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The astronomical data explosion » Scienceline
Back in 2011, when Robert Gagliano first noticed a dip in the brightness of a star that was almost 5,000 light years away, he marked it down and shelved it.
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february 2013 by jakeob
The Kranz Dictum : Tough and Competent – Inside Out
Gene Kranz was the Flight Director for NASA during the end of the Gemini programme and into the Apollo programme. He is perhaps most famous for being the Flight Director on shift when the explosion happened on Apollo 13 and is widely credited with leading the team that saved the astronaut’s lives.
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february 2013 by jakeob
BBC News - Kepler telescope: Earth-size planets 'number 17bn'
Astronomers say that one in six stars hosts an Earth-sized planet in a close orbit - suggesting a total of 17 billion such planets in the galaxy. The result comes from an analysis of planet candidates gathered by the Kepler telescope. via Pocket
january 2013 by jakeob
2012: A Banner Year in the Hunt for Exoplanets
The search for worlds outside our solar system has come a long way since the first exoplanets were confirmed in the early 1990s. Since then, the average rate of alien-world discoveries has shot from about three per year to between fifty and a hundred per year in the last five years. via Pocket
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space exploration stories from the original transcripts
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