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Hollywood Still Doesn’t Get its Dead Lesbian Issue - AfterEllen
Just when it feels like the Bury Your Gays discussion has become an exercise in beating a dead horse (yes, yes, we get it, gay people keep dying on TV and gay people are upset by it, says Hollywood), something happens to prove that the conversation needs to continue because its significance and ram
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october 2016 by j-l-r
‘The 100’ Lexa Mess: What TV, Jason Rothenberg Can Learn | Variety
Maureen Ryan: What has occurred since March 3 is not just a problem for “The 100” and the CW, it’s a cautionary tale for all of television, which increasingly depends on fans to bang the drum for shows and increase their profiles.
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october 2016 by j-l-r
False Rumor: We Are Not Shutting Down! - AfterEllen
I want the entire AfterEllen community to know that we had no prior plans nor do we have any future intentions of shutting down AfterEllen.com. I’d like to set the record straight and let you know what is happening. Evolve Media acquired AfterEllen.
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october 2016 by j-l-r
trish bendix - Eulogy for the Living
Over the last 10 years, I’ve published a lot of very personal things on AfterEllen. I’ve written things people didn’t agree with. I’ve written reviews of work created by peers that they didn’t necessarily love. I’ve written about being married and then not.
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october 2016 by j-l-r
AfterEllen Is Shutting Down | Autostraddle
When I was hiding out under my covers watching lesbian movies in pieces on YouTube, I was reading two things: Riese’s personal blog and AfterEllen.com.
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october 2016 by j-l-r
How Subarus Came to Be Seen as Cars for Lesbians - The Atlantic
The reputation isn’t just a stereotype—it’s the result of a calculated, highly progressive ad campaign launched 20 years ago. How do you advertise a car that journalists describe as “sturdy, if drab”?
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june 2016 by j-l-r
Queer women have been killed on television for decades. Now The 100's fans are fighting back. - Vox
The 100 — a CW show about humanity's struggle to survive after a nuclear apocalypse — is known for its high body count.
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april 2016 by j-l-r
Special Issue CFP: Queer Female Fandom (3/1/16; 6/15/17)
I'm co-editor of this upcoming femslash issue of Transformative Works and Cultures
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august 2015 by j-l-r
Does lesbian subtext still matter? | AfterEllen.com
The answer is YES. I must agree, although it's a necessarily ambivalent position coming from AfterEllen. [via OTW_news]
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january 2012 by j-l-r
AfterEllen | Lesbian Body Armor
reminds me of the girlslash goggles (especially the Visor)
may 2010 by j-l-r

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