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Make Magazine
DIY technology hacking. Find it at better booksellers.
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august 2005 by jarrod
Installing Linux on an iPod
apple  audio  gadgets  hack  ipod  linux  mac  music  os  osx  technology  unix 
august 2005 by jarrod
iDJ mixing console
for mixing two ipods. very odd.
gadgets  hardware  ipod  music  audio 
july 2005 by jarrod
Talking Loud And Saying Nothing
NASA's experimentations with subvocal speech
science  technology  gadgets  phone  speech  cell  nasa 
june 2005 by jarrod
VKB, Inc.
makers of projection keyboard
january 2005 by jarrod
ipod case made out of cassette
ipod  music  gadgets 
january 2005 by jarrod

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