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Introduction · React Bits
A compilation of React Patterns, techniques, tips and tricks.
reference  javascript  patterns  reactjs  react  bestpractices  book  pattern  programming  react.js 
november 2017 by jamescarlos
plainJS - The Vanilla JavaScript Repository
jQuery is one of the great libraries that helped us overcome JavaScript browser issues when IE 6 and 7 were still around. Today, it may be a good choice to drop jQuery and its cousins, because modern browsers are pretty easy to deal with on their own. Using plain JavaScript will make your applications load and react blazingly fast.
jquery  js  reference  javascript  library  vanilla  webdev  web  plainjs  vanillajs 
september 2017 by jamescarlos
Oh, shit, git!
Git is hard: screwing up is easy, and figuring out how to fix your mistakes is fucking impossible. Git documentation has this chicken and egg problem where you can't search for how to get yourself out of a mess, unless you already know the name of the thing you need to know about in order to fix your problem.

So here are some bad situations I've gotten myself into, and how I eventually got myself out of them in plain english*.
cheatsheet  howto  git  reference  help  programming  tips  via:popular  IFTTT  Twitter 
september 2016 by jamescarlos
Go by Example
Go by Example is a hands-on introduction to Go using annotated example programs. Check out the first example or browse the full list below.
tutorial  books  programming  go  golang  examples  example  Learning  reference  language 
march 2016 by jamescarlos
A Good Vimrc
There is just one rule you must follow when crafting your own .vimrc. Don't put any lines in your vimrc that you don't understand.
vim  reference  tips  bestpractices  programming  vimrc  editor  config  vi 
october 2015 by jamescarlos
A strongly specified, highly compatible implementation of Markdown
markdown  spec  specification  standard  markup  commonmark  standards  reference  programming  pandoc 
november 2014 by jamescarlos
Share & Discover Lists of Great Gear | Bagcheck
Whether it's computing, photography, cooking, or sports —we all have a set of favorite items for doing what we love. Bagcheck is a fun way to share and discover what's inside our "bags".
Bagcheck was started by a few geeks who love their gear. We realized we're not the only ones that spent lots of time discussing the products we love to use. So we made Bagcheck to allow people to talk about and share lists of the stuff they use and why.
web  software  tools  inspiration  reference 
august 2011 by jamescarlos
web development - The Definitive Guide To Forms based Website Authentication - Stack Overflow
Please help us create the definitive resource for this topic. We believe that stackoverflow should not just be a resource for very specific technical questions, but also for general guidelines on how to solve variations on common problems. "Form Based Authentication For Websites" should be a fine topic for such an experiment.
web  programming  development  webdev  howto  reference  authentication 
august 2011 by jamescarlos
Dive Into Python 3
Dive Into Python 3 covers Python 3 and its differences from Python 2. Compared to Dive Into Python, it’s about 20% revised and 80% new material. The book is now complete, but feedback is always welcome.
programming  development  tutorial  reference  free  python  book 
august 2011 by jamescarlos
Baker Ebook Framework 2.0
Baker is an HTML5 ebook framework to publish on the iPad using open web standards
programming  software  css  development  reference  html5  ebook  framework  iphone  ipad 
august 2011 by jamescarlos
Understanding the Git Workflow
If you don’t understand the motivation behind Git’s design, you’re in for a world of hurt. With enough flags you can force Git to act the way you think it should instead of the way it wants to. But that’s like using a screwdriver like a hammer; it gets the job done, but it’s done poorly, takes longer, and damages the screwdriver.
programming  tutorial  howto  reference  tips  git  version  scm 
august 2011 by jamescarlos
The world's largest community for exploring, sharing, creating, and promoting data visualizations.
design  tools  inspiration  reference  free  infographics 
july 2011 by jamescarlos
Cool, but obscure unix tools :: KKovacs
Just a list of 20 (now 24) little-known tools for the command line -- I hope you find something useful that you weren't aware of yet! Use your operating system's package manager to install most of them. (Thanks for the tips, everybody!)
programming  software  tools  reference  mac 
may 2011 by jamescarlos
NOSQL Databases
Your Ultimate Guide to the
Non - Relational Universe!
nosql  database  reference  sql  programming  databases  db  resources 
february 2011 by jamescarlos
Hivelogic - Top 10 Programming Fonts
I’m a typeface geek, and when it comes to selecting a font I’ll stare at all day, I tend to be pretty picky. Recently, when I discovered that a friend was using a sub par typeface (too horrible to name here) for his Terminal and coding windows, my jaw dropped, my heart sank a little, and I knew it was due time for me to compose this article.

