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Rebis Records: Celestial Attunement | Gapers Block Transmission
Somehow I'd forgotten this nice deep dive into the Rebis discography (written a decade ago)
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january 2018 by jbushnell
The Insides: A Review | Kristian Wilson, Writing
Kristian Wilson: "The Insides is a brilliant sophomore offering, and its quirks should not be missed."
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august 2016 by jbushnell
"The Room of Zip Code" — REALITY HANDS
A piece of deconstructed science fiction I wrote. "Polygonal forms emerge from wasp-wall; rotate and click, rhapsodize, sundering, each sun fouled with fashion. Harlon’s domino mask edged and wild: into the picture it fits, commandeered. Around this time language was dead, and so the ashen forms began the long crawl up from the lower levels. Take this letter, they say, deliver it."
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august 2016 by jbushnell
Five Books Riddled with Holes | Tor.com
"The Insides is only the latest entrant in a long lineage of books featuring weird holes, portals, voids, and abysses, though: once you start looking for them, they seem to pop up everywhere. "
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august 2016 by jbushnell
Behind the Book: Jeremy Bushnell’s The Insides » MobyLives
"Although I hope [my books will] appeal to readers who enjoy literary fare, these books draw much of their energy from genre writing, especially the genres of fantasy and horror. You can’t work in those genres without noticing the long shadow cast by H.P. Lovecraft, and part of what drove me to write The Insides was a desire to reckon with the troubling aspects of Lovecraft’s legacy."
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august 2016 by jbushnell
Largehearted Boy: Book Notes - Jeremy P. Bushnell "The Insides"
"I was excited to be asked to do a Book Notes piece for The Insides, because the book has a playlist already in it. In the opening chapter Ollie's making her way through a long, exhausting shift, carving up goats and pigs, and as she's working she's also listening to an eight-hour work mix that lives on her old click-wheel iPod. So here are some of my notes on that playlist, as it appears in that chapter."
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august 2016 by jbushnell
Necessary Fiction - Research Notes: The Insides
I wrote about my research process (reading food Tumblrs and survivalist blogs) for Necessary Fiction
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june 2016 by jbushnell
Best science fiction novels to read this month - The Washington Post
I'm in the Washington Post as one of the best SF/F novels from June. They say "gripping"
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june 2016 by jbushnell
Bookshots: 'The Insides' by Jeremy P. Bushnell | LitReactor
"Following in the footsteps of The Weirdness, Bushnell's writing isn't without its comedic moments, but this new adventure also isn't afraid to dive down darker alleyways and amp up the stakes with gritty, realistic prose."
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june 2016 by jbushnell
Bushnell Captures Contemporary "Weirdness" | Arts | The Harvard Crimson
The Harvard Crimson: "[Bushnell] has written a work that is immensely entertaining, and more than being merely diverting, is truly funny."
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may 2016 by jbushnell
Jeremy P Bushnell Interview — REALITY HANDS
I spoke with Reality Hands about science fiction, caper narratives, ambient music, MAD Magazine, & unstable spaces
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april 2016 by jbushnell
Inevitable (the game): Yellow-Band Trailer (v1) - YouTube
A silly trailer for Inevitable, which we made back in 2010. Tunes by Sluk, voiceover by Lex.
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march 2016 by jbushnell
Inevitable: First Impressions | Dice Hate Me
A tough but fair review of Inevitable from Dice Hate Me: "It does not consist of flashy, over-produced cards, the rules are not distilled down to a 4-page leaflet, and it is filled with many, highly-geeky and often very obscure references to pop culture, cult films, underground comics, sci-fi and black comedies. It is rough around the edges, there is true grit in the crevices, and it almost feels as though it would be more at home on the top shelf of an independent game store circa 1986. All of this, of course, is a very good thing – for the right group of gamers."
