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‘World’s Youth Must Steer International Community Through Its Turbulent Period’ | Human Wrongs Watch
Human Wrongs Watch “The world’s youth must take the helm in steering the international community through its turbulent period of economic and political transition and towards a more “prosperous, equitable and peaceful future,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged in Vienna, adding that the
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february 2013 by jakeob
EU's 'decent life' plan seeks to shape UN development goals
The Commission’s ‘Decent life for all by 2030’ communication will map out proposed negotiating positions on the successor to the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the eight targets agreed in 2000 that were to dramatically reduce global poverty.
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february 2013 by jakeob
Own the Goals: What the Millennium Development Goals Have Accomplished | Brookings Institution
For more than a decade, the Millennium Development Goals -- a set of time-bound targets agreed on by heads of state in 2000 -- have unified, galvanized, and expanded efforts to help the world's poorest people.
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february 2013 by jakeob
Helen Clark: Conflict and Development: Inclusive Governance, Resilient Societies | UNDP
Helen Clark, Administrator, UNDPConflict and Development:Inclusive Governance, Resilient Societies Lecture for Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law, and Armed Conflict. TS Eliot Lecture Theatre, Merton College, Oxford, United Kingdom. 5.30 pm, Monday 11 February 2013 My thanks go to Dr.
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february 2013 by jakeob
It’s not only about the goals | Development Progress
In his annual letter, Bill Gates invokes the power of measurement to drive results, and suggests the success of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) owed to their coherent focus on a set of issues that aimed to help the world’s poorest people.
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february 2013 by jakeob
Scientists Looking to Solve the Problem of Slums Devise a New Way to Look at Big Data
Around the world, slums are home to an estimated 1 billion residents. From Manila to Sao Paolo to Mumbai, they are crucibles of urbanization where the poor try to eke out an existence without crucial public services like sewage, electricity and water.
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february 2013 by jakeob
How to write a policy brief - Research to Action - Research to Action
IDRC have put together this useful guide entitled “How to write a policy brief”. It covers pretty much everything you need to think about when developing a new brief, from framing the problem and defining the structure, to developing actionable recommendations.
january 2013 by jakeob
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