What follows is a round-up of the top 10 readily-available monospace fonts. Many of these fonts are bundled along with modern operating systems, but most are free for download on the web. A few, notably Consolas, are part of commercial software.
fonts  programming  font  typography  monospace  development  coding  code  reference 
january 2011 by jamescarlos
Qink | Free Books
A lot of people keep asking about a good list of programming books. Hence, we are building this list to save your time and to spread the knowledge.

Some of these books will definitely help us to evolve our coding skills and thought processes for developing better solutions. We will do our best to keep updating this list, hope you find this list useful, here we go.
programming  books  ebooks  free  development  ebook  reference  book 
january 2011 by jamescarlos
How to Use CakePHP’s Access Control Lists | Nettuts+
If you’re building a CMS, you’ll probably need different user roles—superusers, admins, users—with different permission levels. Too complicated to code? Enter CakePHP’s ACL (Access Control Lists). With the right setup, you’ll be checking user permissions with just one line.
cakephp  acl  php  tutorial  authentication  programming  reference  cake 
july 2010 by jamescarlos
5 Habits to Help You Complete Your Project in Record Time | Webitect
Everybody wants to be more productive. Productivity translates to success, whether you’re a freelancer or an employee. Here are five powerful ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of your time.

Even if increased productivity didn’t bring extra income, people would still want to be productive because there’s just a confidence-building, make-you-feel-great kind of charm about knowing you can work fast, be efficient and get the job done without rushing.
reference  productivity  webdesign  tips  projectmanagement  freelancing  freelance  programming 
july 2010 by jamescarlos
50 Powerful Time-Savers For Web Designers - Smashing Magazine
And this is where small time-savers become handy. Be it a handy checklist, batch installer, dummy image generator or converter from Excel spreadsheet to HTML — all these things can save us a couple of minutes every day, making our work easier and more efficient. And this is why we keep collecting them for Smashing Magazine’s readers. Whether you like lists or not: this one will probably help you find those little nuggets out there that will help you avoid headaches and stress. Below we present useful time-savers for web designers.
webdesign  tools  resources  design  productivity  development  reference  tips 
july 2010 by jamescarlos
Dive Into HTML 5
Dive Into HTML 5 seeks to elaborate on a hand-picked Selection of features from the HTML5 specification and other fine Standards. I shall publish Drafts periodically, as time permits. Please send feedback. The final manuscript will be published on paper by O’Reilly, under the Google Press imprint. Pre-order the printed Work and be the first in your Community to receive it. The Work shall remain online under the CC-BY-3.0 License.
html5  tutorial  html  webdesign  book  reference  programming  web 
june 2010 by jamescarlos
Git Reference
This is the Git reference site. This is meant to be a quick reference for learning and remembering the most important and commonly used Git commands. The commands are organized into sections of the type of operation you may be trying to do, and will preset the common options and commands needed to accomplish these common tasks.
git  reference  documentation  tutorial  programming  development  scm  howto 
june 2010 by jamescarlos
Seven JavaScript Things I Wish I Knew Much Earlier In My Career - Smashing Magazine
I’ve been writing JavaScript code for much longer than I care to remember. I am very excited about the language’s recent success; it’s good to be a part of that success story. I’ve written dozens of articles, book chapters and one full book on the matter, and yet I keep finding new things. Here are some of the “aha!” moments I’ve had in the past, which you can try out rather than waiting for them to come to you by chance.
javascript  tips  programming  development  webdev  reference  code  howto 
april 2010 by jamescarlos
Really Useful Tools For PHP Developers | W3Avenue
Whether you are a PHP novice or an experienced developer; tools that you use have direct impact on your productivity. W3Avenue has compiled a list of really useful extensions & tools for PHP developers that will help you speed up development and significantly improve overall quality of your code.
php  tools  programming  development  reference  webdesign  tool  developer 
april 2010 by jamescarlos
25+ Must have documents for Designers and Developers | Creative Repository
In this post, you would find a list of over 20 free PDF files covering aspects of Web Development as well as Graphic design. These include cheat sheet for web developers, client questionnaires for Graphic and Web design, helpful checklists as well as some useful resources for designers and developers. All of these are available in PDF format as they are easy to print. I have a number of them hanging around in my work area and find them quite useful. It would be great if you have any helpful documents to share.
webdesign  resources  design  reference  business  templates  wordpress  forms 
march 2010 by jamescarlos
15 PHP regular expressions for web developers
Regular expressions are a very useful tool for developers. They allow to find, identify or replace text, words or any kind of characters. In this article, I have compiled 15+ extremely useful regular expressions that any web developer should have in his toolkit.
php  regex  regexp  programming  regular  tips  reference  code 
march 2010 by jamescarlos
The Complete iPhone Development Toolbox | iPhone.AppStorm
In this “ultimate toolkit”, we’re showing you everything you need to get started; books, tutorials, software resources, screencasts, podcasts, blogs, forums, conferences, software libraries, design kits, icons, and even where to hire a developer if you decide not to go it alone!
iphone  development  resources  programming  tools  reference  apple  iphonedev  toolbox 
march 2010 by jamescarlos
assertTrue( ): NoSQL Required Reading
If you're new to NoSQL, you'll want to do a bit of background reading. I'll keep this quick and limit my recommendations to just the essentials:
nosql  database  programming  sql  scalability  databases  reference  distributed 
february 2010 by jamescarlos
10 Useful Google Spreadsheet Formulas You Must Know – woorkup.com
Google Spreadsheet is a powerful and free tool to manage complex spreadsheets. This tutorial illustrates ten useful formulas you must know to help you simplify the way you work in Google Spreadsheet.
spreadsheet  google  formulas  excel  reference  docs  finance  googledocs  useful 
february 2010 by jamescarlos
20-plus Amazing Fitness Blogs to Inspire You
Today I’m presenting some of the best of those fitness bloggers — the ones I truly treasure
inspiration  blog  reference  blogs  list  health  links  ideas  motivation  nutrition  workout  training  life  exercise  fitness  lists 
january 2010 by jamescarlos
emson… » 18 Useful bash scripts for web developers
Using bash scripts to become a more efficient web developer

