“James had this amazing way of being a total realist, seeing all of the world’s flaws and acknowledging them, and remaining passionate and optimistic.”
21 hours ago
Canopy, Let’s Fix the Internet Together
“This obsession with technical innovation and growth at all costs caused the tech industry to turn a blind eye to the social impacts of its creations.”
internet  canopy  privacy 
21 hours ago
Signal v Noise exits Medium
“Writing for us is not a business, in any direct sense of the word. We write because we have something to say, not to make money off page views, advertisements, or subscriptions. If some readers end up signing up for Basecamp, that’s great. But if they just like to read and not buy, that’s also great.”

“In fact, the intention is to lessen our dependency on Twitter too, and simply turn Signal v Noise into the independent home for all our thoughts and ideas – big or small.”
dhh  signal-v-noise  medium 
21 hours ago
Addition by Subtraction
“By bypassing many of the traditional gatekeepers of entertainment, we have seen an entirely new class of celebrity emerge.”
kunal-tandon  youtube  vine 
4 days ago
The Lumberjack's Dove
"he cares for the egg the only way he knows
how: He plants it."
5 days ago
Perfect Song
"Friends, it's time for me to recharge the batteries and take a Pome hiatus. This third run has indeed been a charm; thank you so much for reading!

Stay well, support your local poet, and see you somewhere down the road.

-M x"

"the song
was in fact the joyous concordance of
a moment that would not come again"
poetry  pome  song  bl  music 
5 days ago
Does It Pay to Be a Writer?
“Everyone thinks they can write, because everybody writes,” said Rasenberger, referring to the proliferation of casual texting, emailing and tweeting. But she distinguishes these from professional writers “who have been working on their craft and art of writing for years.”

“What a professional writer can convey in written word is far superior to what the rest of us can do,” said Rasenberger. “As a society we need that, because it’s a way to crystallize ideas, make us see things in a new way and create understanding of who we are as a people, where we are today and where we’re going.”
income  writing 
8 days ago
2019, Part One
“and faintly like I'm cosplaying as a different, more well-adjusted version of myself.”

“I am growing a beard now. This is terrible news for everyone involved.”

“I am worried (albeit only faintly) that if OmniFocus doesn't work, it will less be a failure of the software (which seems very nice) and more a failure of that underlying assumption: that you cannot, in fact, sit down and think for a long time and emerge with a roadmap for the best possible 2019, a glorious lattice of checklists and todos.”
beard  2019  justin-duke  omnifocus 
10 days ago
JIRA is an Antipattern
“One thing that writing elegant software has in common with art: its crafters should remain cognizant of the overall macro vision of the project at the same time they are working on its smallest micro details. JIRA, alas, implicitly teaches everyone to ignore the larger vision while focusing on details. There is no whole. At best there is an “Epic” — but the whole point of an Epic is to be decomposed into smaller pieces to be worked on independently. JIRA encourages the disintegration of the macro vision.”

“Worst of all, though, is the endless implicit pressure for tickets to be marked finished, to be passed on to the next phase. Tickets, in the JIRA mindset, are taken on, focused on until complete, and then passed on, never to be seen again. They have a one-way life cycle: specification; design; development; testing; release. Doesn’t that sound a little … um … waterfall-y? Isn’t agile development supposed to be fundamentally different from waterfall development, rather than simply replacing one big waterfall with a thousand little ones?”

“In software, as in art, the micro work and the macro vision should always be informed by one another. Let JIRA map the micro work; but let good old-fashioned plain language describe the macro vision, and try to pay more attention to it.”
agile  jira 
11 days ago
“An airport after security and before boarding is, at least to me, the last place where every verb is only in the future tense.”

“The veil feels thin between who I have settled into being and all the other people I could have been.”

“Maybe it is possible to want the things you have”
helena-fitzgerald  love  travel  jealousy  relationships 
12 days ago
Lessons to my younger self (and other young people today)
“and those who age well are often as good at forgetting earlier lessons as they are at applying them.”

