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Featured Gallery Artist: Julie Levin Russo – Library+
I had a video in the faculty/staff exhibit – I answered these questions for my artist profile:

What’s special about the way you teach?
My background is in media studies, but at Evergreen I have the opportunity to focus on integrating theory and practice. I really value the learning experience I’ve had in Mediaworks – learning about how to support students’ artistic projects and development. I believe that building skills in media criticism makes you a stronger creator and building skills in creating media makes you a stronger critic, and that approach is a unique feature of our curriculum.

Why did you become an Artist?
As with my teaching, I became interested in creating video works because I was studying them in my research. In the field of audiovisual media, it seemed natural to engage with critical topics audiovisually and not just through academic writing. My video projects have all been tied to my scholarly projects, and function for me as an alternative mode to process and communicate ideas. The music video mashup that I have in the gallery show was part of the introduction to a journal issue I co-edited on the topic of Fan / Remix Video.

How do you feel about the campus resources?
For a small public institution, Evergreen has a pretty unprecedented breadth and depth of media equipment and facilities available to the campus community. I was in awe when I saw Media Loan and the CCAM TV studio on my first visit to the college. We also have and teach some media resources that have become very rare, like 16mm film production. It’s really special for me and for students to have access to this array of tools outside of a film school.

Why is Evergreen a good place to study art?
Anyone can learn the technical aspects of a piece of equipment – developing the analytical, conceptual, and creative skills to say something through craft is the most important learning college can offer. Through our interdisciplinary coordinated studies model and intensive media and art programs, Evergreen students can get the foundations to make truly innovative and socially engaged work.
march 2017 by j-l-r
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