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Girl Talk mashup breakdown visualized | FlowingData
this interactive site appears to be down, so I'm saving this blurb as a record (see related music/sampling visualizations)
music  remix  data.viz 
october 2016 by j-l-r
The LAMP Launches Media Breaker
a free online video editor for remixing content in an educational setting - tool at http://mediabreaker.org
remix  pedagogy/internet  from delicious
september 2014 by j-l-r
Museum of the Moving Image - Exhibitions - Cut Up
"From supercuts to mashups to remixes, Cut Up celebrates the practice of re-editing popular media to create new work, presenting contemporary videos by self-taught editors and emerging artists alongside landmarks of historic and genre-defining reappropriation" [follow-up to Music Video exhibit]
september 2013 by j-l-r
Compilation Nation by Tom McCormack - Moving Image Source
a complementary history of the supercut from its found-footage origins
january 2013 by j-l-r
Supercut: Anatomy of a Meme - Waxy.org
Andy Baio's rigorous study of a genre, with links to his project http://supercut.org
january 2013 by j-l-r
No longer appropriate? - The Art Newspaper
overview of recent and historic copyright battles in high art circles (mostly painters who appropriated pop photographs)
copyright  remix 
june 2012 by j-l-r
Remix Culture: a winter term experience
mini-syllabus from Louisa Stein, including remix assignments
remix  syllabus 
january 2012 by j-l-r
How Music Travels – The Evolution of Western Dance Music | Thomson Blog
interactive visualization of global circulation over the past century
remix  infographic 
december 2011 by j-l-r
Weekend Project - Remix on Vimeo Staff Blog
Vimeo asked artists to create a remix of a Prelinger archive video for a "weekend project" challenge.
february 2011 by j-l-r
DIY Media 2010: Anime Music Videos (Part Three) [Jenkins]
the whole series is important, but this post has VISUAL AIDS explaining the distinctions between vids and AMVs! (thanks Ian)
remix  vidding 
december 2010 by j-l-r
JUMP: Journal of Undergraduate Multimedia Projects (Issues)
intrigued by this project, which present works along with commentaries by student, instructor, and reviewers. lots of remix including a special issue.
remix  journals  journals/digital 
july 2010 by j-l-r
video of full multimedia aca-comedy lecture surveying internet memes
may 2010 by j-l-r
Remix Culture 4 Learning
slides linked to NML - useful for teaching
may 2010 by j-l-r
Media Technology and Cultural Change
Jason Mittell's multimedia assignments for a 2010 course
syllabus  remix  pedagogy/internet 
april 2010 by j-l-r
Memes as Mechanisms: How Digital Subculture Informs the Real World
Alex Leavitt at C3 - an account and analysis of the Downfall meme
april 2010 by j-l-r
Remixing Composition in the Writing Classroom - Bill Wolff
a virtual installation of student work + fabulous list of resources
remix  syllabus 
april 2010 by j-l-r
Core2: Interactive Technology and the University
via @mkgold CUNY course that includes units on social networks and cyberculture
pedagogy/internet  remix  cyberculture  syllabus 
february 2010 by j-l-r
Things We Don't Have In The Future...and How Fan Arts Can Help
A talk given by Francesca Coppa at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, as part of their year-long First Year Experience on Remix.
fandom  remix 
february 2010 by j-l-r
Fibrecultre > REMIX issue
The renewable tradition (extended play remix)

Mark Amerika
Cultural Modulation and the Zero Originality Clause of Remix Culture in Australian Contemporary Art

Ross Harley
How can you be found when no-one knows you’re missing?

Lisa Gye
Sputnik Baby

Ian Haig
James Brown, Sample Culture and the Permanent Distance of Glory

Steve Jones
Materialities of Law: Celebrity Production and the Public Domain

Esther Milne
Materiality of a simulation: Scratch reading machine, 1931

Craig Saper
december 2009 by j-l-r

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