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“Middle-aged White Guys”: Explanations for Wikipedia’s Diversity Problems |
One consequence of radical openness is that, as Wikipedia researcher Joseph Reagle put it in a NYT interview, Wikipedia is also „open to very difficult, high-conflict people, even misogynists“. Even such a minority of trolls can contaminate the discursive climate and drive away particularly female editors, for example by name calling (see Figure 2). To prevent new editors from unfriendly or even insulting encounters, Wikipedia has already launched the „Teahouse“, which shall offer a friendly and welcoming environment for potential future editors.
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october 2013 by jaimoe
Where are Wikipedia’s Women? | Wendy Zukerman
Still, there is some evidence that the culture of Wikipedia is contributing to the gender divide. To address the discrepancy, Wikipedia launched Teahouse in 2012, a supportive space where experienced editors can invite promising new editors, and any newbies can ask questions without fear of being bitten.
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october 2013 by jaimoe
Wikipedia Teahouse a Warm Welcome for New Editors - Watching the Watchers
The Wikipedia Teahouse is a forum on Wikipedia that aims to foster a feeling of community for new editors from the outset by introducing them to peers and experienced Wikipedians in a many-to-many support space designed specifically for new users. At the Teahouse, you will be able discuss issues and get answers to questions about the editing process, hopefully helping support you on the journey from your first edit to your 1000th edit.
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october 2013 by jaimoe
What has Wikipedia’s army of volunteer editors got against Kate Middleton’s wedding gown? - Features - Gadgets & Tech - The Independent
This year she also trialled Teahouse, another inclusive Wikipedia initiative. "Women like to socialise, to talk, and Wikipedia resists that because the community doesn't want to be like Facebook… also, its policies are complex and it's a pain in the ass to read 2,000 words on what makes something notable, when you could just ask somebody for a simple answer. Teahouse was a slightly social and cool-looking online space with experienced editors ready to answer questions. Women like to be invited – we're not gatecrashers – so we asked 500 new editors to visit the Teahouse; 28 per cent of them were women and 33 per cent of the participants are still editing Wikipedia now."
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october 2013 by jaimoe
How to Organize Your Own Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon - ProfHacker - The Chronicle of Higher Education
This Spring saw a deluge of Wikipedia edit-a-thon events. Spurred partially by outrage over Amanda Filipacci’s New York Times blog post that Wikipedia editors had been quietly moving American women novelists from the “American Novelists” category to “American Women Novelists” subcategory, numerous groups decided to organize events to rewrite Wikipedia and address its systemic biases. These included the #tooFEW hackathon, organized as part of the THATCamp Feminisms unconferences, and the #GWWI Global Women Write-In on Wikipedia , organized by Postcolonial Digital Humanities (#DHPoco).
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october 2013 by jaimoe
Sarah Stierch Emerges as Wikipedia's 'Go-To Woman' | Womens eNews
In her new post at the Wikimedia Foundation the prolific contributor and open-culture advocate welcomes the soul-searching caused by the latest scandal over the online encyclopedia's treatment of women. "That's how it should work," she says.
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Study Shows Gender Bias in Wikipedia, Linux - Yahoo News
Today in the age of the "brogrammer," whose frat boy tendencies are glorified and sought after by cutting-edge online startups, women in tech often find themselves objectified and excluded -- especially in communities like Wikipedia and open-source software, where women make up even less of the population (around 13 percent and 1 percent, respectively) than in more mainstream technical fields.
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Sarah Stierch's The Visual Experience – Gender and Ways of Seeing Wikimedia" keynote at Wikipedia Academy | The Ada Initiative
According to the Wikimedia Foundation's most recent community survey, women continue, for the second year in a row, to comprise of approximately nine percent of contributors to Wikipedia and related projects. As researchers try to find the reason why, the Wikimedia Foundation and community members across projects explore ways to improve on that low percentage. What makes the Wikipedia and Wikimedia world so different than other landscapes in which women are active in online?
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october 2013 by jaimoe
The Daily Dot - The women of Wikipedia: Closing the site's giant gender gap
This troubling gender gap has garnered a lot of attention from researchers, who say it's the byproduct of established gender biases in society, the male-oriented aesthetics of technology, and Wikipedia's sometimes-abrasive culture. These factors have all coalesced to reinstitute a familiar pattern.
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october 2013 by jaimoe
Wikipedia's dearth of women contributors: An interview with Sarah Stierch - TechRepublic
Approximately 90% of the posts on Wikipedia are written by men. Sarah Stierch offers possible reasons for the gender gap and discusses Wikimedia's efforts to get more women to contribute.
Curator, art consultant, and archivist Sarah Stierch is on a mission to get more women involved in Wikipedia. In our email interview with Sarah, we asked about her work and her experience as a Wikimedia Community Fellow.
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Wednesday Geek Woman: Heather Walls, designing for connection on Wikipedia | Geek Feminism Blog
When Heather Walls designed the Wikipedia Teahouse, she was inspired by the name to create a space with “a sort of zen feeling” where new editors could relax, have a cup of tea, and get help learning the ropes from experienced Wikipedians. Her design for the Teahouse, which is full of gentle colors and images of people and nature, aims to create a “softer entry point to Wikipedia, where you can see there are other humans, and they’re the ones talking to you.”
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october 2013 by jaimoe
» Teahouse The Wikipedian
Wikipedia seems like an ideal topic for Freakonomics, the podcast based on the popular book(s) of the same name by Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. But as long as I’ve been listening, this week’s episode—“Women Are Not Men”—is the first I can recall that includes Wikipedia as a focus. Given the title, you may have guessed the subject: Wikipedia’s gender gap (previously discussed on The Wikipedian).
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october 2013 by jaimoe
Kate Middleton's wedding gown and Wikipedia's gender gap.
According to Wikipedia’s 2011 Editor Survey, just 9 percent of Wiki editors are women. While the gender gap is better than it was—in the early ‘00s, it was more like 3 percent—and the proportion of new editors who are women is rising, the site remains a boys’ club.
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