Show Us Your Junk! Ep. 18 - Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) | EarthQuaker Devices - YouTube
He shows his guitars, and talks about Sonic Youth getting their stuff stolen in 1999 - guitars, pedals, and amps (after 8:30)
guitar  ranaldo  sonic.youth  video  interview 
4 days ago
Alex Knepper posted this survey — see below for... - John Althouse Cohen
"I've listed several domestic policy issues below. Copy-paste the list and indicate your general position on the matter (liberal, conservative, centrist, libertarian, etc)."

My response:

Abortion: should be legal and not more heavily regulated than ordinary medical procedures

Affirmative Action: should be deemed unconstitutional in the education/admissions context; I'm more open-minded about it in the job hiring context

Climate Change: in favor of attempting to address it in an efficient manner

Death Penalty: my views are too complex to summarize in this space

Deficit Spending: in favor of fiscal responsibility, against profligate taxing of future generations

Drug Policy: for legalization and heavy regulation

Economic Regulation: prefer allowing markets to work, with light regulation to the extent it's justified to correct market failures, e.g. taxing negative externalities

Education: in favor of vouchers and other such policies to encourage competition; generally against teacher/professor tenure

Entitlement Reform: too vague to answer

Gun Control: no strong ideological stance

Health Care: would prefer either single-payer or a radical libertarian system, rather than Obamacare or the status quo ante

Immigration: in favor of Gary Becker's proposal to offer citizenship to anyone (and their families) who'll pay the US a fixed amount, e.g. $50,000, on an installment plan, with any conditions and exemptions needed to make this policy viable

Judicial Affairs: judges should balance their legal duty to faithfully interpret and apply legislative and constitutional texts with the importance of making sensible decisions in the modern-day real world

"Law and Order": in favor of vigorous enforcement of laws against violent crimes, with all appropriate legal protections including due process and other rights of the accused

Religion In the Public Square: people can do whatever they want in public areas; just don't take my tax dollars to promote religion

Same-Sex Marriage: is urgently, morally, and constitutionally necessary, which should not be subject to the will of the majority

Taxes: should be raised in the US for conservative reasons

Welfare: in favor of limited welfare, crafted as intelligently as possible to minimize disincentives to work
my.views  ideology  politics  fb  knepper 
6 days ago
This Is the 'Friends' Star Who Everybody Forgot Was on 'Seinfeld,' Too
Jerry Seinfeld on Friends: “We thought, ‘They wanna do our show with better-looking people. That’s what they’re doing here.’ And we thought, ‘That should work.'”
seinfeld  friends  tv 
14 days ago
Paul McCartney - Austin City Limits Music Festival 2018 - YouTube
19:20 - Let Me Roll It (coda starting after 24:00 - "Foxy Lady," Jimi Hendrix)
mccartney  video  60s  concert 
19 days ago
Moe Szyslak - Breakdown of society - YouTube
"You know what I blame this on the breakdown of? Society!"
moe  simpsons  azaria  cartoon  video  handy 
21 days ago
The 6 Most Bizarre Guitar Pedals - YouTube
3:00 — "Count to Five" — Montreal Assembly — "This is a delay/looper pedal … made in the Twilight Zone!"

After 4:00 — "heavenly angel bees," "chirps of 1,000 bird dolphins"!

(But couldn't I do this with pedals I already have? Boss DD + Particle)
pedals  video  weird  count2five  delay 
26 days ago
3 Classic Guitar Solos You SHOULD Know - YouTube
Eagles — Hotel California

3:35 — Steely Dan — Peg

7:25 — Chicago — I've Been Searching So Long
guitar  solo  solos  lesson  video  eagles  hotel.california  steely.dan  chicago(band) 
26 days ago
(2) Meris Ottobit Jr, Polymoon and Mercury7 IN STEREO - Ambient bliss awaits! - YouTube
Short video on combining 3 Meris pedals, so you have Ottobit with reverb, delay, etc.
ottobit  meris  delay  video  pedal  bit  random  stutter  glitch 
27 days ago
(2) Meris Effects - Ottobit Jr. - YouTube
Very good at showing how to get glitch + stutter effects similar to the kind of '00s instrumental music I like! Notice the "stutter" knob with a "random" setting.

Video says it's "the best bitcrusher of all time"
ottobit  pedal  video  synth  glitch 
27 days ago
(1) Me at the zoo - YouTube
The first YouTube video ever
zoo  first  video 
5 weeks ago
(1) Jordan Peterson: From the Barricades of the Culture Wars - YouTube
John McWhorter asks Peterson about whether to use ("they") pronouns to address trans students who request it
peterson  mcwhorter  psychology  Q&A  trans  language  academia 
5 weeks ago
Demo: JHS Muffuletta Fuzz - YouTube
Very useful demo!

starts with wah-heavy grunge solo

after 3:00 - light gain Hendrix "Little Wing"-esque solo

4:55 - heavy distortion, soloing with delay pedal

around 6:00 - "synth"-like or "hip-hop" tone: no delay, high sustain, max tone, "triangle" mode

around 7:30 - Smashing Pumpkins "Zero" w/ low delay, high dist and tone, π mode

8:20 - "gritty blues" setting (this is a famous indie rock song - ask Ak what it is???)

9:30 - first mode with "atmospheric" delay + wah pedal (he uses this for Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody" solo at 10:25)
jhs  muffuletta  distortion  fuzz  pedal  video 
6 weeks ago
JHS WEEK - Pollinator Fuzz v2 - YouTube
Try to exactly copy what he's doing! Great Stevie Ray playing after 4:30 (turn up volume, turn down the gain + fuzz).
JHS  pollinator  fuzz  distortion  video  pedal 
6 weeks ago
FRIENDS Interview with Matt LeBlanc and Courteney Cox - YouTube
Courteney Cox says she isn't much like Monica.

Matt Le Blanc talks about how David Schwimmer took the initiative in renegotiating their salaries to all be equal.
friends  acting  leblanc  cox  TV 
7 weeks ago
Humans of New York - Facebook
"Who's influenced you the most in your life?"
"My principal, Ms. Lopez."
"How has she influenced you?"
"When we get in trouble, she doesn't suspend us. She calls us to her office and explains to us how society was built down around us. And she tells us that each time somebody fails out of school, a new jail cell gets built. And one time she made every student stand up, one at a time, and she told each one of us that we matter."
hony  fb  education  kids 
9 weeks ago
The Smashing Pumpkins - Live in Seattle - August 24, 2018 - YouTube
Full concert that was live-streamed (later the same month that I saw them, Aug. 1)
smashing.pumpkins  concert  video  90s  10s 
11 weeks ago
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