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Inevitable: First Impressions | Dice Hate Me
A tough but fair review of Inevitable from Dice Hate Me: "It does not consist of flashy, over-produced cards, the rules are not distilled down to a 4-page leaflet, and it is filled with many, highly-geeky and often very obscure references to pop culture, cult films, underground comics, sci-fi and black comedies. It is rough around the edges, there is true grit in the crevices, and it almost feels as though it would be more at home on the top shelf of an independent game store circa 1986. All of this, of course, is a very good thing – for the right group of gamers."
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march 2016 by jbushnell
Inevitable, the Board Game of Insane Supercomputers, Zombies and Sociopolitical Satire - Dystopia - io9
io9: "Would you want to live in a world where human civilization was destroyed, then rebuilt by a computer that only had pop culture as a reference? Probably not. Would you want to play a board game there? Hell yes."
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may 2010 by jbushnell

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