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FemTechNet Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Pedagogy Workbook
Acknowledging the challenges of teaching these sensitive and contentious topics in a time of economic retrenchment and increasing institutional precarity for departments of ethnic, gender, and humanisitic studies, this workbook is an ongoing project to build resources for faculty members who are often overburdened at their home institutions, but are willing to take on the difficult task of teaching about gender and racial inequity in our information culture.
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5 weeks ago by j-l-r
The end of the 404? Why we need to repair the internet’s crumbling infrastructure | World Economic Forum
The internet is nearly 30, and it’s starting to show signs of age. Links, the foundation of the internet, are in crisis. The pages plagued by dead links are not obscure Wikipedia entries or repositories of cat memes - 49% of hyperlinks in Supreme Court cases don’t work.
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august 2018 by j-l-r
The Algorithm and the Watchtower – The New Inquiry
The form of power that Big Data employs is not so much panoptic as it is pan-analytic.
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august 2018 by j-l-r
Vizzuality | Work · The Evolution of the Web 2.0
COOL interactive visualization of the history of web browsers and technologies and the growth of internet users and internet traffic worldwide
infographic  pedagogy/internet  digital.media  from delicious
september 2014 by j-l-r
The Internet in Real-Time
"live" graphic showing how quickly online data is generated - a great visual aid
infographic  social.networks  digital.media  from delicious
july 2014 by j-l-r
Rhizome | A Queer History of Computing - Jacob Gaboury
"This is the first post in a series on the queer history of computing, as traced through the lives of five foundational figures. It is both an attempt to make visible those parts of a history that are often neglected, erased, or forgotten, and an effort to question the assumption that the technical and the sexual are so easily divided." - five men, beginning with Turing
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february 2013 by j-l-r
The Dark Side of the Digital Humanities – Part 1 | Center for 21st Century Studies
Wendy Chun's talk, the first of a series of talks from this panel that are transcribed here. "As Natalia Cecire has argued DH is best when it takes on the humanities, as well as the digital. Maybe, just maybe, by taking on the inhumanities, we’ll transform the digital as well."
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january 2013 by j-l-r
Writing Machines web supplement
this virtual supplement from MIT Press is interesting as a publishing experiement AND has a ton of great content (for students)
august 2011 by j-l-r
Netprov - Networked Improv Literature at WRT: Writer Response Theory
Rob Wittig and Mark Marino on the definition and canon of networked improvisational elit, an introduction to their new project Grace Wit and Charm
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may 2011 by j-l-r
A Truly New Genre - Inside Higher Ed
Alex Juhasz on the the process, pitfalls and possibilities of her video-book Learning From YouTube.
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may 2011 by j-l-r
New Media Seminar - M Z Newman
preliminary list of readings for a course similar to my Media in Transition
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april 2010 by j-l-r
Internet as Playground and Factory :: References
The participants in the conference submitted this list of suggested readings in the context of digital labor. (great bibliography)
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november 2009 by j-l-r
A people's history of the internet: from Arpanet in 1969 to today [Guardian]
To mark the 40th anniversary of the first stirrings of the internet we asked you to tell us your experiences of life online. Hundreds of you responded, and here we present an interactive documentary of your stories and videos, alongside our own research and interviews with key figures.
october 2009 by j-l-r
#sixweeks project by @crudden
Companies that have paid me so far:

Using the data collection website Daytum I recorded time (in minutes) and cost (in £ GBP) of all my interactions as a consumer... The data's not perfect of course (eg. it's not automated based on GPS), and I rounded up/down as appropriate so that I didn't completely lose my sanity. But it provides a fascinating insight into how I live my life as a consumer, and which brands steal my attention.
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october 2009 by j-l-r
Media Studies 2.0 Forum
an essay-intervention by William Merrin that calls for a transformation of the discipline within a historical frame. shorter manifesto by David Gauntlett @ http://theory.org.uk/mediastudies2.htm
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may 2009 by j-l-r
Kelli Connell photography
she combines negatives such that the model appears with herself in an intimate setting. lesbian, and more importantly, doppelcestuous overtones.
february 2006 by j-l-r
Seen On The Green
mobile surveillance art: anybody can post cameraphone pics taken around Brown University
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november 2005 by j-l-r
An Atlas of Cyberspaces
a more material take on mapping?
november 2005 by j-l-r
MudWalker - A MUD Client for Mac OS X
(I need to hang onto this for digital media class)
september 2005 by j-l-r

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