitudes toward it haven't changed correspondingly. We overvalue stuff.
essay  paul-graham  culture  lifehacks  stuff 
august 2007 by jchris
Nadine Jarvis | projects
An ongoing research project looking to challenge our archaic post mortem traditions and to offer proposals for alternate treatment for our deceased.
art  culture 
april 2007 by jchris
OmniCode! Web-wide description for the whole internet!
OmniCode is a replacement for the now defunct 'Geekcode' and more! Without the draconian restrictions Geekcode had on creating tools for creation and decoding, OmniCode is a much more user-friendly alternative.
culture  fun  omnicode  geek  geekcode 
april 2007 by jchris
Urban Dictionary: Define Your World
Urban Dictionary is a slang dictionary with your definitions. Define your world.
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february 2007 by jchris
O'Reilly Radar > The Sheep Market Thesis
Amazon's Mechanical Turk is a system for getting people to do small tasks via an API for small amounts of money. The Sheep Market is perhaps the most interesting application based on MTurk. Whereas most Human Intelligence Tasks (or HITs) are about data ve
amazon  business  collaboration  culture  oreillynet  web2.0 
december 2006 by jchris
Hacking Email: 99 Email Security and Productivity Tips
The 99 tips in this article make up the best in email practices. From how to ethically use the ‘BCC:' to what attachments will make your mobile emailing compatible with everyone else's, this list covers everything you need to know about emailing.
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december 2006 by jchris
The girl with error-message eyes
Below, a random person I spotted in Transylvania two minutes after the grid went back up earlier today. In her eyes, you can make out part of an error message, denoting that a graphic or script from her customised “avatar” or representative form in Se
art  culture  secondlife  philip-k-dick 
september 2006 by jchris
Front Deutscher Äpfel - F.D.Ä. Weltnetzseite
«Wie tritt man tumben Neonazis gescheit entgegen - totschweigen, Steine werfen oder einfach auslachen? Die bunt kostümierte "Front Deutscher Äpfel" setzt auf Parodie und hatte am 1. Mai in Leipzig ihren Auftritt: "Was gibt der deutschen Jugend Kraft? A
culture  funny  leipzig  satire  politik 
august 2006 by jchris
www. is deprecated.
No-www.org strives to make the Internet and communications about it as fruitful as possible. To that end, we make the modest proposal that website makers configure their main sites to be accessible by domain.com as well as www.domain.com.
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august 2006 by jchris
Positive Atheism (since 1995) Join the Struggle Against Anti-Atheist Bigotry!
Positive Atheism Magazine (PAM) -- For Those Seeking to Initiate or Invigorate Their Awareness of Their Own Freedom from Superstition and Theistic Faith
articles  atheism  culture  philosophy  reference 
april 2006 by jchris

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