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march 2016 by jbushnell
Enormous Changes at the Last Minute: Giving Fiction a Home | Contents Magazine
In 2013 I wrote about Grace Paley, book trailers, and digital rights stewardship for Contents Magazine
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march 2016 by jbushnell
2016 Glitch Art - iCloud Photo Sharing
Glitch art experiments in a public iCloud folder
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february 2016 by jbushnell
Mina Loy's "Insel" (with image, tweets) · jbushnell1 · Storify
My tweets about Mina Loy's "Insel" (and my first attempt at a Storify story)
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january 2015 by jbushnell
The Magic Circle | Litro
Me: "They’re powerful things, the circles that games make. Huizinga is not wrong to describe them as magical. I think back to the circles that I made for myself, and even now, twenty years later, I am struck by the elegance and utility of their invention. In effect they were perfect. I’m not saying that they were perfect games—they weren’t. But they were perfect little rituals of inclusion and exclusion.   They worked exactly as they were designed to: they took the people who were like me and drew them close, and they took the people who were less like me and kept them away."
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september 2014 by jbushnell
The Weirdness - The Barnes & Noble Review
SF author Paul Di Filippo reviews my book: "Bushnell is no half-hearted magical realist or dabbler in trendy interstitial allegory, but rather a full-fledged, proudly non-mimetic genre fabulist, a living disproof to the absurd contention that comedy in fiction cannot produce a work of gravitas with a red clown nose firmly in place."
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may 2014 by jbushnell
THE WEIRDNESS by Jeremy P. Bushnell | Verbicide Magazine
"it seems to have been crafted where strangeness, smarts, and humor meet."
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may 2014 by jbushnell
Largehearted Boy: Book Notes - Jeremy P. Bushnell "The Weirdness"
"In his own words, here is Jeremy P. Bushnell's Book Notes music playlist for his debut novel, The Weirdness"
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march 2014 by jbushnell
Book Report: The Weirdness | gemma D. alexander
Yep: "For a story about gods and devils, filled with magical battles, Bushnell mostly focuses on practical questions of power – who is bigger and stronger? Who has the gun? How does one resist the temptation to avoid hard work or to sidestep consent when power makes it easy to do so?"
book_commentary  me  weirdness_reviews 
march 2014 by jbushnell
Bookshots: 'The Weirdness' by Jeremy P. Bushnell | LitReactor
"[A] fitting and lighthearted book for anyone in need of a break from a long and snowy winter."  
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march 2014 by jbushnell
Open Books Store • Lizzy Recommends: The Weirdness by Jeremy...
"And then things happen and the things that happen are not the things that you’ll expect to happen. I want to describe each of the best parts, but I can’t bring myself to even give hints that could ruin it for you. I will say: The Weirdness is simultaneously the most perfect skewering of the overly-pretentious literary scene and the most perfect skewering of trite genre tropes, and I was cackling with delight for the entire book. "
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march 2014 by jbushnell
What's The Word? > Dig Boston interviews Jeremy P. Bushnell
"The Weirdness is exactly our kind of weird–witty, irreverent, and prone to taking the reader way out and back around again. " Cached copy: https://web.archive.org/web/20140321202642/http://digboston.com/boston-arts-theater/2014/03/whats-the-word/
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march 2014 by jbushnell
Shelf Awareness for Readers for Tuesday, March 11, 2014 | Shelf Awareness
"With a deft, self-deprecating touch, Jeremy P. Bushnell makes dealing with the devil, the world-ending threat of a lucky cat statue and shapeshifting demon sex-wolves seem plausible--perhaps downright inevitable--as The Weirdness manages to soar beyond the potentially familiar tropes of urban fantasy with a strong sense of style and character."
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march 2014 by jbushnell
Book review: “The Weirdness” by Jeremy Bushnell - Books - The Boston Globe
"[A]n utterly charming, silly, and heartily entertaining coming-of-age story about a man-boy who learns to believe in himself by reckoning with evil."
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march 2014 by jbushnell
The Quietus >> Peer Review: Rachel Cantor & Jeremy P. Bushnell On Their Debut Novels
Damn: "Cantor and Bushnell, like Lin over half a decade ago, are debut novelists of the highest order. By turns hilarious, bewildering and breathtaking in the scope of their imagination, the newest members of the Melville House family are a testament to its continued benchmark-setting for phenomenal new literary talent and to its prophetic abilities."