“Find a coach or therapist you jell with. It’s a highly leveraged way to accelerate your emotional development.”
sam-gerstenzang  lessons 
14 days ago
Fresh Starts & Modest Changes
“Thinking something through is an important part of the creative process but it means dick if you don’t ever start. And if you don’t start you don’t finish.”
14 days ago
Time & Tribe
“Your tribe has the context about you & your life — and can remind you, when you need it, of who you are, and who you can be.”
relationships  friendship 
14 days ago
Briefly Reflecting On The Last Year
“After a good year of planning the move, I am rewarded with the pleasure of walking my daughter to school almost every day of the week. We bump into other kids across grades on the stroll through the neighborhood to the school. Sometimes, she wants me to stay an extra second after the bell rings; other times, she runs into a buddy on the playground and waves at me that “she’s good” and I can go early. With so much of our collective work inputs driven by luck (which is derived from sacrifice and hard work), this new little morning tradition I have now in 2018 feels like the luckiest output in the world.”
22 days ago
RIP Elias Stein
“Eli’s lectures were always masterpiece of clarity. In one hour, he would set up a theorem, motivate it, explain the strategy, and execute it flawlessly; even after twenty years of teaching my own classes, I have yet to figure out his secret of somehow always being able to arrive at the natural finale of a mathematical presentation at the end of each hour without having to improvise at least a little bit halfway during the lecture. The clear and self-contained nature of his lectures (and his many books) were a large reason why I decided to specialise as a graduate student in harmonic analysis (though I would eventually return to other interests, such as analytic number theory, many years after my graduate studies).”
eulogy  math  terence-tao 
22 days ago
At North Farm
Great usage of line breaks on the “narrow passes” line.
bl  poetry 
23 days ago
Molly Sauter’s Review of “The Attention Merchants”
“Wu continues the thought: “At stake, then, in the allocation of one’s attention is something akin to how one’s life is lived.” Wu draws a bright circle around practices and promises of the attention merchants, and the bargains that have been struck, asking as baldly as perhaps has ever been asked, “Is this worth it?””

“It seems as though every other day a new article on unplugging or screen-fasts or the risks of hyperconnectivity goes viral, preaching (ironically) against the very platform that delivers it to those valuable eyeballs.”
book-review  molly-sauter  tim-wu 
24 days ago
“That was always my dream of this city, watching it from a fire escape, in it and not in it.”

“To be loved, one must be self-sufficient, whole in oneself, needless. Neediness is something anyone can smell coming off of you like the stink of unwashed clothes; love is guaranteed only by not needing love, maybe by not even wanting it, by turning and walking fast in the other direction.”

“New York, for all its well-worn jokes and pretensions, is much America as anywhere. The skyscrapers of the wealthy stand in for wide open fields. Here, if you can afford it, you can live in a rooted glass spaceship so far enough off the ground that you never have to notice that you owe anyone anything. You can float in an uncaring cloud city, with everything you need delivered to the door, a transactional life broken up into clean and independent pieces.”

“The next day there was the same list of things that had to be done, small graces and details, mistakes and apologies, threads to tie to one another.“
july-4th  nyc  love  helena-fitzgerald 
24 days ago
At the Quinte Hotel
“in underground sunlight”
poetry  bl 
24 days ago
Alcohol and the Holidays
“That seems like a simple idea, but when I first sobered up, I was enraged about other people’s seemingly casual relationships with alcohol, a relationship I could never master within myself. I wasn’t mad at them, but I was painfully jealous and ashamed about what I assumed was a character flaw that only I possessed, in that I couldn’t drink just one or two beers and socialize. No, instead I needed to know there would be a steady supply of alcohol and a party atmosphere so no one noticed how many times I went back to get another one.”
alcohol  holidays 
24 days ago
How to Make a User with a Numeric Username in Linux
“This is something you really shouldn't do. But I'm 23, so it had to be done.”
linux  lols 
24 days ago
“But in the end we did my actual favorite thing, which is staying in the city over a major holiday weekend. Staying here over Thanksgiving or Christmas is the closest you will ever get to seeing a private New York, a New York as a small town, the bare, dead, and wonderful skeleton that remains when scrubbed of both transplants and tourists, when divested of anyone with anywhere else to go.”

