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FemTechNet Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Pedagogy Workbook
Acknowledging the challenges of teaching these sensitive and contentious topics in a time of economic retrenchment and increasing institutional precarity for departments of ethnic, gender, and humanisitic studies, this workbook is an ongoing project to build resources for faculty members who are often overburdened at their home institutions, but are willing to take on the difficult task of teaching about gender and racial inequity in our information culture.
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5 weeks ago by j-l-r
A Middlebury professor surveys student attitudes about free speech (opinion)
Over the past few years, we have seen a growing concern in public discourse about free speech on college campuses in the United States.
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august 2018 by j-l-r
A Media Literacy with Teeth - Long View on Education
danah boyd’s Did Media Literacy Backfire? argues that some basic tenets of media literacy, such as check your sources or look for bias, backfire too easily in an age where large segments of the population distrust experts, the ‘liberal media’, and people who generally contradict their word vi
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april 2018 by j-l-r
Films for the Feminist Classroom
SEARCHABLE - publishes film reviews that provide a critical assessment of the value of films as pedagogical tools in the feminist classroom. Special features, such as interviews with filmmakers, reviews of film festivals, and discussions about pedagogy, further promote engagement and discussion and support our aims to serve as a resource for educators and librarians and to enhance feminist curricula
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september 2016 by j-l-r
Digital Pedagogy Keywords
A repository of scholarly materials for Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities: Concepts, Models, and Experiments (under contract with the Modern Language Association). This is an amazing resource of syllabus materials, assignments, and resources on many topics.
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september 2016 by j-l-r
Avidly / We Aren’t Here to Learn What We Already Know
thoughts about teaching theory to undergrads by Kyla Wazana Tompkins
theory  pedagogy 
september 2016 by j-l-r
Assignment Library
The purpose of this website is to provide a searchable online library of collegiate-level course assignments in a wide variety of academic disciplines that link to one or more proficiencies in the Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP). The National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) has been working with groups of faculty from various institutions to revise and strengthen assignment alignment to specific proficiencies.
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september 2016 by j-l-r
Hot Moments in the Classroom
Sometimes things seem to explode in the classroom, and what do we do then? Knowing strategies for turning difficult encounters into learning opportunities enables us to address important, but hot, topics -- religion, politics, race, class, gender -- in our classroom discussions.
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july 2016 by j-l-r
The Critical Media Project
media literacy and the politics of identity - resources for educators | The site contains a wide range of media artifacts that explore the politics of identity across issues of race and ethnicity, class, gender and sexuality. [oriented to high school]
media.literacy  pedagogy  feminism  media.politics 
september 2013 by j-l-r
Syllabus [open-access online journal]
"College professors should take their teaching as seriously as scholarship, and many do. This new peer-reviewed journal will provide feedback and encouragement to college instructors, and recognize their work as a legitimate form of scholarship."
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july 2012 by j-l-r
Teaching Media
resources site of unknown provenance -- check out syllabi/assignments sometime
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september 2010 by j-l-r
How To Crowdsource Grading | HASTAC
Cathy Davidson's syllabus for "This is Your Brain on the Internet" with notes about student peer review system
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july 2009 by j-l-r
The National Teaching & Learning Forum: First Day Questions for a Learner-Centered Classroom
important words of wisdom about how to get students to understand and appreciate participatory teaching
may 2009 by j-l-r
City Brights: Howard Rheingold : Attention literacy
I love Howard Rheingold's work on "attention to attention"
may 2009 by j-l-r
Prof. Croxall's wiki / FrontPage
teaching resources (literature) from Brian Croxall
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march 2009 by j-l-r
The Learning Record
a method of assessment that isn't grade-focused. from John Jones. I haven't had the chance to read through this yet but it could be useful.
march 2009 by j-l-r
Presentation Zen: The Lessig Method
great post with links from a great blog on powerpoint style
december 2008 by j-l-r
"1. What have you created that you'd like to share with others? 2. What have you found on the web that has been most useful in your teaching? 3. What's on your wish list of material that's not on the web?"
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february 2005 by j-l-r

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