Here are a few scripts, that I find really useful for speeding up my web development time.

I’ve been building up this list as I needed to use them – so they maybe a little raw.

For example often clients send me images with filenames that don’t match my naming standard, so running the appropriate script really helps keep me focussed on the job in hand and not waste too much time reformatting filenames etc.
bash  shell  linux  scripts  development  reference  unix  commandline 
october 2009 by jamescarlos
Really Useful Classes And Libraries For PHP Developers | W3Avenue
Numerous PHP Frameworks have evolved to enable rapid web development with PHP. However even greater number of standalone PHP libraries and classes are available which provide similar benefits. W3Avenue has compiled a list of some really useful classes and libraries that every PHP developers should be familiar with. Whether you like to use a PHP Framework or prefer to work without one, your productivity can multiply with the help of these libraries and classes.
php  resources  library  programming  tools  reference  classes  webdev 
august 2009 by jamescarlos
More than 25 Excellent Tips to Improve jQuery | MaX's Blog
jQuery is awesome. I’ve been using it for about a year now and although I was impressed to begin with I’m liking it more and more the longer I use it and the more I find out about it’s inner workings.

I’m no jQuery expert. I don’t claim to be, so if there are mistakes in this article then feel free to correct me or make suggestions for improvements.

I’d call myself an “intermediate” jQuery user and I thought some others out there could benefit from all the little tips, tricks and techniques I’ve learned over the past year. The article also ended up being a lot longer than I thought it was going to be so I’ll start with a table of contents so you can skip to the bits you’re interested in.
jquery  tips  javascript  programming  tutorial  reference  resources  code 
august 2009 by jamescarlos
25 Excellent Typography Tools for the Serious Designer
In this article, you will find a collection of the best typography tools available on the web. What’s more, they’re all absolutely free! If you’re a web designer or developer, then these tools are going to save you some serious time and effort. Take time to work your way through this extensive list and give everything a go.
typography  fonts  tools  webdesign  design  resources  reference  font 
july 2009 by jamescarlos
Seven e-Learning and Teaching Resources
While the down economy continues to hurt funding to our schools, more and more teachers are looking to web-based services to help educate their students. Whether it's through open resource projects like CK-12, virtual classrooms like those in Second Life, or through the repurposing of tools like Twitter, millions of teachers are finding innovative resources to engage their students. If you're a teacher, here are seven great tools to get you started.
education  elearning  teaching  resources  learning  web2.0  reference  e-learning 
july 2009 by jamescarlos
40+ Invaluable PHP Tutorials and Resources - Nettuts+
PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages on the internet today, and one of the easiest to get into. Whether you're a PHP newbie, or an experienced code-slinger, there is always something new to discover. A function you're unfamiliar with a killer timesaving tool, a technique that you forgot about...
php  tutorials  resources  tutorial  programming  webdesign  webdev  reference 
july 2009 by jamescarlos
Complex and Sophisticated Lettering Designs Photoshop Tutorials
Lettering design is probably the area in which artists have most noticeable pushed Photoshop to the limits. Designers such as Tony Ariawan, Alex Beltechi, or Nik Ainley have been contributing lately to the Photoshop community with tutorials explaining how they create their excellent work of art.

