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Tumblr bans porn so Verizon can sell ads - Vox
On Monday, Tumblr CEO Jeff D’Onofrio announced in a post on the staff blog that explicit visual content will be banned from the site starting on December 17. That means no more sex acts, no more nudity, and no more “female-presenting nipples,” whatever that means.
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9 days ago by j-l-r
Queer Women Used Tumblr to Explore Sexuality. Now It’s Over.
Growing up in a small, conservative pocket of  Pittsburgh, Mandy Seiner saw how women’s sexuality — especially queer women’s sexuality — would be ignored or considered all-out shameful. As she began exploring her sexuality throughout high school, she turned to Tumblr.
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Blunt Policies and Secretive Enforcement Mechanisms: LGBTQ+ and Sexual Health on the Corporate Web | Electronic Frontier Foundation
The free and open Internet has enabled disparate communities to come together across miles and borders, and empowered marginalized communities to share stories, art, and information with one another and the broader public—but restrictive and often secretive or poorly messaged policies by corporat
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Statistics prove Hollywood is careless with lesbian/bi characters on the big and small screen - AfterEllen
In addition, because the #LexaPledge has been reported in the media, any show in the future considering whether to kill a queer character or keep her alive—whether crewmembers signed the pledge or not—is likely to now do so with the understanding the show will face intense social media scrutiny if it decides to kill the character, and is liable to be accused of furthering the “Bury Your Gays” trope.
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october 2016 by j-l-r
Wearing Gay History - Digital Archive of LGBT Tshirts
Whether to protest, satirize, or show pride, the LGBT community’s often ignored history can be seen vividly in the clothing we often throw out. We invite you to browse through the t-shirts and explore the short exhibits to more thoroughly understand the history of LGBT communities around the country with select t-shirts from the past forty years.
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october 2016 by j-l-r
Digital Pedagogy Keywords
A repository of scholarly materials for Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities: Concepts, Models, and Experiments (under contract with the Modern Language Association). This is an amazing resource of syllabus materials, assignments, and resources on many topics.
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september 2016 by j-l-r
Special Issue CFP: Queer Female Fandom (3/1/16; 6/15/17)
I'm co-editor of this upcoming femslash issue of Transformative Works and Cultures
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august 2015 by j-l-r
Issue No. 5 | Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology
Queer Feminist Media Praxis issue - interesting case studies; work by Alexandra Juhasz, Roxanne Samer, Michelle Moravec, Dayna McLeod
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september 2014 by j-l-r
Rhizome | A Queer History of Computing - Jacob Gaboury
"This is the first post in a series on the queer history of computing, as traced through the lives of five foundational figures. It is both an attempt to make visible those parts of a history that are often neglected, erased, or forgotten, and an effort to question the assumption that the technical and the sexual are so easily divided." - five men, beginning with Turing
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february 2013 by j-l-r
Theory, WisCon, chronicling: loosely linked observations « queer geek theory
saving for later: "I talked about femme theory as a way of incorporating queer fannish love into scholarship; the term was and is useful for me because it indexes ways of being and thinking that might look like compliance with hegemonies, norms, and expectations––of femininity, of institutionalized forms of theory––but that are doing something different and more radical as well or instead." (Alexis Lothian)
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june 2012 by j-l-r
LGBT Media Studies Syllabus
UIC Communication, Kevin G. Barnhurst
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april 2010 by j-l-r
Xena Essays
new work by a student that I corresponded with -- should read + send feedback
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july 2009 by j-l-r
directory and aggregator of queer blogs
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june 2007 by j-l-r
gay pop culture news and opinions by Shana Naomi Krochmal (Out.com)
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june 2007 by j-l-r
Out.com Features | If They Were Gay, Who Would Care?
Shana's tips for closeted celebrities. See also the features from this issue: Out's Power 50 (http://www.out.com/detail.asp?id=22394) and Musto on The Glass Closet (http://www.out.com/detail.asp?id=22392)
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april 2007 by j-l-r
Sarah Lawrence College - Graduate Studies in Women's History: Conference
Dangerous Desires: Queer Politics in the New Millennium ~ Friday-Saturday, March 3-4, 2006
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october 2005 by j-l-r

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