“We filled our apartment with loud, bright, sincere, concerned people being loud and bright and sincere and concerned at one another.”
helena-fitzgerald  sunday  bl  weekend  nyc  holidays 
24 days ago
Sick of Myself
“Identity was no longer assigned but became a project for individuals to realize. It became an opportunity and a responsibility, a burden. You could now fail to become someone.”

“This is the context in which social media have thrived: They solve the problem of the self under neoliberalism, extending a platform for human capital development while still offering a seemingly stable basis for “ontological security.” It may seem that social media, by making social interaction asynchronous, shifting a portion of it online to an indefinite “virtual” space, and subjecting it all to constant monitoring, measurement, and assessment would not be a recipe for producing a sense of personal continuity. The way our self-expression gets ranked in likes and shares in social media would seem to subordinate identity to competition over metricized attention, dividing peers into winners and losers. And the creation of identity in the form of a data archive would seem to fashion not a grounded self but an always incomplete and inadequate double — a “self partially forced from the body.” You are always in danger of being confronted with your incohesiveness, with evidence of a past self now rejected or a misinterpreted, misprocessed version of one’s archive being distributed as the real you.

If Laing is right about ontological insecurity, then social media seem designed to generate it: They systematically impose a sense of insubstantiality on users, turning identity into incoherence by constantly assimilating and demanding more data about us, making our self a vacuum that never fills, no matter how much is poured in. Our identity is constantly being recalibrated and recalculated, and we can forever try to “correct” it with more photos, more updates, more posts, more data.”

“...other forms of micro-recognition”

“The profile takes over for the old identity stabilizers (family, geography, religion, etc.) and becomes the sturdy blank slate on which various roles can be inscribed while we remain open to the saturation of as many different influences as possible. It can hold our lives while we are busy constantly reinventing ourselves for labor markets. Social media exacerbate ontological insecurity while masquerading as its cure.”
the-real-life  rob-horning 
24 days ago
“The poems offer a version of the world in which we might reach toward others’ joy in the same gesture as reaching toward our own, rather than dissecting faults and hoarding happiness.”

“I am aware that this is a way of being bad at social media, just like insisting on joy is a way of being bad at poetry. I am aware that documenting my love is basic in the same way that O’Hara being my favorite poet is basic. But, at least for me, this obsessive documentation of the stupid, boring, repetitive things that string a life together is the place where social media aspires to the level of poetry.”

“Love celebrates another person’s existence rather than their achievements.”

“Look at this pattern of days, this holiday that means nothing outside itself.”
poetry  helena-fitzgerald  newsletter  love 
25 days ago
A Spectre is Haunting Unicode
“To sum up - in 1978 a series of small mistakes created some characters out of nothing. The errors went undiscovered just long enough to be set in stone, and now these ghosts are, at least in potential, a part of every computer on the planet, lurking in the dark corners of character tables.”
25 days ago
“I don’t know, I think that this kind of email-based personal writing is like whispering when you’re the last two people left awake at a sleepover and you get to say the things you’d never say in a daylight conversation, one that actually counts.”
newsletter  helena-fitzgerald 
25 days ago
2018 Year-in-Review
“...and without the abstract episodes we’d be stuck in an endless loop of adding superficial niceties to our code that don’t meaningfully improve it in a significant way.”
point-free  2018 
25 days ago
Towards the Future Book
“For a ‘book’ is just the endpoint of a latticework of complex infrastructure, made increasingly accessible. Even if the endpoint stays stubbornly the same—either as an unchanging Kindle edition or simple paperback—the universe that produces, breathes life into, and supports books is changing in positive, inclusive ways, year by year. The Future Book is here and continues to evolve. You’re holding it. It’s exciting. It’s boring. It’s more important than it has ever been.”
craig-mod  kottke  books 
25 days ago
We Should Replace Facebook with Personal Sites
“My original sin wasn’t making a Facebook account, it was abandoning my own website that I controlled (the original site was hosted on Tripod, but if I had to do it all over again, I'd pay for web hosting.) All these years later, maybe it’s time to update Jason’s Site.”
25 days ago
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