This is a compilation of the best of lettering design tutorials created using Photoshop with the assistance, in some cases, of other illustration and 3d software.
photoshop  typography  tutorial  design  tutorials  text  resources  reference 
june 2009 by jamescarlos
Cheat Sheets - PacketLife.net
Cheat sheets are in PDF format. You are welcome to use and redistribute them as you please, so long as they remain intact and unmodified. If you notice an error or would like to see a new cheat sheet on a specific topic, please drop me a line. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions for more info.
reference  networking  cheatsheet  network  sysadmin  security  tips  routing  tcpip 
may 2009 by jamescarlos
22 Beautiful Example of Brochure Designs | Naldz Graphics
Here is a showcase of 22 Beautiful Brochure Designs for another list of inspiration.In this post you will see some example of a good brochure designs.
brochure  design  inspiration  print  illustration  typography  creative  reference 
may 2009 by jamescarlos
Jeffrey Zeldman Presents : Web fonts now (how we’re doing with that)
The Web Fonts Wiki has a page listing fonts you can legally embed in your site designs using the CSS standard @font-face method. Just as importantly, the wiki maintains a page showing commercial foundries that allow @font-face embedding. Between these two wiki pages, you may find just the font you need for your next design (even if you can’t currently license classics like Adobe Garamond or ITC Franklin and Clarendon).
webdesign  typography  fonts  css  @font-face  design  webfonts  reference  browsers  articles 
may 2009 by jamescarlos
Crime Mapping - Welcome!
This portal is dedicated to helping law enforcement agencies provide the public with valuable information about crime activity by neighborhood. Our goal is to assist police departments in reducing crime through a better informed citizenry. We work directly with each agency and never scrape data from other sites!
law  mapping  reference  statistics  stats 
may 2009 by jamescarlos
How to manage a small web project: a simple approach
Some times ago I wrote a post about a structured process you must know to develop a web application and many readers asked to me to write something simpler about how to manage a small web project. I think there are not general rules for that but, without doubt, a correct approach can help you manage your projects more efficently and achieve quickly the final result.
webdesign  management  projectmanagement  development  web  project  reference  tutorial 
may 2009 by jamescarlos
CoughPHP : Collection Handling Framework
Cough is an extremely lightweight PHP ORM framework for dealing with objects that have single table counterparts in a database. Cough is built to be easy to learn, use, and extend.
php  orm  framework  database  php5  programming  db  reference  development 
may 2009 by jamescarlos
Special ASCII / HTML Character Symbols Codes
The following list includes the HTML codes for many of the ASCII symbols used on Web pages. The first section includes the first 255 character codes and their related HTML codes. Then, at the bottom you'll find some other symbols and the HTML codes to create them. Not all browsers support all the codes, so be sure to test your HTML codes before you use them.
html  reference  ascii  codes  characters  tools  character  development 
may 2009 by jamescarlos
The Comprehensive Guide for a Powerful CMS using WordPress | Noupe
Today we are introducing “The Comprehensive Guide for a Powerful CMS using WordPress”, a three-part series, an attempt to show off a number of WordPress features, tips, tutorials, hacks, plugins and best practices from the World’s Leading WordPress web-developers to be published in the coming weeks, with the first article coming this week.
wordpress  cms  tutorials  tutorial  webdesign  reference  plugins  guide 
april 2009 by jamescarlos
8 Simple Ways to Improve Typography In Your Designs • Blog Archive • AisleOne