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march 2014 by jbushnell
Better Book Titles > Two-Book Minimum
We discuss "the Devil, Unitarians, which car philanderers drive,  how to mess with first-year college students, and God’s intentions. Strangely, the conversation only gets heated when everyone starts talking about literary criticism. "
comedy  me 
march 2014 by jbushnell
Chicago Reader> Meditating With Sound
A few years ago Jeremy Bushnell and Chris Miller, who perform together as the drone-noise duo Number None, started putting out CD-Rs of their music on their own Rebis label. But in 2005 they decided to go legit and release proper CDs by other bands--in large part to document a scene they saw emerging around them. "The tag we started using as an organizing principle was the New Electronic Sublime," says Bushnell. "The old version of the music was John Cale's early stuff with the Dream Syndicate, La Monte Young, and those people." Lately, he says, a new crop of artists has arisen--Axolotl and the Skaters on the west coast, for instance, and Double Leopards on the east. "It seemed like there was a group of people all over the country working with a heavy drone, electrically charged with a lot of distortion, but aiming for this transcendence or this sublimity."
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april 2013 by jbushnell
#greatsentences from @jbushnell
Some of my favorite sentences from this year's reading, in Tweet form
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january 2012 by jbushnell
Non-Fashion People's Fashion Night Out on PortalMRKT
The pieces designed for Non-Fashion People's Fashion Night Out
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september 2010 by jbushnell
Inevitable, the Board Game of Insane Supercomputers, Zombies and Sociopolitical Satire - Dystopia - io9
io9: "Would you want to live in a world where human civilization was destroyed, then rebuilt by a computer that only had pop culture as a reference? Probably not. Would you want to play a board game there? Hell yes."
inevitable  me  inevitable_reviews 
may 2010 by jbushnell
"Injuries," by Jeremy P. Bushnell
New fiction (by, uh, me) at The 2nd Hand
fiction  me 
april 2010 by jbushnell
Inevitable: dystopian tabletop gaming — Kickstarter
Violence! Betrayal! Laughs! Evil supercomputers! "Inevitable" is the game of a future not much bleaker than our own. Currently 38% funded.
kickstarter  inevitable  me  projects  games 
march 2010 by jbushnell
Inevitable | Board Game | BoardGameGeek
The "Inevitable" page at Board Game Geek. Needs content, ratings, etc., but it's a start
projects  me  inevitable 
january 2010 by jbushnell
"Know Your Impossible Objects" Five-Button Set by dystopianholdings
Featuring the ambiguous trident, the Penrose triangle, and more
geometry  diy  crafts  etsy  projects  me 
january 2010 by jbushnell
Inevitable: slapstick dystopian boardgaming
"Inevitable is a satirical board game set in a slapstick dystopian future. Every play is designed to provide 2-6 players with a good couple hours of entertainment, danger, violence, betrayal, mayhem, and laughs. It contains a robust amount of high explosives and dead things. It was designed by people who think Orwell's 1984 is a comedy and the Necronomicon is a romance."
games  projects  me 
december 2009 by jbushnell
YouTube - Time-Lapse: Writing on DJ Drama and Lil Wayne's "Georgia...Bush"
I used time-lapse screen-capture technology to capture myself thrashing a bit of consciousness into something resembling sense. I knew my writing process was pretty non-linear, but watching two minutes of its mutation was still illuminating for me
me  videos  music_commentary  creative_process  consciousness 
october 2009 by jbushnell
"Five Visual Poems" at Otoliths
Some work that I managed to find a home for. Font geeks and those who appreciate made-up words may like this
visual_poetry  me 
september 2009 by jbushnell
"Worderfall" by Hybrid Mind Studios
The second Flash game that Dave and I have worked on together. He did the coding and determined much of the behavior of the game-play elements; I did some of the conceptual back-end and much of the graphic design
videogames  me 
september 2009 by jbushnell
Blinkout Game Walkthrough
Engineering.com made a walkthrough of the game Dave E. and I designed together, complete with brief commentary on each of the eight levels. Super-flattering to see this this morning.
me  game_advice 
august 2009 by jbushnell
The first Flash game that I co-designed with Dave E has now been released. NewGrounds link. Description: "How good is your visual memory under pressure? You'll have to use both your agility and good resource strategy to navigate your spaceship through an increasingly hostile dimension. How far can you get?"
