All the Buildings of the Living
“And of all the things I did this year that I'm proud of — finding my dream job, running my first 10K, beginning to write poetry again — Buttondown's growth and success might be the biggest one.”
justin-duke  winter  side-projects 
20 hours ago
#71: Cities Are Getting Smaller
“Places—individual stores, neighborhoods, and entire cities—are fragile, and the internet makes them more so.”

“Marshall McLuhan wrote that every new medium contained another medium as its content: Speech, for example, became the content of writing, as writing became the content of print. Cities, which grew independently for so long, might now be the content of the internet.”
drew-austin  cities 
8 days ago
Hitting Resume
“(I am writing this across the room from an absolute unit of a black lab, whose name I imagine to be Bear or perhaps Winchester, whom I am summoning the energy and wherewithal to go up and pet.)”
justin-duke  programming  salutations 
12 days ago
“I’m neither wise nor smart enough to answer the question Is Amazon good for Seattle? But the position of most non-Amazon tech companies in Seattle is that they’re thankful for Amazon’s presence, if for no other reason that they act as a lightning rod for all criticism of Seattle’s rapid upheaval.”
amazon  cities  justin-duke 
13 days ago
I Know You Love Manhattan But You Should Look Up More Often
"Even under winter’s
tightest fist some light still slips through
to you, and isn’t that a miracle?"
poetry  manhattan  nyc 
15 days ago
Cleaning House
“I let my work seep into every hour that I had previously kept sacred as mine. When I walked home from the office, or did chores around my apartment, I listened to the political news that I had missed while working. When I slept, I was visited by my projects and colleagues in my sleep. When I ran in the park in the morning, instead of seeing the trees, I envisioned tasks I planned to complete later in the day.”

“This house has weathered the upbringing of two children and one divorce.”

“Eleni and I are still close friends, but we no longer do each others hair.”
17 days ago
“The days throw up a closed sign around four.”
november  poetry  fall 
27 days ago
Yotto 'Hyperfall'
dance  yotto 
4 weeks ago
Satisfaction and progress in open-ended work
“For more open-ended problems, much of the challenge lies in figuring out what to do next. These rich questions offer deep satisfaction on longer time scales, but without a clear sense of progress, each day ends ambiguously. Was today good? Will these tinkerings add up to anything? In what timeframe? Who knows. Ultimately: what structures around progress, self-correction, and operations can help us in open-ended mode?

These questions are intensely personal, but I hope that notes from my journey here may help your own.”
work  management  feedback-loops 
4 weeks ago
I Love My Commute
“I love my commute! It means I have someplace to be, that I’m part of something. I love looking at people on the train, watching the way they talk to and hold their children, their boyfriends, their moms. Eavesdropping on the questions they ask one another, the way they laugh. Their tattoos, their nails, the things they’re reading on their phones.”
5 weeks ago
How Manhattan Became a Rich Ghost Town
“Their dark windows serve as daytime mirrors for rich pedestrians”
cities  nyc  manhattan 
5 weeks ago
The high-return activity of raising others' aspirations - Marginal REVOLUTION
“At critical moments in time, you can raise the aspirations of other people significantly, especially when they are relatively young, simply by suggesting they do something better or more ambitious than what they might have in mind. It costs you relatively little to do this, but the benefit to them, and to the broader world, may be enormous”
mentoring  aspirations  marginal-revolution 
5 weeks ago
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