Many people, designers included, think that typography consists of only selecting a typeface, choosing a font size and whether it should be regular or bold. For most people it ends there. But there is much more to achieving good typography and it’s in the details that designers often neglect.
typography  design  css  webdesign  tips  reference  web  type 
april 2009 by jamescarlos
Adobe AIR Developer's Toolbox: Resources And Tutorials | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine
Below, we present the Adobe AIR Developer’s Toolbox: Resources and Tutorials, a round-up of tutorials, links, references, cheat sheets and showcases that will help you create the next popular app.
air  adobe  development  resources  flash  reference  howto  webdev 
april 2009 by jamescarlos
All Classes - ActionScript 3.0 Language and Components Reference
Documentation for ActionScript™ classes includes syntax, usage information, and code samples for methods, properties, and event handlers and listeners that belong to a specific class in ActionScript (as opposed to global functions or properties). The classes are listed alphabetically. If you are not sure to which class a certain member belongs, you can look it up in the Index.
as3  actionscript  documentation  flash  reference  flex  objects  actionscript3  api 
april 2009 by jamescarlos
10 Rare HTML Tags You Really Should Know - Nettuts+
Here are ten of some of the most underused and misunderstood tags in HTML. While they might be less familiar, they're still quite useful in certain situations.
webdev  webdesign  web  xhtml  tips  reference  html  tags 
march 2009 by jamescarlos
Generic Work Process - v1.0
This toolkit offers an overview of the methods and techniques which can be used throughout the user-centered design process.
webdesign  design  tools  usability  reference  ux  workflow  process 
march 2009 by jamescarlos
Shell-fu is a place for all those little command line goodies that you come across and then can never find again when you need them.
programming  tips  reference  linux  unix  shell  scripting  bash 
february 2009 by jamescarlos
40 Brilliantly Photoshopped Print Ads - PSDTUTS
Even people who hate ads won't be able to hate these: they're beautiful, clever, hilarious, unique and uber-cool, all with the help of a little program called Adobe Photoshop.
webdesign  posters  photoshop  visualization  reference  list  print  photography  photo  psdtuts 
january 2009 by jamescarlos
My Top 10 Most Used CSS Class Names | Css Globe
Many developers are puzzled when it comes to assigning class names to elements and often end up using wrong ones. Class names should not describe how the element looks like or where is it placed. A good class name should describe what a certain element represents. Here are my top 10 class names with explanations. Hopefully it will give you a clearer image of what kind of class names you should use.
css  xhtml  tutorial  tips  reference  naming  code  coding 
january 2009 by jamescarlos
30 Money Sites to Check Out in 2009 - Stepcase Lifehack
There are so many personal finance
resources online that it’s hard to know where to start. There are blogs, web applications, news sites and more. This list is a beginning — if you take a look at the sites included here, I know you’ll find something new for 2009.
webtools  money  websites  reference  lifehack  lifehacks  finance  investing 
january 2009 by jamescarlos
macosxhints.com - 10.5: Set up Time Machine on a NAS in three easy steps
Here's a three-step process to create a Time Machine backup on a network-attached storage (NAS) unit.
sysadmin  server  osx  todo  reference  storage  time  networking  timemachine  share  samba 
december 2008 by jamescarlos
Bold Typography (Uses+Inspiration+Free Fonts) - psdfan.com -
This post looks at the common uses of bold typography within web design. It showcases some excellent uses of bold typography, and also provides the 5 best free bold fonts to use in your own designs.
webdesign  typography  type  fonts  font  reference  resources 
december 2008 by jamescarlos
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