videogames  me 
august 2009 by jbushnell
Aught Music Roundtable: "All Hail West Texas" by the Mountain Goats
First in a series of group appreciations of the decade's great albums. With MP3s
mp3s  me  music_commentary  aught_music_roundtables 
july 2009 by jbushnell
Hybrid Mind Studios » Wikipedian Tag
My Wikipedian Tag game, cross-posted at Dave's site.
me  projects  game_design  anthologize_this 
july 2009 by jbushnell
EXPLORINGfictions: Jeremy P. Bushnell | Bird Talk
A piece of experimental fiction I put together. Narrative shards falling through clouds of non-narrative discourse. Sort of.
me  narrative 
july 2009 by jbushnell
Wikipedian Tag
I invented a new game, which involves using the vast, super-complicated structure of Wikipedia as a play space, an environment through which one player chases another. I like to think of it as a kind of competitive parkour through the architecture of all human knowledge, but calling it "tag" is a little simpler. It's easy to learn and loads of fun.
games  projects  me  wikipedia  anthologize_this 
july 2009 by jbushnell
Aught Music
A group MP3 blog, curated by yours truly, dedicated to covering the music of the Aughts (2000-2009). Running from now until the end of the year.
mp3_blogs  projects  me 
june 2009 by jbushnell
"Orange You Glad", a free online game on Kongregate
Point-and-click game designed by my friend Dave E., although I helped with some elements of the user interface
me  videogames  friends 
may 2009 by jbushnell
The Daily Clique
A delicious-oriented blog. "Spend a few minutes each morning with a new set of links, selected by Geoff Edwards from the latest shared bookmarks of twenty-one strangers." I am secretly enormously flattered to be one of the chosen 21 (at least for now).
me  unfiled_blogs 
february 2009 by jbushnell
Political Tag Clouds
I decided to take the tag clouds CJO and I had been making and make a WordPress blog out of them.
politics  rhetoric  language  me  political_tag_clouds 
september 2008 by jbushnell
"Severance Pay" and "Lung"
Somehow I forgot that these poems were ever picked up for publication. Was reminded by an XLibris spambot. Must add to vita!
poems  me 
august 2008 by jbushnell
The Remote Outpost - a set on Flickr
This is the place in rural MA that I'm caretaking for the forseeable future
me  boston_area  flickr_sets 
august 2008 by jbushnell
New and upcoming releases for last.fm user jbushnell
RSS feed of upcoming albums I might be interested in, based on the data in my Last.fm profile. Not sure what all that U2 is doing on there, though
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may 2008 by jbushnell
Production Design Blog-a-Thon
"It isn't difficult to think of films where we have been delighted by production designers' labor and aesthetic, but they have nevertheless received a saddening lack of sustained appreciation." Film bloggers, prepare to remedy this!
media_commentary  design  projects  me 
may 2008 by jbushnell
Rebis Records: Celestial Attunement
Transmission, a Gapers-Block-related Chicago music site, chews on the back catalog of my label.
music_commentary  me 
november 2007 by jbushnell
jbushnell’s Music Profile – Users at Last.fm
Last.fm might be worth exploring, and here's the page that'll have my crap on it, apparently
music  me 
september 2007 by jbushnell
The Internet, Publishing, and the Future of Literature
I will be presenting a short paper on this panel in a few weeks
me  poetics  internet 
august 2007 by jbushnell
"Fugue State"
The two-day drone music fest that I'm co-curating this weekend made Time Out Chicago
me  number_none  psychedelia 
june 2007 by jbushnell
"Everybody must get droned"
Time Out Chicago article on the local drone scene. I'm in the back row, cocking my head to the right.
me  music_commentary  psychedelia  number_none 
march 2007 by jbushnell
Raccoon Audio
Archive of the MP3 posts from my blog, "Raccoon," done as an independent audioblog
mp3_blogs  mp3s  me 
february 2007 by jbushnell
Character Relationships in the Novel-In-Progress
I'm 95% done with a draft of a novel that has 114 characters in it. Here's a Many Eyes visualization of the whole network. Use the zoom feature to get a better look
diagrams  information_visualization  me  networks 
february 2007 by jbushnell
Dreamweapon: The new drone scene
Chicago Reader article on Rebis, Dreamweapon, White/Light, etc
me  chicago  psychedelia  sound  trance 
november 2006 by jbushnell
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